Is Gamefabrique Safe or a Scam? Know The Real Truth Now!

Is Gamefabrique Safe

Is Gamefabrique safe? That is what this article attempts at finding out. A lot of people rely on websites that let you pirate games and movies freely without charging anything. Gamefabrique is one such website that provides free games that users can pirate. But how safe are websites like this?

Why would such websites provide games freely that actually cost a lot? They may be getting some benefits, right? It is not surprising if you have the question “Is Gamefabrique safe?” lurking in your mind. So to find out, read the article that discusses if Gamefabrique is safe or not. 

What is Gamefabrique?

Gamefabrique is an online website that provides free games that can be pirated by users. This website is one of the many popular websites to pirate games. While pirating a game is totally illegal, many users still prefer it over spending money to buy games. Who would prefer buying games when they are available for free on such websites for free, right?

For those who are not familiar with what pirating is, pirating or in this case, pirating a game is the copying and distribution of video games without the authorization of the publisher or the game developers. Pirating is synonymous with robbing and hence any act of using or reproducing another’s work that they worked hard to develop is robbing which makes it extremely illegal. This is undoubtedly a type of copyright infringement. So ask yourself, Is Gamefabrique safe? Absolutely No. Lets, understand what a crack is and then why it is not safe.

The website Gamefabrique has its headquarters in China and gets around 2.1 million visits in a year. The website seems to have a number of games like Road Rash, Super Mario, Pokemon, Assassin’s Crees games, Grand Theft Auto, etc. but how legit the website is and if it is safe to download these games from this website is questionable. 

What is a Crack?


Every game that was ever made possesses DRM restrictions. A DRM or Digital Rights Management restriction is a tool that is implemented to prevent Digital Media or in this case, Video Games from being used on multiple devices after a single purchase of the game. 

When a crack is made, a hacker finds a way around these restrictions and overrides and disables them which allows multiple people to have access to these games without having to pay a single penny. The duration to crack a game depends on how sophisticated the DRM of the game is, as the more sophisticated the DRM, the more time it will take.

Cracked games or pirated games, thus, are illegal as they are basically stolen and are a copyright infringement of intellectual property. Moreover, they also pose a risk of getting your system infected with viruses and damaging your computer, as well as, losing your personal and confidential data. 

Is Gamefabrique Safe?

Gamefabrique is quite a famous website when it comes to pirating games with over 2.1 million visits per year but people tend to forget to actually check if the website is safe or not before pirating and downloading games from it. 

Coming to our question, Is Gamefabrique Safe? Since the website provides pirated games it is indeed not a safe website. Sometimes hackers use these pirated games to infect your computers with viruses for the purpose of stealing data and information to use for their own benefits. Most Pirated games will have some sort of a virus in them that will get installed when you install the game. This is why you, at times notice such pirated games asking you to disable the antivirus in order to install the game. 

Gamefabrique User Reviews
Gamefabrique User Reviews

By disabling the antivirus you may not just be installing the game but also viruses that are probably capable of damaging your computer. These viruses will not only bring harm to your system but also gives the opportunity to the hacker to steal and sell your confidential information. Hackers are sometimes even capable of corrupting your files or even locking you out of your own system and then demanding money to unlock it. 

There are many reports that suggest that Gamefabrique is neither legit nor safe. Many have reported their negative experiences with them, making it a shady game pirating website. Every download from the website, may not be dangerous, all downloads may not lead to malware getting installed on your computers. However, there still are reports of such activities happening on downloading games from the website. So, the bottom line is, that Gamefabrique is not safe and pirating games from the website is a risk that you should not take. 

Is Gamefabrique Safe and Legal?

Such a query is irrelevant and can be answered in a word, that is, no. Pirated games are cracked versions or simply the stolen versions of original games. So, when people both reproduce games and use pirated games, they are involving themselves in illegal activities. Both of these are the same as committing serious crimes. 

Gamefabrique is a website that provides such pirated games making it an illegal website as they copy original games and provide them to users to download for free. Since the website copies and distributes video games without any authorization, if someone is found to be downloading games from websites like Gamefabrique, it could result in fines and even jail time as it is copyright infringement. So, no, Gamefbrique is far from legal. 

Are There Any Gamefabrique Trustpilot Reviews?

Is Gamefabrique Safe - Trustpilot
Gamefabrique Trustpilot

There are many reviews on the website Trustpilot of Gamefabrique. All the reviews about the website are negative and urge the users not to trust Gamefabrique as well as not to download from the website as it is harmful and has viruses in them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust Gamefabrique?

No, you cannot trust the game pirating website, Gamefabrique. There are reports that say Gamefabrique often provides fake games and above all that pirating games can result in installing viruses and other malware on your computer. 

Is Gamefabrique legit? 

There are many who claim that Gamefabrique is fake and not legit. This is because users have claimed that the website forced them to download an installer on downloading games from the website claiming to help with installing the game to your PC. But on installing the installer, it resulted in the erasing of data from their device. 

Is pirating games illegal?

Pirating games is not at all legal. Not only just games but it is also illegal to pirate any types of media like videos, music, etc. which are all in a way stealing original content illegally. Pirating is even seen as a federal crime in the United States of America.

Can you download games from Gamefabrique?

Gamefabrique provides pirated games and is more often than not used for downloading games but used as a gateway for hackers to get into one’s system.

In which countries is Gamefabrique banned/restricted?

Based on the copyright laws of the respective countries many countries could ban Gamefabrique as it violates the copyright laws and distributes copies of copyrighted content without the permission of the creators.

Is Gamefabrique reliable?

Gamefabrique provides pirated games and through it viruses and other adware and malware and cannot be considered to be reliable.


Is Gamefabrique Safe? No, Gamefabrique like any other website that provides pirated games is not safe and cannot be trusted. Pirating games is an illegal act that violates and demeans the right and hard work of the developer as it is stealing their content. The website Gamefabrique is not only illegal but also unsafe and fake. The games provided on the website may contain viruses and similar malware that could get installed on your device while you try installing the game. This can provide permanent damage to your system and/or can result in the stealing of your data for the personal gains of the hackers. 

It is always advised and recommended to buy games instead of pirating them which is in a way a crime. It is only if you buy a game that you can show your true support to the developers of your favorite game and appreciate the hardships that they may have gone through to bring the same to fruition. Buying games will also provide you with complete experience as pirated games won’t contain multi-players or may at times crash or glitch. 

This article has attempted at answering some of the common queries such as “Is Gamefabrique safe?” and “Is Gamefabrique is legal?”, etc. and hope this has given the reader an insight into the harmful aspects of pirating a game and why it is important to not pirate video games but buy them.

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