How To Change Your Birthday On Roblox? [Pc, Xbox One, and Mobile]

How To Change Your Birthday On Roblox

Roblox is a huge platform with multiple options in the interface. With over 100 million monthly users, the developers push updates now and make the platform better. But all these updates are not meant to make the interface easier. Sometimes, the complex UI leaves us with no option but to search it on google. If you want to change your personal information like name, date of birth, or password, you need to follow certain steps. As Roblox supports many devices, changing this information might get tricky sometimes.

In Roblox, many players want to change their date of birth from the platform. To change your birthday on Roblox, you need first to understand Roblox’s policy belonging to the DOB change on the platform. Roblox is stringent regarding the policies to provide safety and privacy protection for their players. In this post, I’ll have a complete step by step guide on how to change your Roblox’s age for both above and below 13 years.

How To Change Your Birthday on Roblox under 13 years?

How To Change Your Birthday on Roblox under 13 years

Roblox is stringent regarding the policies of the kid’s safety program. In simple words, you cannot change your birthday if you are less than 13 years old. This policy was made under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act to make sure they don’t encounter any violent things in the game. Moreover, many of the game features are restricted if you are below 13 age.

According to Roblox –

Roblox is a member of the kidSAFE Seal Program, which has been approved by the Federal Trade Commission as an authorized safe harbor under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). We are committed to complying with COPPA to ensure the privacy of our users under the age of 13 and implementing reasonable measures to prevent them from sharing personal information via chat messages or in-game.

Source: Roblox

This privacy policy ensures your privacy protection if you are less than 13 years old.

But as every problem has a solution, we have multiple options to change your birthday on Roblox if you are less than 13 years old. All the solutions mentioned below works on all PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

Solution 1: Roblox Support

Roblox Support is also very strict regarding their privacy policies and makes sure you won’t face any loss of information while using the platform. You can still contact the support, asking them to change your birthdate. But while doing so, make sure that you provide them with proper age proof and other identity documents.

Without the proper documents, you can never get your birth date changed. Moreover, they will reply to you back with the points stated in the privacy laws.

With the proper documents, they can actually change your age to your real age. Make sure that you attach a proper birth certificate or driving license in the mail. By doing so, there is no reason for the support team to reject your application, and they might change your date of birth as requested.

My friend accidentally put his birth year to 2008 instead of 1998. This resulted in the appearance of kids only content in his account. He contacted the support to make the desired changes by providing the appropriate documents. The support responded actively and made the desired changes.

Solution 2: Creating New Account

Create new account Roblox

Although this is not a recommended solution, if you tried everything and still cannot change the date, then the final option is to create a new account. To create a new account –

  1. Go to Roblox Sign Up page. As soon as you enter this page, you witness a form asking you to create a new account.
  2. Enter the details properly, and then press “Create a New Account.”
  3. Wait for the process to finish.
  4. While filling the form, make sure you enter a birthdate, which is before 2007. Otherwise, you’ll end up getting the same problem.

Also, create this account in a new browser or an incognito window. Otherwise, there is a possibility that Roblox might IP ban your system due to anti-spam.

How To Change Your Birthday on Roblox for 13 or older?

Changing Birthday on Roblox for 13 or older is a straightforward task. All of the mentioned steps follow different steps depending on your devices. Although they don’t differ that much, it’s better to create a step by step process for every device type.

Change Your Birthday on Roblox 13 or older for PC

Change Your Birthday on Roblox 13 or older for PC

There are two ways you can change your birthday on Roblox if you are greater than 13 years old. One way is through the browser, and the other way is through the Roblox application. The basic process remains the same in both ways.

  1. Open your browser on your computer.
  2. Now open Roblox and login into your account.
  3. Now go to your profile and press the gear button on the top right side (Settings).
  4. Change your Birthday to the desired date.
  5. Click on Save. A dialogue box saying “Saved Successfully” will appear in front of you.
  6. Press OK, and that it. You’ve changed your birthday.

Change Your Birthday on Roblox 13 or older for Xbox One

Change Your Birthday on Roblox 13 or older for Xbox One

Changing birthday on Xbox One can be tricky due to its different interface. As similar to PC, there are two ways to change your birthday on Roblox using Xbox One. To do so –

  1. Open Microsoft Edge on your Xbox One. You can use Cortana to do it.
  2. Now open and login into your account.
  3. Now open settings and change your Birthday to the required one.
  4. Press Save, and boom, you are done.

Change Your Birthday on Roblox 13 or older for Mobile

Change Your Birthday on Roblox 13 or older for Mobile

Mobile applications can be a little different due to the huge changes in size. To change your birthdate on mobile –

  1. Open any Browser on your phone. (Google Chrome is recommended due to its support)
  2. Open Roblox and open your account in it.
  3. Press the “Continue in Browser” button to open the profile interface.
  4. Now click on the top gear icon and open settings.
  5. Change your Birthday and Save.
  6. Open your Roblox app again to check desired changes.

Note: In all devices, make sure you don’t change your age to less than 13 years. By doing so, you cannot edit your birthday furthermore due to its policies.


These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding changing your birthday in Roblox –

Why does Roblox need your birthday?

Birthdays are used to estimate your age and provide you with a proper set of content. Roblox is very strict regarding its safety and privacy protection for users. For these reasons, it’s necessary to provide your birthday to avoid any violent content on the platform.

What does account 13+ mean in Roblox?

Roblox follows the COPPA regulations to protect the privacy of kids. The 13 year age mark segregates the kid’s groups. For accounts less than 13 years old, they have more privacy protection system and other regulatory operations. For 13+ accounts, all those restrictions are lifted, and the account is open to almost everything on Roblox.

Is Roblox ok for a 12 year old?

Partially Yes. Roblox has a PEGI rating of 7+, which means kids with an age of greater than 7 can play Roblox’s games. But it’s always recommended to monitor your child’s activity in the game.

Is Roblox bad for kids?

Roblox is like a typical social media where players can play with other players online and chat with them. If you wonder whether it’s good or bad, it’s dependable on the exposure that kids experience on Roblox. Roblox is full of innocent and sweet games as well as scary stories and rumors. If you monitor your kid’s activity properly, you can have a good influence of Roblox on your kids.

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Final Words

Roblox has proved to be one of the best gaming platforms for the last decade. With thousands of games and multiple in-game options, you can have a good experience in the game. Many times with a lack of knowledge, you can get stuck while changing the birthdate in Roblox. That’s why this post was dedicated to change your birthday on Roblox on all devices.

Happy Robloxing!

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