Far Cry 6 All Gabriel Statue Locations

Far Cry 6 Gabriel Statue Locations

Some do have painting as their hobby that will help them to be much more creative than before. Some paints on paper, some on walls, and a few on products and devices. All these will help in increasing your creativity level. But, have you ever painted in a game to complete a level?

Gabriel Statue is one of the game’s levels where you have to go find out the twelve different locations of the Gabriel statue and paint them and completely turn them into colorful. This will help you to complete each location and completing it for all twelve locations will help you to pass through the level.

Paint the Town Mission

The first Gabriel Statue Location that we are going to see is the Paint the Town Mission in Far Cry 6. As soon as you get into this location run towards the building and use the staircase to go upwards and there you will meet a person who will be painting on the wall.

You will have to have a conversation with her and you just have to click accept and track and that will end the Paint the Town location.

Gabriel Statue Locations

Location 1

Now your duty is to go around Esperanza and paint the twelve statues that are scattered everywhere. And along with this, you will also have a photo of Gabriel Statue so that you can find them easily.

You will see a diamond shape icon on a pillar that would indicate the correct Gabriel Statue. Go near it and use the paint and you will see the painting.

Location 2

The next Gabriel Statue Location is West Lado Esperanza and the statue is found in the middle of the road.

Just go near it and follow the same procedures and as a result, you will witness a wonderful painting on the statue.

Location 3

The third Gabriel Statue is also found in the middle of the area. Go close to it and use the spray on the statue. This will initiate the painting and complete the process.

Location 4

This Gabriel Statue is left on the open space directly straight to where you stand. Go near to it and follow the same procedures as mentioned earlier and this will unlock the next Gabriel location.

Location 5

This Gabriel Statue is situated in the middle of the garden area and is clearly visible. You have nothing to do, just get closer to the statue take the paint spray, and repeat the process.

That’s it you have completed this Gabriel Statue Location.

Location 6

The Gabriel Statue is seen across the road and make sure you go from your side to another side of the road. Trace your way to the statue and use the painting tool to spray the statue.

You will complete the process after painting the statue and you can go to the next location.

Location 7

This Gabriel Statue is situated in the middle of the place, you should climb the stairs to go closer to the statue.

Remember to follow the same usual steps that you have done earlier and this will help you to paint the statue and you can just chill out and move on to the next one.

Location 8

This Gabriel Statue is located in the middle of the city looking like a kind of fountain. The statue will be covered with water and no matter what you will have to go near to it.

After getting closer use your paint spray to give color to the statue.

Location 9

The Gabriel Statue can be found in the middle of the city with a surrounding wall. Jump inside the wall in order to get closer to the statue.

Using the painting spray you can paint decorate the statue with colors. Through this, you will complete the process and can proceed with the next location.

Location 10

This Gabriel Statue is somewhat quite different from others because it is situated in a noisy region. You will see a person lying dead near the statue. Some pictures of the persons are struck on the statue.

Do not mind them just go near to the statue and paint them, doing this will complete the process.

Location 11

This Gabriel Statue is seen in the middle of the area and you can move straight to the statue and be ready to paint the statue. Just follow the footsteps that you have done for the earlier locations and it will result in painting the statue.

As soon as you have completed you can go to the next location.

Location 12

This is the last Gabriel Statue that can be seen near the sitting bench area. You just have to do the same steps for one more last time and this will help you to complete all the Gabriel Statue locations.

After painting the statue completely you will just make a call to Zenia and tell her that you have done all the locations.

You will have a conversation with her but be careful, there might be a person who comes to attack you, and be cautious about it. Use your weapon and shoot him off. Killing him will make you complete the process.

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