Awesome Valheim To Do List For Every Player

Valheim To Do List

Valheim is one of the top-growing games in the past few months. With the open-world concept and free-to-build mechanics, the players can build some of the best masterpieces.

Valheim To Do List ensures that you enjoy the game along by experiencing all in-game aspects. There are many hidden items in the game that you might miss during your playtime. This post has a complete guide on to do list for Valheim players.

Valheim To Do List

The following list is made by taking fun and rewards into consideration.

1. Gather Supplies

Valheim To Do List Gather Supplies

The players will find it difficult to search and get the supplies, especially when they have no tools carried with them. But the players should not get worried; they can get both blocks of wood and secondly the stone very quickly. Gathering supplies is the topmost item in Valheim To Do List.

To gather the wood, the player must drop down the small trees or search for the trees fallen branches of the trees apart in the gameplay. Secondly, one should look for tiny black-colored rocks that a player can find easily in the gameplay across the grounds for gathering the stones.

2. Utilize the Map Markers

The player should never explore the Dungeon and never get lost if they cannot explore the locations. One can utilize the feature of place markers quality of the game. The player must open the world map and tap on the “M” key of their keyboard. After opening the map, they click on one of the icons from the five icons available in the lower right corner. Map Markers are important items in Valheim To Do List.

After selecting the icon, they should double click on that particular location area in the map that they would wish to mark and creating a marker which a player can title it with their favorite name that they want to. It is simple for the player to remove or clear the tag. They have to right-click on their mouse and delete it from the gameplay map.

3. Get a Spawn by developing a Bed and Campfire

Valheim Bed Campfire

After building the foundation at their new base, a player can officially label it as their home and set up this base as their spawn point, and unfortunately, a player will die if they reload the world. The creation of spawn points in the game is very easy for the players. They have to craft a bed and then the campfire.

After developing both places in the base, a player has to sleep on the bed to create a new spawn point. There is a negative feature in the game that a player can create only one spawn point at one particular time. And if a player has multiple bases in the game, they can set up but should make sure that they pick them wisely. A player can use the bed to skip the exhausting nights of the game.

4. The Players should keep their gears till the Scratch

In the game’s initial stage, players can repair their bags and assets utterly free of charge. But after further progressing in the game, the players cannot have any excuses for keeping their weapons unrepaired for fear of using their supplies. This is without a doubt, a must item in Valheim To Do List.

5. Old Building Advantage

Valheim building

While enjoying the game, a player should never ignore and bypass through the old buildings that a player finds across the Valheim gameplay across various biomes after crafting a hammer at a workbench available nearby. After equipping the hammer, a player has to use the mouse’s middle button and should destroy the building into small pieces. It is an excellent method for the player to obtain the resources quickly with small efforts.

6. Use Fishing Rods

A player cannot craft the fishing rod in Valheim similarly to other survival games. The only way is that they should locate the Merchant situated in the Black Forest biomes and visit them in the Valheim To Do List.

7. Increasing the Carry Weight

As the game progresses, the player will require more inventory space, but unfortunately, a player cannot increase their inventory space in the game. A player can buy the “Megingjord” item from the Haldor merchant available in the game and spend 950 gold coins. You can increase the carry weight from 350 to 400. Since carry weight is an important thing in the game, this is a must task in Valheim To Do List.

8. Get a Pickaxe by defeating the first Boss

Valheim First Boss Eikthyr

The players can craft the pickaxe in Valheim by knocking down the first Boss known as Eikthyr and get the series of materials. Defeating the first Boss in the game is an easy task for the player, but they have to prepare for a few hours. Before fighting with the first Boss, a player should ensure that they have crafted leather armor and a flint ax or knife. For crafting these weapons, a player will require the following materials such as:  

  • Deer Pelts
  • Leather Scraps
  • Flint
  • Stone
  • Wood

It is crucial for the player to kill the deer, so a player will require two heads to summon Eikthyr, the powerful Stag Boss. After defeating the Eikthyr, a player will be rewarded with various parts of Hard Antlers. The players can use the received Antlers to unlock the Antler Pickaxe, which can be easily crafted at level two Workbench or higher. Defeating Eikthyr is without a doubt one of the best Valheim To Do List tasks.

9. Using Cheats

If a player is enjoying the game as a single-player mode, they must use the cheats to make the gameplay of Valheim easier for a player. For using the cheats and other general commands in the console, one should press the “F5” button to get the console command box on the screen. Before entering the cheats, a player should make sure that the cheats are activated in the game by typing “imacheater.”

The player should note that the cheats will only work in the single-player mode, not while enjoying the multiplayer server. You can easily spawn thousands of items and practice your building skills.

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