Reconnect Kingdom Hearts: Secret Ending in Kingdom Hearts 3

Reconnect Kingdom Hearts

The recurring phrase of ‘Reconnect Kingdom Hearts’ that occurs at the end of secret endings of almost all Kingdom Hearts games, has raised many questions among the players. Many players have come up with interesting theories to decide the hidden meaning of the phrase. Let’s take a look at this phrase and understand what it exactly means.

Kingdom Hearts is a series of role-playing video games that was developed and published by Square Enix. The series is set in the fictional universe, where the player character named Sora fights many other incarnations throughout the series. The protagonist Sora plays with different characters of Disney, Square Enix, and Pixar characters. At the beginning of the series, Destiny Island, the home of the 14-year-old Sora, is consumed in darkness.

In this way, Sora was separated from his two close friends. As he was in search of his friends, Sora discovers a weapon called Keyblade. This weapon would help Sora to fight the Heartless creatures that originated from the Realm of Darkness. On his way, Sora also meets Donald Duck and Goofy, the two Disney characters. This band of three is now on the journey to find Sora’s friends and save the world from the Ruthless creatures.

What is Reconnect Kingdom Hearts?

Reconnect Kingdom Hearts in Game

This is a recurring Reconnect Kingdom Hearts phrase that appears at the secret ending of almost all the games in the Kingdom Hearts Series. Some new players often get confused with the meaning of this phrase in the secret ending. The phrase occurred in the secret endings of the following game.

  • Blank Points – The secret ending of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.
  • Signs of What’s Next – The secret ending of Kingdom Hearts Re: coded
  • Another Guardian of Light – The secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
  • Destiny – The secret ending of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX version of Kingdom of Hearts Re: coded
  • Dark Footsteps – The secret ending of Kingdom Hearts X
  • Heart and Key – The secret ending of Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover
  • 2.9- The first Volume – The secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep
  • Yozora – The secret ending of Kingdom Hearts III.

So what do Reconnect Kingdom Hearts Mean?

Reconnect Kingdom Hearts Ending

The term ‘Reconnect Kingdom Hearts’ can mean many things. It can be a sign of what is next to come, a small hint about what the players should expect from the next game. It can also be a sign of the continuation of the story in the next game. Let’s take an example of the secret movie of Kingdom Hearts Re: coded. In the ‘Sign of What’s next,’ master Yen and Mickey are seen talking about the future plans of Master Yen.

Here, master Yen brings up the fact that Zaniel will be revived as heartless. He orders Mickey and Sora to prepare for his return, and in the year 2012, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is released, where Sora and Riku prepare for the return of Master Xehanort. Here, we can see the secret movie of the original recoded was the bridge and hint for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

Another meaning to the phrase can be the possibility of a connection between the non-numbered titles, as the phrase started coming up in games later in the series. Thus one cannot see the phrase ‘Reconnect Kingdom Hearts’ in games released first in the series, for example, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories.

Alternate Theories Similar to Reconnect Kingdom Hearts

Well, literally, it means that the ultimate aim of the game is to reconnect and protect the Kingdom Hearts. However, fans often come up with their own theories to understand the hidden meaning of this phrase. Some of the theories regarding the Reconnect Kingdom Hearts, which gained popularity among the players, are given below.

  • Reconnect Kingdom Hearts has an important message. Maybe Nomura is Godlike.
  • Reconnect shown at the ending are maybe just bits and pieces of what the players should expect in Kingdom Hearts III.
  • All the games are tied up, and the Reconnect message at the end of all the games has something to do with Nomura’s gameplay in the Kingdom Hearts III.
  • The Reconnect phrase can be related to the future plot of the games. This is a good old trick of keeping the players curious.

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A few FAQs regarding kingdom Hearts are answered below –

Will there be Kingdom Hearts 4?

According to the recent updates from the series director, there won’t be another game coming up in the near future.

How many games are there in Kingdom Hearts series?

There are 13 games in the Kindom Hearts series, with the first being released in March 2002. The list of all games in the series is given below.
• Kingdom Hearts released in March 2002
• Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories released in November 2004 (in Japan)
• Kingdom Hearts II released in December 2005 in Japan
• Kingdom Hearts Coded released in Japan in November 2008
• Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days released in Japan in May 2009
• Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep released in Japan in January 2010
• Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance released in Japan in March 2012
• Kingdom Hearts X released in Japan in July 2013
• Kingdom Hearts III released in Japan January 2019
• Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory was released in Japan in November 2020.
All the games of the Kingdom Hearts are available on various platforms like PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, etc.