Escape From Tarkov Salewa First Aid Kit Guide

Tarkov Salewa

Every pain has to be healed at some point in time, either physically and mentally. Some people consider playing video games as medicine for their pains. So that they don’t get into reality that sucks rather engage in a fictional world where they can keep winning and fighting for what they want.

Tarkov Salewa is used as an emergency First Aid Kit that helps in the healing process of a player’s virtual character. It is obtained from various locations and is considered the most needed item since it helps save energy for a player, giving more Lifespans.

Escape From Tarkov is a shooter video game that has a huge response from the players. Many game lovers welcomed this game. A player can fight with an opponent using weapons, powers and has the items to heal from their wounds. Unfortunately, the only drawback in this game is that if a player loses in the game, they lose everything they got in the raids and loots.

A player has a raid time of 15-45 minutes, depending upon the map. You have the possibility to play in groups as well as individually. It is compared to the topmost played video games and has created History.

What is Tarkov Salewa First Aid Kit?

Tarkov Salewa First Aid Kit

Tarkov Salewa is nothing but a First Aid Kit considereded as a medical item in the game. It looks like a red bag with a Plus symbol printed on it. Generally, when it is known as First Aid Kit, you could find many different items in it. Similarly, this Salewa has various items with them. They are bivi bags, dressing tools, and also different kinds of bandages.

It is of minimum weight and so that a player can carry it wherever they go. It is 0.6 kg in weight, and the Grid size of this item is around 1×2. It comes under the type Medkit and is sold by the Therapists LL2, and the process of selling is done only after completing her task. Postman Pat- Part-2 also sells it, and you can get it from any of the persons.

It has a good opinion regarding the experiences that it holds. Salewa has Twenty points in looting experience and holds Six points in Examine Experiences. The use time of this Salewa is Three seconds, and it’s quick in action. It has a great effect on healing and cures 85% of the wound. Salewa helps in removing 45HP and 175 HP.

What is the Quests of Tarkov Salewa?

Every item has different quests to find them. It gives more than one opportunity for the player to get a particular item. Three more Tarkov Salewa can be found in the raid for the quests Shortage. You can get more items using the quests facility.

What is the Quests Reward for Tarkov Salewa?

Every quest has its own reward points and powers by completing certain quests. Four more Salewa can be obtained as a quests reward for Health Care Privacy- Part2.

What are the Locations of Tarkov Salewa?

Tarkov Salewa Locations

It is found in six different locations and can be easily sorted out. With the help of knowing the exact location of an item, a player can get it easily.

In Buried Barrel Cache

The Buried Barrel Cache is a loot container that contains various items such as currency, provisions, and uncommon loot. It has Twenty points in looting experiences and Ten points in Examine Experiences. It has a Grid size of 4×3. In this container, you can find the Tarkov Salewa.

In Ground Cache

It is also one of the loot containers in this game viewed as buried inside the ground. It has Twenty points in Looting Experience and Ten points in Examine Experience. It has a grid size of 4×4.

In Medbag SMU06

A Med bag is considered a loot container that only spawns medical loot. It has a Grid size of 4×4. And since Tarkov Salewa is a medical item and hence can be seen in this container.

In Medical Supply Crate

Medical Supply Crate is the heaviest loot container that holds this item. It weighs about 1kg and has a Grid Size of 5×5. It has Twenty points in Looting Experience and Ten points in Examine Experience. It holds different items from the category of Household items and Medical Items.

In Sport Bag

It is a black and red color sports bag that holds all the Barter Items, Medical Items, Provisions, and PM’S. It is a special loot container that has a Grid size of 4×3.

In Weapon Box

Where there is a wound, there will be a need for medicine. And it is well-known that a weapon has the power to create a wound, and that is why Tarkov Salewa is seen in this loot container. It has a Grid size of 5×2 that has weapons, mods, meds, and throwables.

Other than these particular loot containers, it is also seen in various places. They are listed below,

  • When it comes to customs, in the South-Eastern part of the storage area you could find a car trunk that holds medical items.
  • Medical Items can also be seen in the ambulance’s front side of the gas station.
  • You could see a circle concrete object with the Med Bag inside it behind the old Gas station area.
  • Mantis can hold more spawns and has sold Salewa.
  • Emercom has different spawns but it needed to be unlocked.
  • Four ambulances in the Western side has the capability to have Tarkov Salewa.
  • You could find Salewa in RB-PS81 and RB-PS82.
  • On the ground floor of the White Bishop Building there is a medical room that is towards the train tracks.
  • In the Forlift near the Helicopter you could see a loaded Medical Supply Crate.
  • You could find large amount of Medbags and Medcases in the Health Resort.
  • In the Ground floor of the main building weather station a Medbag can be seen.

Trading Possibilitites of Tarkov Salewa

Trading is being introduced in this game so that a player can get an item in many ways. And to get One Salewa First Aid Kit, you have to trade One Paid AntiRoach to Therapist LL1.

What are the Craftings of Tarkov Salewa?

Tarkov Salewa Crafting

You have one possible way to craft a Salewa item by using certain materials. Take Two Analgin Painkillers + Two Aseptic Bandage + One CALOK-B Hemostatic + Two Esmarch tourniquet and craft in the Medstation Level 1 to get One Salewa First Aid Kit. It takes merely Thirty-nine minutes to craft this item.

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