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henry cooldown

Henry Cooldown is a famous character from the series of renowned video game series titled No More Heroes. In the game, he gets introduced as a 27-year-old Irish Assassin and brought up in the regions of Ireland. He is the twin brother of Travis Touchdown. But you will notice the surname is similar, but Cooldown will never be mentioned in the game. He will marry Sylvia Christel in the initial round, but it never took on Cooldown as a married name. Henry has been voiced for Mark Allan Stewart in the game.

Henry Cooldown – Appearance

Henry Cooldown - Appearance

In No More Heroes, Henry Cooldown is naturally smooth consists of auburn hair and blue eyes. You will see him wearing a Gray color outfit consisting of a grey waistcoat, followed by a trouser, a trouser chain, and a white color shirt and a tie. He will also wear a long grey colored formal trench coat. He will carry weapons such as Cross Sword, a Beam Katana, inspired by design to a broadsword. And it doesn’t have any recipient.

Further in the No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle game, you will notice Henry’s skin will be paler, and his hairs will become more similar towards Travis. And it gets changed from auburn color to black color. You will notice he will wear a waistcoat of a dark tint and with a trouser. Also, with a skull-shaped tie pin, and have an additional trouser chain. He will also notice him wearing a belt along with a spade-shaped buckle. And finally, he will stop wearing his trench coat.

In Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, you will see that a drastic change has been made in his appearance. His hairstyle has got much messier than before, along with a less clean cut. Now he will start earning shades with a full suit and a checkered tie. 

Henry Cooldown – Personality

Henry Cooldown - Personality

You will see that Henry Cooldown is precisely opposite from his twin brother based on personality in the game. As Travis is generally loud and active. While it is exactly the opposite in the case of Henry, he is very calm and professional in his life. It is typically when Henry claims himself to be relaxed and calm, also a stunning foil towards Travis throughout the actual ending of the No More Heroes game. 

Although Travis depends on bombastic one-liners, along with jokes and occasional bouts of rage towards each of his opponents. Henry is more charming and relaxed and aimlessly makes fun of Travis during the final fight of No More Heroes game.

Henry’s personality in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is comparably similar to his picture in the first game. But it looks like he is enjoying and more comfortable creating fun and joking around Travis. The best example is when Henry does a phone call to Travis and informs him that he defeated 3 more assassins and promoted to the spot of 5th rank. His future conversations with Mimmy also display and tell us about how Henry’s personality changed slightly between the games. Along with holding on to his role as Travis’s rival in the story of the game.

Henry Cooldown – Story

No More Heroes

Henry Cooldown got first experienced as a shadow figure at the Senton Splash available at the Santa Destroy on Travis heading towards the ranking match against Letz Shake. Henry and Travis challenge each other, and Henry will take down Letz Shake before Travis catching fire between the two of them. 

henry cooldown Challenges Travis

Further, Travis’s challenges towards the final encounter outside the Motel “No More Heroes” after this, Travis will take the lead and get the first rank in the United Assassins Association. As the battle among them continues, Henry reveals that he is the twin brother of Travis and Sylvia Christel’s husband for ten years. He also saw the 10-year-old daughter named Jeane. She is a mysterious child who shares the same name as Travis’s half-sister and cat. By visiting the following credits looking towards the painting of Henry Cooldown and Travis attacking each other. They are striking in front of her mother named Sylvia.

It gets highly affected towards the end of the game: Henry and Travis defeated each other honorably. It is not the same case for the sequel version No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, and it reveals the mystery that Sylvia had interrupted the fight. She also finally admits that she and henry got divorced at some points in the game.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

However, Henry Cooldown gets enclosed in carbonite with Dr. Letz Shake, whom he previously defeated between these fantastic games. However, further got resecured after Letz Shake’s brain got placed inside and updated form of his Earthquake Maker, which gives him total control over. But somehow, it gets secured by Travis after he ends Dr. Letz Shake and takes him back towards the Motel “No More Heroes” for recovering the motel room, of Travis.

Henry is enduring hibernation sickness, and it is because of been enclosed in carbonite for an extended amount of time. He fights with Mimmy as a nightmare before getting awake. Henry gets accommodated with Travis, and to repay, Henry takes down 3 assassins who are ranked after Ryuji and leads Travis towards 5 ranks. Despite he is defeating the assassins, although there is a possibility that two of the defeat had a fight against each other or they were a challenger. 

Later he assists Travis in the final fight against the boss named Jasper Batt Jr. However, he moves away when Batt changes himself into his third and final avatar. By saying this verse, “It’s not happening, brother. I can’t be associated with that travesty. I mean, I got standards for fuck’s sake!”.  

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

At some particular moment in time, Henry Cooldown shapes the cultist organization famously known as Order of the Emerald Night. And after the main events get completed in the game, it traps Travis on his trailer in Texas. And Travis will move away with Henry promising his revenge. It is also hinted that he got brainwashed as he speaks only alone in the third person.

No More Heroes III

Fortunately, you will notice Henry will return in the game.

Who is Voice Actor of Henry Cooldown?

Quinton Flynn has voiced Henry Cooldown in both No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2 games. This American voice actor has provided voices for many other famous characters like Raiden in the Metal Gear Series, Marcus Damon in Digimon Data Squad, and of course Henry Cooldown.

Henry Cooldown’s famous Quotes

Below are the famous quotes said by Henry in the game.

  • “You’re a disgrace to yourself and all those you’ve defeated.”
  • “You’re the protagonist. I’m just a cool, handsome, young foil who happens to be your twin brother. I hate to say it, but it’s your job.”
  • “It’s not happenin’, brother. I won’t be associated with this travesty. I’ve got standards, for fuck’s sake.”

Henry Cooldown – Trading Cards

While playing the game, you will notice Henry appearing on three trading cards available in the Design Material Set of No More Heroes game. The card numbers are as follows:

  • Card No 88
  • Card No 89
  • Card No 147

In the card, Henry’s Design, Henry’s Expressions, and Henry are shown to you.

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