Is Ocean of Games Safe To Get Free Games? [2024]

Is Ocean of Games Safe

Ocean of Games, safe or not? Is Ocean of Games legal? Does Ocean of Games give one’s system a virus? These are all the question that comes to one’s mind while using the aforementioned website, and this article will attempt to answer all these questions. Before we dive into these questions one needs to understand what Ocean of Games is and what it is used for.

What is Ocean of Games?

Ocean of Games or commonly called Ocean is a Website that provides pirated games for players, which means that they are free to be downloaded and played. Pirating a game refers to the copying and distribution of video games without the authorization of the publisher or the game developers. This is a type of copyright infringement.

Ocean of Games Website
Ocean of Games Website

Ocean of Games is one of the, if not the biggest and most popular video game piracy sites in the world. The website provides cracks for the players, which allows them to download and play the games for free without having the need to pay any money. 

The company Ocean of Games was founded by John Woods and David Ward. The company is based in Manchester. Since then, everyone has wondered if is Ocean of Games Safe. Before moving to that, let’s understand what a crack is and how it affects other businesses.

There are many other sites with similar URLs and names to pirate video games as well.

What is a Crack?

Every game made has a DRM restriction. A DRM or Digital Rights Management restriction is a tool implemented to prevent Digital Media or in this case, Video Games from being used on multiple devices after a single purchase of the game. 

When a crack is made, a hacker finds a way around these restrictions and overrides and disables them, which allows multiple people to have access to these games without having to pay a single penny. 

The duration to crack a game depends on how sophisticated the DRM of the game is, as the more sophisticated the DRM, the more time it will take.

Cracked games are illegal as they are basically stolen and are a copyright infringement of intellectual property. Moreover, they also pose a risk of getting your system infected with viruses and damaging your computer, as well as, losing your personal and confidential data. 

Is Ocean of Games Safe?

Ocean of Games is one of the most popular websites in the world to get access to pirated video games. However, the question of is this site is truly safe does appear in one’s mind. 

Is Ocean of Games Safe? Since the site provides pirated games, it is indeed not safe as most of the time Hackers use these pirated games to infect computers with viruses and steal data and information. Most Pirated games will have some sort of virus in them and will ask the user to disable the antivirus in order to install the game.

Once the user disables the antivirus, he/she is not just installing the game but also viruses that will damage the user’s computer. These viruses will harm the system of the user as well as gives the opportunity to the hacker to steal and sell your confidential information.

It is also possible for a hacker to corrupt one’s files or lock one out of their own system and demand money in order to unlock it.

Recently, many users of Ocean of Games experienced that their systems were being used for crypto mining after installing games from Ocean of Games. It was stated by many users that while installing a game it automatically installs a trojan that uses their system to mine crypto. 

As mentioned earlier, there are other sites that are very similar to Ocean of Games even in their names and URLs. These sites are made to trick people into clicking on their websites and these sites do the same thing as Ocean of Games by spreading viruses and trojans. That brings us to our conclusion, is Ocean of Games Safe along with its related sites? No.

Is Ocean of Games Safe and Legal?

It is possible to answer this question very simply because the answer is no. Ocean of Games provides crack of games, which means they are providing pirated games. Pirated Games are, very simply put, stolen games. They are copying and distributing video games that are the intellectual property of the developers or the company which publishes the game. 

If one pirates a video game, or any intellectual property for that matter, then they are accomplice to the crime of stealing. Since the site copies and distributes video games without authorization, if one is found to be downloading games from such websites could result in fines and jail time even as it is copyright infringement. 

Pirating is also an infringement of copyright which is also not legal and is considered to be a crime. Moreover, morally it is not right to pirate a game as game developers who spent months working on and publishing a game get no profit from the games if they are pirated.


DRM or Digital Rights Management is legal to access management of digital media and they are put in place legally to prevent such forms of theft from happening but are bypassed by these hackers for personal gain.

It is not just pirating from Ocean of Games that is illegal but, Pirating in general, whether it is Video Games, Movies, Music, or any other forms of digital media, is a copyright infringement and is illegal and is frowned upon. 

Unavailability of Multiplayer

Gaming is an experience that is meant to be shared with friends however when one plays pirated versions of video games it is not possible. Pirated games do not allow a player to connect with other players and experience multiplayer.

Frequently Asked Questions on Is Ocean of Games Safe?

Is it safe to install games from an ocean of games?

Installing from Pirate Websites such as Ocean of Games could result in your system being infected by viruses so,  it is advised to buy games rather than pirate them. 

Can you go to jail for downloading games?

While downloading games after paying for them is not illegal pirating games is indeed illegal and could result in the payment of fines or even jail time.

Do pirated games have viruses?

It is very likely that Pirated could have viruses in them. I would install the malware as if it is part of the game which makes it harder for the antivirus to detect them. 

Where can I download PC games without viruses?

The best place to download games without viruses is by purchasing and downloading them from verified sites such as Steam, Epic Game Store, Origin, etcetera.


Ocean of Games, as well as other similar websites that provide pirated games, are neither safe nor legal. They violate the right of the developer or the publisher of the game which could result in the user having to pay fines or be in jail even. Pirating games from such sites could also infect one’s computer with harmful viruses which could damage the system as well as steal personal and confidential data and use it for malicious purposes. Cracked games also don’t allow a player to have multiplayer games. 

It is always recommended and advised to buy video games instead of pirating them from sites such as Ocean of Games as they are not just safe and legal but also provide a smoother experience for the player as sometimes cracked games do not work properly could crash. Moreover than that, when one buys the game the financial benefits of that goes to the people who poured their heart and soul into developing and publishing the game. 

This article has attempted at answering some of the common questions such as “Is Ocean of Games safe?” and “Whether Ocean of Games is legal?” and hope this has given the reader an insight into the harmful aspects of pirating a game and why it is important to buy video games rather than pirating them. 


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