18 Stunning Uses of White Dye Minecraft (2022)

White Dye Minecraft

Colors have a significant impact on our life. It creates a certain atmosphere in the surrounding. Whether its warm colors or cold colors, they have their own feelings inside it. In Minecraft, there are a total of 16 wholesome dyes to start with. I’ll explain to you everything about White Dye Minecraft. Look at this video, to acknowledge the power of colors in Minecraft.

Minecraft World of Color

Dyes change the color of blocks, armor, wool, glass, concrete, beds, and many more things. White Dye is one of these dyes to paint your things with white color. White Dye Minecraft is made up of Bonemeal or Lily of the Valley because these are the only item with proper white color in Minecraft. In this in-depth post, I’ll show you all the white dye uses and crafting methods that’ll help you in playing Minecraft. I’m sure your coloring skills will improve by reading all of these methods.

List of Minecraft Dyes –

There are in total 16 different dyes in Miencraft. They are as follows –

  1. Black Dye
  2. Red Dye
  3. Green Dye
  4. Brown Dye
  5. Blue Dye
  6. Purple Dye
  7. Cyan Dye
  8. Light Gray Dye
  9. White Dye
  10. Orange Dye
  11. Magenta Dye
  12. Light Blue Dye
  13. Yellow Dye
  14. Lime Dye
  15. Pink Dye
  16. Gray Dye

What is White Dye Minecraft?

White Dye in Minecraft is a coloring dye used to tan items. This white color is unique to all items because it creates a unique look. White glasses look better than transparent glasses in Minecraft. You can definitely use this dye to create a big white empire in your server.

How to make White Dye Minecraft?

White Dye Minecraft is one of the easiest things to craft in Minecraft. White dye was introduced in Village & Pillage Update to change the color of items to white. There are multiple ways to craft White Dye in Minecraft –

1. Using Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is a common flower naturally found in the Flower Forest biome. You can craft White Dye using 1 Lily of the Valley. Firstly, open the crafting menu which has a 3×3 grid as shown below.

Crafting menu white dye

Now place the Lily of the Valley on any of the 9 slots. This will craft White Dye instantly.

White dye minecraft crafting 1
White Dye Crafting 1

Now drag the White Dye to your inventory. This is the first way to craft White Dye Minecraft.

2. Using Bone Meal

White Dye Minecraft can also be prepared from Bone Meal. To do this, first, open the crafting menu just as before. This menu contains a 3×3 grid with 9 slots to place any item from your inventory. Now place the Bone Meal from your inventory to any of the 9 slots. It should look like this –

White dye minecraft crafting 2
White Dye Crafting 2

Now drag the White Dye into your inventory. Crafting White Dye is pretty easy, isn’t it?

Bone Meal is one of the easy to find item in Minecraft. It can easily be obtained by crushing the bones or crushing the bone block.

3. Trade

You can use Emeralds to get 3 dyes by trading with traders. Every trader has a different rate of trading but the most common one is 3 dyes per emerald. You can use this method to get White Dye Minecraft from traders. In Bedrock Edition, traders trade Quasi Primary Dyes for one Emerald.

What are the uses of White Dye Minecraft?

Just like any other dye, White Dye Minecraft can be used to dye objects. Apart from it, it can also be used to craft other Dyes. Its one of the 7 Primary Dyes used to craft the other 5 Quasi Primary Dyes. As mentioned in its wiki, the dye can also be used in many other ways. I’ll list all of the uses below –

1. Crafting Quasi Primary Dyes

Quasi Primary Dyes are dyes that can only be made from Primary Dyes. You cannot obtain these dyes naturally. There are 5 different Quasi Primary Dyes, you can make with White Dye Minecraft.

1. Craft Light Gray Dye

Light Gray Dye is an intermediate between White Dye and Gray Dye. You can craft this using 2 White Dye and 1 Black Dye. The result light dray dye will be of 66.67% white and 33.33% of black. This is an effective way to craft light gray dye.

Light Gray Dye craft

2. Crafting Lime Dye

Lime Dye can also be called as Light Green Dye. You can mix 1 White Dye and 1 Green Dye to create a Lime Dye just as shown below.

lime dye craft

3. Crafting Light Blue Dye

Just as lime dye above, Light Blue Dye can also be crafted by mixing 1 White Dye and 1 Blue Dye. In my opinion, Light Blue Dye looks really good. It’s definitely worth crafting.

Light Blue Dye Craft

4. Crafting Magenta Dye

Magenta is a really interesting color. This color really looks good on Sheep and Leather Armor. To craft this dye, you need 1 White Dye, 1 Blue Dye, and 2 Red Dye. Place them as shown below, you’ll be able to craft Magenta Dye easily.

Magenta dye craft

5. Crafting Pink Dye

Pink is a light shade of red color. This color dye can easily be crafted using 1 Red Dye and 1 White Dye. Place the ingredients as shown below in the crafting menu to craft Pink Dye.

pink dye craft

2. Dyeing Items

1. Dyeing mobs

You can use this White Dye Minecraft to dye the Mobs. You can use the White Dye on Sheep, Wolves, and Cats. You can change the color of the wool on the Sheep by using dye. The dye retains its color on Sheep even after you shear a colored sheep. This is an excellent way to change the Sheep’s color permanently. For wolves and cats, before dyeing, they need to be tamed.

2. Coloring the glass and pane

You can change the color of glass by using dye. The process of coloring the glass is called staining, so, using White Dye on Glass produces White Stained Glass. Similar to Glass, this can also be applied to Glass Panes.

white stained glass craft

3. Dyeing Firework Star

Firework Stars are used to determine the color, effect, and shape of firework rockets. Your firework rockets can have many different effects based on your Firework Stars. White Dye Minecraft can also be used to create different types of effects for your Firework Stars.

Firework star white dye

4. Shulker Boxes

Shulker Boxes are very useful blocks that can store and transport items. Shulker Boxes can be crafted using 1 Chest and 2 Shulker Shell. This Shulker Box is somewhat purple in color by default. You can change its color by dyeing it with White Dye.

5. Colored Balloons

Balloons are fancy items that float upwards when used. Balloons can be crafted using 6 Latex, 1 Lead, 1 Helium, and 1 Dye. You can use White Dye Minecraft to create White Balloons. Balloons take the color of ingredient dye. This makes it easy to craft for different colors too.

6. Colored Beds

Beds are a good way to take a rest. These beds can also be dyed according to your color choice. Although the default color of the bed is white, still White Dye Minecraft can be used on it to produce White Bed. Remember that, you can only dye white beds, once dyed they cannot be dyed again.

7. Sign Colors

Signs are a display board in which you can write any text. You can change those text’s color by using dye. Using White Dye on a sign will make the text color to white. (This method is only for Java Edition only)

8. Water Color (Cauldrons)

You can change the color of water inside the cauldrons by using the dye on it. Use the White Dye on water inside the cauldron to make its color white. (This method is only for Bedrock Edition)

9. White Glow Stick

Glow sticks are like lifesavers when exploring dungeons. To craft White Glow Stick, you need 7 Polyethylene, 1 Hydrogen Peroxide, and 1 White Dye Minecraft. This white dye will make sure it will emit a white color light.

10. White Concrete Powder

You can create any colored Concrete Powder depending on your requirements. White Concrete Powder can be crafted using 4 Blocks of Sands, 4 Blocks of Gravel, and 1 White Dye. This white concrete powder can be further used to dye concrete blocks.

concrete powder craft minecraft

Just remember, without white concrete powder, you can’t make a white concrete block. That’s why its important to start dyeing concrete powder. We also used White Concrete Blocks to make the Lighthouse in Minecraft.

11. White Banners

Banners are a great way to decorate the surrounding area. These banners can have many different patterns and colors. You can use White Dye Minecraft on the banner to color it.

12. Colored Armor

Do you know that there are more than 12 million possibilities of leather armor colors? This insanely large number comes from the following equations:

total_red = 0
total_green = 0
total_blue = 0
total_maximum = 0
number_of_colors = 0

for each_color in all_colors:
  total_red = total_red + each_color_red
  total_green = total_green + each_color_green
  total_blue = total_blue + each_color_blue
  total_maximum = total_maximum + max(each_color_red, each_color_green, each_color_blue)
  number_of_colors = number_of_colors + 1

average_red = total_red/number_of_colors
average_green = total_green/number_of_colors
average_blue = total_blue/number_of_colors
average_maximum = total_maximum/number_of_colors

max_average = max(average_red, average_green, average_blue)
gain_factor = average_maximum/max_average

red_color = average_red*gain_factor
green_color = average_green*gain_factor
blue_color = average_blue*gain_factor

This insane big randomness causes different shades in every color. Also, as gain_factor is always less than or equal to 1, the result color is always lighter than the average of all the colors. This way you can use White Dye Minecraft to make any shade lighter according to your need.

Minecraft armor dyeing
Image Credits: Mojang Studios

13. White Teracotta

Terracotta is sand-like blocks that are naturally spawned in any biomes. Terracotta can be dyed using White Dye to make White Terracotta. You need 1 White Dye to dye 8 blocks of Terracotta.

14. White Sheep Using White Dye

Unlike other dyes, you can actually use White Dye to change the wool color of the sheep. After using the Dye on a sheep, you can extract white wool from the respective sheep.

What achievements you can earn with Dyes?

Achievements are challenges for the player to improve their game skills and knowledge. You can earn these achievements with dyes –

1. Rainbow Collection

This achievement will unlock when you’ll gather all 16 colors of wool. This achievement is very easy to get.

2. Tie Dye Outfit

Dye all the four unique pieces of leather armor. You can get this with any colored dye.

Final Words

Minecraft has a variety of freedom to choose between 16 dyes. These dyes really add the feature to customize almost everything you wish to change. To summarize, White Dye along with the other 15 dyes, makes Minecraft what it is today!

If you are trying to make many dyes, then this tutorial will help you for sure – Minecraft Chest Explained

If you know any other use of White Dye, then let us know in the comments.

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