Binding Of Isaac Bed – What Is The Use Of This Exclusive Item?

Binding Of Isaac Bed

The Binding of Isaac Bed is one of the items seen in the hit RPG shooter game. The item is crucial and essential to the player while playing the game as it can be used as a way to heal yourself. Since the item is very essential to the players, the Binding Of Isaac Bed is a topic that is frequently and commonly discussed in the majority of the gaming forums. 

However, it is not possible for us to understand what Binding Of Isaac Bed is without understanding what the game Binding Of Isaac is all about. With that being said. That being said, let us look into understanding what the video game Binding Of Isaac is, 

Binding Of Isaac

The game Binding of Isaac is a roguelike video game that was released in the year 2011. The game was developed by two independent developers, Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsi, for Microsoft Windows. The video game was later made available for Linux and OS X. The title of the game and the plot that the game follows as one can guess, are inspired by the Binding of Isaac, the biblical story. 

The basic storyline of the videogame, Binding Of Isaac is the mother of Isaac receiving a message from God to sacrifice her son to show her faith. Isaac on knowing about the message flees into their home’s basement which was filled with monsters and the game thus follows him fighting for survival. 

Isaac is one of the seven unlockable characters that players can control. The players of the game have to proceed through a dungeon in a roguelike manner, defeating monsters one after the other along with collecting several power-ups and items that can help to beat up several bosses and ultimately, Isaac’s mother. 

Now that you know very well about the game, it is time for you to learn more about the topic that this article focuses on, The Binding Of Isaac Bed. 

Binding Of Isaac Bed

The bed in the video game, Binding Of Isaac is located in the bedroom which is a special room. This bedroom is located behind a double plank door and you can only open the room using two bombs. There are different versions of bedrooms in the game and you can find the place either clean or dirty depending on the version. You will be able to find that each of these versions has a different mp icon and color scheme. Each bedroom has a bed and also a carpet. 


The significance of Binding Of Isaac Bed is that the protagonist of the game Isaac can sleep on these beds to recover all Red Heart. 

Red Heart or Red Heart Containers is the major form of health for the majority of characters in the video game. It is important that Isaac occasionally recovers and fills the Red Heart Containers to successfully proceed with the game. 

When you as a player only have Red Hearts, the containers will drain as you take damage and will only be filled again if you stop to recharge at these Binding Of Isaac Beds. The containers can also be refilled if Isaac takes Red Hearts from pickup spots. However, the problem persisting with such a system is that, if Isaac picks up a Red Heart when he is only missing half a Red Heart, the rest of his pickup will get wasted. 

If Isaac has full health when using the bed in the bedroom, the sleep sequence will not work as the game does let you have more health than the number of Red Heart Containers you have. You can however increase the number of Red Heart Containers you possess using multiple items like Health Up Pills and thus you can have increased health that may be refilled by resting on the Binding Of Isaac Bed. 


If in case Isaac has no Red Heart Containers, the bed will add three Soul Hearts. Thus, by resting on the bed, Dark Judas, Tainted Forgotten, Tainted Bethany, etc. will gain three Soul Hearts when resting on the Binding Of Isaac Bed instead of Red Hearts. But, the bed provides no benefit to The Lost and Tainted Lost.

While a player is using the bed, the game is almost like it is in pause as the game time will only start ticking again once Isaac is ready to move again. You will be able to notice that the time will resume from what it was before the character got on to the bed. 

What does the bed do in the binding of Isaac?

The primary purpose of the bed in the video game, Binding Of Isaac is to heal Isaac. In addition to this, sleeping on the bed will also result in the player being able to get one additional charge for the currently activated item held by Isaac. One must keep in mind that in order to activate the item, the sleep sequence needs to be activated. 

Are there secret rooms in the dark room Isaac?

The secret room is present on most floors and appears floating in a black void. However, instead of a black void, it shows in a misty purple void in the dark room. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you unlock the red key in the binding of Isaac?

You will need to follow a few steps in order to get the red key, in order to unblock painted Isaac. One needs to know that this only appears once. Go along with the ascension and get to the home area. You can get to the mum’s room by proceeding further through the rooms. Once you get to the mum’s room, open the chest and you will be able to get the red key. 

What floors have item rooms, Isaac?

You will be able to find item rooms on almost every single floor. Only one item room will be available per floor unless the floor is an XL floor where two item rooms will be present. 


Binding of Isaac Bed refers to an item that is seen in the game Binding of Isaac. Just like the beds we use every day, the purpose of the Binding of Isaac Bed is also the same. The item allows the player to take rest, sleep and rejuvenate Red Hearts. Since it helps to replenish our basic HP, this item is incredibly crucial and all the players want it. Therefore, this topic is discussed intensively in most of the forums related to the video game, Binding of Isaac. This article has attempted at providing a complete guide to the aforementioned topic. 

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and has cleared all the doubts regarding the Binding of Isaac Bed and would lead to the player having a better and more enjoyable gaming experience!

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