Divinity 2 Identifying Glass Guide For New Players

Divinity 2 Identifying Glass

In this fast-moving world, we work very hard to achieve our dream or to earn money. When life makes it very hard, pause a second and play video games. Video games consume a major part of the free time of the kids. Reliable on this, people could entertain and keep themselves engaged. Most of the time, video games start to haunt the minds and acquire the mind with various visuals. Some are fond of shooting, and some enjoy even a little play like jumping.

Divinity 2 Identifying Glass is a feature that is created in Divinity: Original Sin II. Using this icon will help you to magnify an object that you need that will result in getting points. This identifying glass is used to identify items.

It plays a major role in transferring the boring side of the user to a thriller one. Those twists and turns have a huge fan base, which remains the reason to continue this forever. As we are in the world of technology, even a small invention regarding this has been truly adored and accepted. On the whole, they also help in keeping children busy.

Original Sin II is a video game that was developed by Larian Studeios. The game copy was sold for over a million copies in just two months. This has also the facility to play individually or with three mwmbers as a group. The player can choose the exisiting characters and have the power to decide their race, gender, stats, and origin story. They can also mix and change their skills by using a skill crafting system.

The game starts in a fantasy world called Rivellon, where the Sourcerers cast spells and perform magic to enhance their abilities. In the beginning, a Sourcerers is captured in an island prison known as Fort Joy.

The player’s ultimate goal is to defeat Braccus Rex and must allow God-king to Rivellon,, which brings back Eternal Rule. It has won many critics’ appreciation and is considered the best role-playing game of all time. You are allowed to have two companions with you, but if you chose Lone Wolf Talent for your character then you won’t have this possibility.

How to identify items in Divinity 2 Identifying Glass?

When you are playing this game for the first time, you will definitely, you will definitely find it hard to identify what the item is. You’ll get an unfamiliar feel when you look at certain items. You have two different easiest ways to find a solution for this problem.

Some important NPC like Blacksmith will possess a magnifying glass icon that is present right to the bottom right of their trade window. After clicking this icon, be ready to spend some gold in exchange and identify the items in your inventory. But unfortunately, not all NPC will have this option. In case if there isn’t identify glass, the icon will be in red color.

Here comes the easiest and independent way to identify items. That is, by using Divinity 2 Identifying Glass, you can do it all by yourself. It is found only at certain locations. If an item is not identified yet, it will have some text on it, so you can use Divinity 2 Identifying Glass and some points in Loremaster and click on the item. There is a possibility to gain +4 Loremaster by using gear and trait. You will be able to identify them easily.

Location of Divinity 2 Identifying Glass

Soon after knowing the uses of Magnifying lenses, every player would urge to know its location. To make things easy for you, we have given its exact places and how to get it.

  • Check whether you are getting them everywhere soon after you play for five minutes.
  • Usually, Blacksmith used to possess them a lot, and they are laid all over the places. In order to spot the items or glasses easier, hold the ALT key.
  • And the other way is that you can identify some gold which is provided by vendors. For Example, Blacksmith will have it at the down right corner just down to the repair button.
  • You could find one Divinity 2 Identifying Glass on the table with card players and also in Orivand’s Chamber.
  • Being a beginner of this game, you could find it easily in the Lighthouse cellar.
  • Loremaster in Identifying Glass allows you to identify enemies and items using Identifying Glass.
  • If you want to use Divinity 2 Identifying Glass, then just click on them using the right mouse button and proceed further by selecting the “Examine” option.

Is Divinity 2 Identifying Glass Consumable?

Some players face a lot of issues while collecting Divinity II Identifying Glass. It created a sense of fear thinking of a bug, and it paved the way for another question whether Identifying Glass is consumable or not. Reviews and many players state that the magnifying glasses they collect in a day seem to miss the next day.

But Divinity 2 Identifying Glass is not consumable. Once it is got, it doesn’t disappear without the player’s action. So, it must be accidentally sold, or an NPC must have swapped out. Other than this, Divinity 2 Identifying Glass is used to craft a scope lens.

Other items found in Fort Joy

In the map of Fort Joy, a player could find a list of powerful weapons, armor parts and some items that can be used in the game. It holds more number of items including Divinity 2 Identifying Glass, Hatch, Buried Skelton, Rose, Rusted Bell, and so on.

  • A player can find Buried Skeleton in Random Loot.
  • After casting Bless skill on pigs, Scapor will appear and you should try to kill it. Only then you will find “The Illuminator”.
  • In order to get Magister’s Severed Head, you have to find the body of Magister Inquisitor. Through this, you will get the Spread Your Wings Skill.
  • A player can get a Rusted Bell by ringing the bell, then you will find Bahara.
  • By using the Statue, you can teleport back to the entrance of the maze.
  • You can find a repair hammer in the Elf Cave. After destroying the Barricade you can find that place in a container in a big cavern along with some sunken ships.

To know more about Divinity 2 Identifying Glass and other exciting items, Stay tuned.

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