10 Working Bad Bunny Roblox ID Codes [2024]

Bad Bunny Roblox ID Codes

With vast numbers of songs from various artists available on Roblox, Bad Bunny Roblox ID might be a bit difficult to find your favorite one. So to make this mess a little bit easier, each song has its codes, and artists have their Roblox IDs for their Roblox library. In short, you need a particular Bad Bunny Roblox ID or the boombox music codes to find the song of your liking to play in the background while playing your game.

In particular, this guide will help you find all the Bad Bunny songs available on Roblox by providing you with all the Bad Bunny Roblox IDs to make your search and play easy.

What is Bad Bunny Roblox IDs?

The Puerto Rican rapper, singer, and songwriter Bad Bunny is famous for his Spanglish traps like “I Like it” and “Mia.”

His song “I Like It,” which collaborates with Cardi B, is one of the most viewed on Youtube. His solo Soy Peor also has more than 900M and counting views on YouTube.

Every song has its specific boombox music code here in Roblox. Every artist has their own Roblox ID associated with the Roblox library’s songs featuring specific artists. There are over 50 songs by Bad Bunny available in the Roblox.

Bad Bunny Roblox IDs Codes

Here is the list of a few songs by Bad Bunny Roblox IDs that are available in the library:

  1. Yo Perreo Sola – 5638206131
  2. DAKITI – 6145711495
  3. Callaita – 3764213560
  4. La Última Vez – 786333461
  5. 6 rings – 4645149802
  6. No Me Conoce Remix – 3552720749
  7. I like it – 2126652120
  8. HABLAMOS MAÑANA – NI BIEN NI MAL – 3421395557
  9. Soy Peor – 1225173240

Yo Perreo Sola – 5638206131

Yo Perreo Sola
Courtesy: Yo Perreo Sola YT Video

The Bad Bunny Roblox ID for the song Yo Perreo Sola is 5638206131. This single by the rapper is a part of his second studio album, YHLQMDLG, which was released in 2020. This song’s music video features a Bad bunny performance in Drag.

DAKITI – 6145711495

Courtesy: DAKITI YT Video

The Bad Bunny Roblox ID for the song DAKITI is 6145711495. The song, released on October 30th, 2020, was a collaboration between Bad Bunny and Puertorican singer Jhay Cortez. Bad Bunny’s third studio album is a lead single, “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo.” Though it was not the first time they worked together, they worked together in a studio because of their previous collaboration, which is the remixes of “No Me conoce” and “Como Se Siente” was done through the phones.

At nine, the song debuted on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts, making it his third entry in the top 10 on Hot 100. It also debuted on the Hot Latin Song chart at first rank. It became the first Spanish language song to dominate the Billboard Global 200 chart for two weeks.

Callaita – 3764213560

Courtesy: Callaita YT Video

The Bad Bunny Roblox ID for the song Callaita is 3764213560. This song is a single by Bad Bunny, released on May 31st, 2019. This song carries a beautiful message about freedom. In this song, he described a girl who lives a free life without any inhibition or hesitation despite her seemingly meek and quiet nature, which people criticize.

This song topped many charts around the globe, including Puerto Rico and Spain. It was ranked 52 on US Billboard 100 and 1 on the US Latin Airplay Billboard and US Latin Rhythm Airplay Billboard.

This song has samples from Puerto Ricon musician Zion’s song titled Alocate.

La Última Vez – 786333461

La Última Vez
Courtesy: La Última Vez YT Video

The Bad Bunny Roblox ID for the song La Última Vez is 786333461. The song was a single by Anuel AA and featured Bad Bunny.

6 Rings – 4645149802

The Bad Bunny Roblox ID for the song 6 rings is 4645149802. This single was a tribute to the late NBA player Kobe Bryant. The song was released after the untimely demise of him in a helicopter crash. The heartbreaking incident took place on January 26th, 2020, in which Seven other passengers alongside Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna lost their lives.

This album has a lot of significant moments of Kobe’s career. From the commentary on his epic scoring moment against Toronto Raptors to his farewell speech from his final NBA game, the trap did a great justification to pay tribute to the late star.

This song’s title, “6 rings,” had special meaning in his life. He had won five NBA matches and the 6th as the marriage ring, which Bad Bunny presented beautifully. It is one of the soul full Bad Bunny Roblox ID which represents a huge loss to the world.

No Me Conoce Remix – 3552720749

No Me Conoce Remix
Courtesy: No Me Conoce Remix YT Video

The Bad Bunny Roblox ID for No Me Conoce Remix is 3552720749. The song was originally by Puerto Rican singer Jhay Cortez and was the third single from his second studio album “Famouz.”

The song was released on February 22nd, 2019, and was later released as a remix in the same year. The Remix featured J Balvin and Bad Bunny.

I like it – 2126652120

The Bad Bunny Roblox ID for the song “I like It” is 2126652120. The song collaborated between Cardi B, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin. The Latin Trap was released on May 25th, 2018, as the fourth single from Cardi B’s debut studio album “Invasion of Privacy.” This song took almost a year time to be released.

It has topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, adding another number one to Cardi B’s record. It was also in the top 10 list in more than ten countries and was nominated for the year’s record at the 61st Grammy Awards.

This trap also made Cardi B the female rapper with three Diamond certifications. It was also ranked at number 384 on the 500 greatest songs of all time. This Bad Bunny Roblox ID is most enjoyable song in the game.

HABLAMOS MAÑANA – 4790461510

The Bad Bunny Roblox ID for the song HABLAMOS MAÑANA is 4790461510. This song was a part of the rapper’s second solo studio album titled “YHLQMDLG.” The album was ranked 2 on the US Billboard 200. This trap featured Argentinian Rapper Duki and Chile rapper Pablo Chill-E.

NI BIEN NI MAL – 3421395557

The Bad Bunny Roblox ID for the song NI BIEN NI MAL is 3421395557. The song’s title translates to “Neither Good Nor Bad,” which also explains the song’s emotion as this Latin Trap song is about becoming neutral to emotions and not being affected by recent breakups. This single was from his album X 100pre, released in 2018.

Soy Peor – 1225173240

Soy Peor
Courtesy: Soy Peor YT Video

The Bad Bunny Roblox ID for the song Soy Peor is 1225173240. This song was his breakthrough which made his path to fame. The song was released in 2016. The song also has a remix released a year after the original. The Remix featured Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Ozuna, and Arcangel, with over 300M views. And the original has over 907M views.

These are all the codes for Bad Bunny Roblox IDs, which will make your playlist sorted and accessible. But before you need to purchase the boombox for using the Bad Bunny Roblox ID.


Which is the loudest song Roblox IDs?

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What are some famous TikTok song Roblox IDs?

7058209455, and 6833920398 are the two famous TikTok songs, Roblox ID, which represents Måneskin – Beggin’ and Olivia Rodrigo – good for you.

How to use Bad Bunny Roblox IDs?

You need to own a Boombox, equip it and interact with it. A text box will pop up where you need to put the specific music Roblox ID, and the music will start playing.

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