Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter – How To Get Inside?

Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter

The Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter and the code to access the shelter or bunker is a topic that gets discussed regularly in forums related to this popular game. Many have come across confusion as to how to find the code and if they are trying to find the same in the right way. 

If you are someone with similar confusion and query, you are at the right place. This article will try to answer everything that you must know about the topic, ‘Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter’. So, read on to find out! 

What are Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter? 

Before we look into what the bomb shelter is or what its significance is in the game, you must first look into what Shadows Over Loathing is. As the fans of the game may already know, Shadows Over Loathing is a role-playing game with black and white stick figure-type graphics. The game is of a slapstick horror comedy genre set in the United States during the Prohibition era. 

The game is particularly recent as it was only released on November 11th of, 2022. The game was developed and published by Asymmetric Publications and got released to be played on platforms including Mac, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Doll House
Doll House

A lot of players are eagerly looking for the combo in the house named Gilmore House or Doll House. But, it was quite confusing for them, and they were unable to find any answers. In the diary, you will find that the code for the shadows over loathing bomb shelter is a number code. 

You might think that it is in alphabetical order, but it is not. 

This article will contain major spoilers, so consider this your spoiler warning. So, if you wish to avoid any spoilers, it may be better for you not to continue reading. With that said, let us look into the codes of Shadow Over Loathing Bomb Shelter. 

Doll Giving Hint
Doll Giving Hint

The first thing you need to do is to listen to what the dolls are yelling. After this, you need to look for the diary that describes the schedule of the character. Each of the steps mentioned in the diary directly corresponds to an activity of each of the dolls. The thing to remember is that Ruth does not work and is defective. 

The answer to the Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter is in his schedule. 

Gilmore House
Gilmore House

The player will need to go through the diary pages to see how he spends every day, and then the players should check the corresponding dolls. There is another thing that is clearly obvious, and that is, focusing on the doll who writes the novel. The doll that writes the novel does everything two times. So in order to get the code, what you can do is half her number. If you still can’t figure it out, refer to the next section of the article to know the codes. 

Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter Codes

The numbers for the Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter are listed below. 

  • Dorothy, who has the socks – 2
  • Velma, who has the tooth – 3
  • Gladys, who has the eggs – 4
  • Ruth is working on page 8, and since Ruth does everything twice, you need to half that, so the number for Ruth is 4. 
  • Edith, who has the violin – 8
  • Grace, who is working out – 9
Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter Codes

However, this is not the order you need to arrange the numbers. Now you must be wondering what is the order for arranging these numbers. If you are still unable to figure out the Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter Codes, do not worry, as this article will tell you the right combination for Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter.

The combination for Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter is 423948.

That should help you get into the Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter. 

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In order to access Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter, you will need to have a code, and figuring out this code is no easy task. This has caused a lot of confusion within the player base and has led to a lot of discussions in various forums related to the game, such as Steam and Reddit. If you were a person who was unable to figure out what the codes needed to access the Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter, then worry no further as this article has covered everything that you need to know on the top[ic. 

This article has covered all the important aspects of the topic of Shadows Over Loathing Bomb Shelter, including providing hints on how to find the code as well as mentioning what the code is for accessing this particular location.

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