Valorant Tier List To Rank Up From Bronze To Radiant

Valorant Tier List

Valorant is a free game to play “First Person Shooter “ from RIOT games. It is like counter strike and addition with heroes of overwatch, overall a well-equipped game. Each character is known as valorant and can be given any title name one wants to give; types of equipment like guns and special powers can be equipped in the buy section for better gameplay. There is no special power and indiscrimination between the different tier agents. All are at the same level with the same ability and power.

Valorant Tier List is a method to measure the true potential of characters from the game. The tier list is segregated into 4 tiers ranging from S to C Tier. With a good analysis and research, this tier list has been made with keeping all ranks in mind. This list may vary depending on your preference of playstyle and other team composition.

To make your game powerful, you need to work on it and make it powerful than others. At the start, all the characters given are on the same level, and you have to make it fit for the compatible tournaments. At different tier levels, the ability is increased as you allow it in your gameplay; different. Different tiers of agents have their own importance in the team. It is not similar to overwatch, i.e., only earning kills are not sufficient here. You have to complement the gameplay.

Valorant Tier List

Valorant Tier List has been compiled by considering various factors. These factors include damage potential, area control, and the team helping abilities. Overall if your aim is good, you can own any player in your fights. But sometimes, abilities play a huge role in certain situations. By factoring all things, the following is the tier list of the game –

S TierCypher, Breach, and Omen
A TierKilljoy, Raze, Brimstone, Sova, Jett, Skye
B TierSage, Phoenix, Yoru
C TierReyna, Viper

S Tier in Valorant Tier List


Valorant Tier List Cypher

Cypher is one of the top agents, uses spycam and other gadgets, which are all included in the kit. With these special powers, Cypher can hold the site alone that makes it very powerful. His spycam can influence other parts of the map also. In maps like Heaven, where there are three bomb sites, Cypher can be critically important to keep track of two sites at a time. These factors make him the most impactful character in the game, leading to S Tier in Valorant Tier List.


Valorant Breach

Breach being an Initiator carries three flashes, and the aftershock is very crucial in clearing sites. All these abilities at once can provide good support for the team. Moreover, the range of flash is extensive and can assist teammates with it.

In the new patch, breach now owns some extra charge of his flashes, faster detonation blasts, can also de-scopes agents and prevents them from re-scoping, which makes it good than Cypher. These new changes make Breach an OP player in-game and one of the best players with heavily equipped abilities that you need with your gameplay. He is an S Tier character in Valorant Tier List without a doubt.


Valorant Tier List Omen

Omen belong to a Controller category, who can smoke whenever and wherever required. All his smokes last longer than any other agent’s. Moreover, the flash can be used through the walls, and you can greatly help your teammates with it.

Omen’s ability to fit into nearly any team comp on any map solidifies himself. His free and unlimited smokes are especially useful in long-lasting rounds, especially at mid and end game when the enemy has spent most of their utility. He S Tier character in the Valorant Tier List because of his ability to smoke every 30 seconds.

A Tier in Valorant Tier List


Valorant Sova

Sova is an insanely powerful character to gather Intel. In tactical shooter games, Intels are very important to secure the round and avoid facing multiple enemies at once. Moreover, Sova has some good Shockdart lineups which can deal good damage without facing an enemy. All these Intels are very useful in mid rounds to gather essential information. All this information together keeps him in A Tier of Valorant Tier List.


Valorant Killjoy

Killjoy has special power being the only sentinel with have abilities that have kill power. She can be compared to both Cypher and Raze together. Her gadgets have explosive potentials. All of these utilities make her a good character in general.

Raze’s ultimate ability is lethal in post-plant situations since she can make retakes difficult and deny defusals from across the map. But due to some limitations, she lies in A Tier of Valorant Tier lost.


Valorant Tier List Raze

Raze is the most destructive character in the game. Raze have the most damage abilities of all the valorant, which makes her an ideal entry fragger. Gadgets like grenades, detonating packs, and an exploding robot on wheels, make it too harsh in gameplay. She has a surprising amount of mobility as she can use her Q blast pack to jump around the map. For an average player, Raze is the best A Tier character in the Valorant Tier List.


Valorant Brimstone

Brimstone being the controller type character, can smoke in the maps whenever required. Also, he has a Molotov, which can prevent refusals. The most important ability is his ultimate. He can stop the post-plant defusals by just using his ultimate. One of the well-rounded agents in valorant due to his versatile set of abilities helped him shine both in an attacking and defensive manner.


Valorant Tier List Jett

Jett is the character that can be used to rush into the sites. With good movement abilities, she can trick the opponents by quickly flying above them. Moreover, her ultimate ability is very useful in eco rounds, where you don’t have any money to buy. You might be familiar with good Jett players like Wardell and TenZ. She is an A Tier character in Valorant without a doubt.


Valorant Skye

Skye is a unique agent as an initiator with supportive abilities. With 3 flashes, which can trigger if the enemy is blinded, and a wolf can be used to gather intel from the site, she is incredible. The healing ability is only keeping her behind. Without it, she was the perfect mix of Sova and Breach.

As a mix of Breach and Sova, Skye can provides incredible utility to the team. She deserves to be in A Tier of Valorant Tier List.

B Tier in Valorant Tier List


Valorant Sage

Sage is a supportive character for the team. She can heal the teammates and create big walls to stop the enemies from entering the site. The slow orbs are crucial in tactical shooter games where you have to manage time with your game.

Earlier, Sage was considered to be the S Tier or A Tier character, but the recent nerf dropped her down to B Tier of the Valorant Tier List.


Valorant Tier List Phoenix

Phoenix is a duelist who has flash, Molotov, and a fire wall. The Molotov and firewall can heal him whenever required. The most important ability in Phoenix is his ultimate. With only 6 points, you can get ultimate very fast, and you can use it to live twice or gather some Infos. He can heal himself with the flames and is one of the best fighters in 1v1 fighting among the other valorant.

Because of his short ranged flashes, he drops to B Tier in Valorant Tier List.


Yoru is a new duelist added by valorant in January 2021. With his teleporting abilities and flashes, he can surprise enemies. The limitation being that his ultimate and nonsupportive flashes, he stands in a B Tier. He is good but not as impactful as other agents.

C Tier in Valorant Tier List


Valorant Reyna

Reyna is very solo character in the game. In the perfect hands, she is almost unstoppable. But in general, she creates lkess impact in the team game and can only be used if you are not playing a team game.

Reyna is nearly unstoppable, especially with her ultimate. There are many good players with Reyna, but she lacks the ability to help the team.


Valorant Viper

Viper is the most underused character in the game. She has the ability to smoke and create big walls that last for a long time. But all these abilities have less impact, and the players have the choice to pick a good controller instead.

Her ultimate, Viper’s Pit, is probably one of the good ultimate in the game. But it’s not as impactful as Killjoy’s or Brimstone’s ult. As was buffed in the last patch, but despite that, players avoid playing her.

Currently, Viper is very weak as of character and needs some buffs to get back in the game. That’s the only reason to put her in the C Tier of Valorant Tier List.

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