Darkness Rises Best Class/Character

Darkness Rises Best Class

The players of role-playing action video games expect the character that they make use of to be the best winning one. They wish the character should hold all the superior powers in the game and defeat the enemy with full attacking aspect. This is all because winning in role-playing action video games contributes a major part in playing that again.

Darkness Rises Best Class is the most viable option made available for the players to choose their desired character. Analyzing all the good work and choosing the correct character determines the rise and fall of players’ work in the game. The options kept for players to choose is the most qualitative Best Class. It sets as the important decision vest on the players in getting the good progress or bad outcome in the game.

Darkness Rises is the popularity gained game that is also called Darkness Avengers. It has origin from the Japanese game creative field Nexon that is made viable for both pc and Android platforms. It is a role-playing game that makes the players select their own character that suits and preferred to perform well.

The game has been introduced on June 20, 2018. All the comfort lines are given up to the players in choosing their character in the game without any restrictions. Gaining about high progress with the chosen one is all the game darkness rises.

What is Darkness Rises Best Class?

There are different character classes in the game of Darkness Rise. Each one has its own powers and flaws. The first chosen one which had more powers and less default is termed as the best one in the game of Darkness Rises. This is termed as the choice of The Darkness Rises Best Class.

The Classes

There are four main classes in the game of Darkness Rises. They are Warrior, Assassin, Berserker, and Wizard. Some others are also denoted but keen notice has to be kept on these four main classes. Each one is special and significant in its own way of the feature. All possess their merits and demerits equally.

To choose the Darkness Rises Best Class very clean study about each one is essential for all the players. Not a single class applies to all levels of players. It totally depends upon the player’s grade level and performance. The gamers style depends upon each user that determines the best outcome.

The detailed study of each class is described to choose which is the best one for different phases of users. To go on the practical way of winning the game, all the four characters have to be built equally for the higher reward and good progress. The maximum level of all characters in the game is up to level 60. By reaching it the player gets a 3 percent of advantage on Ally’s stats.

An increase in each perspective character leads to drastic growth in HP, defense attack, the speed which mutually paves way for growth. Giving notice to only one class logically doesn’t work out in getting the growth and selection on Darkness Rises Best Class. In addition to this, the player gets a 4X reward if he/she steps in and plays with all four characters.

The gained reward from one character can be used to upgrade the gears of other characters. The chain reaction is highlighted that one’s upgrade leads to the other one. Therefore paying attention to all the characters plays a major role in good flow and super fast increase in credits.

The four classes with their explained characteristics are discussed below


Darkness Rises Warrior Class

It is a male character that is seen as flexible for any player that comes under the list of Darkness Rises Best Class. This is the most recommended class for all the beginners that gives comfort field in playing their game. It has long-lasting defending skills that make the opponent feel hard.


Darkness Rises Beserker Class

It is the slowest class and meant to be the complicated one in the game. It is quite hard for the players to get control of this class in the game. There are a lot of hardships that the player faces if he chooses this Berserker. This class has a better HP and defense style than any other class. As it is very difficult no one can definitely defeat it.

It remains the strongest one. There is the equally positive and negative position that acquires equally in Berserker. Handling it with great concentration gives the extra force of credit. Lots of studies have to be undertaken to know about this class. Regarding this aspect, this comes under the list of Darkness Rises Best Class.


Darkness Rises Assassin Class

This represents the female character on the mobile play. It has a special skill of vanishing off from the play after defending and getting involved in a huge fight. Its attack speed is very fast. It is one finest features in gaining victory. This can also be suitable for beginners to stand as Darkness Rises Best Class.


Darkness Rises Wizard Class

This character comprises of unidentified letting out things that confuse the opponent. It possesses the mightiest power that puts the enemy down on the war zone. This class gives out the real scene of waring power in the area that is kept to be under Darkness Rises Best Class.

Best for Beginners

From reviewing the above feature of different classes each type is recommended for different levels of players. The Darkness Rises Best Class for every beginner and the new player is the Warrior one. It is very flexible and adaptable for all the newly arrived Darkness Rises players. Therefore Warrior is considered to be the Best Class for all the lite users of the game.

Best for Pro Players

When a player reaches the next level of lite pro bone is addressed to the profile. In this stage, there is another one to be picked up for Darkness Rises Best Class. Warrior has not remained here as a suitable one. It may be chosen as a second option but the top priority has to be given to Berserker as the Best Class.

It has a greater defense force and higher HP stays when compared to all other classes which are essentially required for the pro player. It determines the basic root of victory in the play. Therefore this can be said as a Darkness Rises Best Class for all the pro players.

Apart from all these separations as pro and lite this selection process of Darkness Rises Best Class is totally depends on the player’s preference. To compare the pros and cons each user gets different results that lead to choosing different classes. Only references are made to show the best one with its featured effects.

For the better grounds of growth, the points are always referred to and finally left to the players’ preference on choosing the Darkness Rises Best Class. Some select warriors at pro and Berserker at even lite. Their playing performance may vary for each people.

If they are so talented to control Berserker at beginner level itself the player gets the ability to face huge hurdles at the first step itself. Each class has its own best goodness and evilness which is totally taken up to the player’s consideration on getting the Best Class.

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