How To Feed Pelicans At Far Cry 6?

How To Feed Pelicans At Far Cry 6

Going with the simple flow of the game is much necessary for maintaining its interest in it. Being flexible at hard and harsh times keeps the player to be in a relaxed mode of levels in action games.

How To Feed Pelicans At Far Cry 6 is a basic question raised with the easy answer of simple steps. Giving a few minutes to it completes the terms with necessary actions and therefore To Feed Pelicans At Far Cry 6 be a basic action.

Getting Food For Pelicans

In midst of taking heavy actions like shooting and running here comes simple pleasant work for the survivor on the question How To Feed Pelicans At Far Cry 6. First of all the player should have food that a can Pelican eat. For that, the user should catch fish using his/her’s skill.

In the adjacent nearby pond, the player should throw the fishing tool and apply the possible skills to get a fish. By pulling towards the opposite direction of the force here the fishes are brought dead. This work is to be done in addition to the concentration on distractions present in water. There should be a handful couple of fish to feed them.

Here we have a complete dedicated guide on how to do fishing in Far Cry 6.

Feeding Point for Pelicans

Pelicans location in Far Cry 6

Here comes the answer to the question How To Feed Pelicans At Far Cry 6? Once the prey of the pelican is hand the player has now to go in search of the bird.

It is not quite difficult to find it. Just to the nearby pond having woods the pelicans can be found. A few moves of pleasant steps make the player reach Pelican. If you’re still not able to find the pelican, move towards the coast above Cape Santa Maria. You’ll find the Pelican there for sure.

Pelicans finding in Far Cry 6

Once going near that they shouldn’t be tough in any action. If so it will make the Pelican fly. Therefore soft handling of speaking and finally giving the hunted fish to it brings a part end. Sometimes in woods or even in dirt roads, they are found.

Feeding Pelican in Far Cry 6

If the player still finds it hard to find a pelican he/she can go through the map and find a Pelican Hunting Spot at the east end of that island. Sure the fighter finds pelican as this place is kept reserved for its presence.

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