Valheim Ancient Seeds – How To Get Them?

Valheim Ancient Seeds

Valheim Ancient Seeds are in-game items that have multiple uses. Three of these ancient seeds can be used to summon Elder (Valheim Boss). You can easily collect these seeds by destroying Greydwarf Brute, Chests, and Greydwarf Nests.

In this article, we’ll go through all the uses of Ancient Seeds and How to obtain them.

What are Valheim Ancient Seeds?

In Valheim, players try to survive the harsh and chaotic wilderness but apart from this, players will need to summon and fight with ancient monsters and the Forsaken to restore the field. Valheim is base on Norse mythology. In this game, players will need to take care of their essential needs like shelter and equipment to settle and protect themself from any bluster in Valheim.

When the players upgrade their power in the game, they can fight with each of the bosses. Players have to perform a mighty warrior Viking character who falls in the War and destroying Odin’s enemies and bringing peace to the purgatory style.

After defeating ancient monsters, players have to beat the second boss, The Elder. The Elder is a kind of creature with a bipedal treelike. Elder will be defeated by three destroyer attacks. It is pretty easy than the first boss fight. Players will need to find out Ancient seeds and burn them at The Elder’s altar to summon the Elder.

You will get Valheim Ancient Seeds by defeating various varieties of Greydwarf. You have to do treading for the Black Forest to find these creatures, the Summon Elder.

Below we have mentioned, where you will find ancient seeds in Valheim.

Where can you find Valheim Ancient Seeds?

find Valheim Ancient Seeds

You will get Valheim Ancient Seeds in three ways. The first way is to destroy the Greydwarf brute and Greydwarf Shamans, and the second way is from Chests. The last method is By using console command here we mention brief information related to these wayes So continuously reading this.

By destroying Greydwarf Brute and Shamans

The first way is to fight with grey dwarf brutes and Greydwarf Shamans for collecting Ancient Seeds. When you kill this creature, you will get a chance to drop an Ancient Seed. But don’t worry about these creatures. You can quickly kill this creature even at night in Meadows, so you can soon encounter this creature.

From Chests

Chests are randomly spawned in the Biomes. Some of these Chests contain the Ancient Seed inside them. If you’re lucky enough, you can get a lot of seeds in it. Search the location of the chests in the ruined houses.

By using Console Command

You can easily spawn Ancient Seeds in your custom server by using the command spawn AncientSeed <quantitiy> <level>. This is a great way of experimenting with Ancient Seed without farming them.

There are more commands here, which you can use to get other useful items.

How to use Valheim Ancient Seeds

When the players get all three Ancient Seeds from fighting with Greydwarfs, they need to take them to the Elder’s altar. You will get the altar’s exact location by reading Runestone. These Runestone will get randomly, but sometimes it gets inside a Burial Chamber. You can also get this by stumbling upon the altar somewhere inside the forest without reading the Runestone.

What is the drop rate of Valheim Ancient Seeds?

Ancient Seeds drop rate is 33%. You have to destroy the enemies who are Greydwarf Spawners which you get inside the purple glowing nests for collecting old Seed. It looks purple because these are grey dwarf spawners. You have to destroy the damage shown from the above, and then you will get Ancient Seed.

How to summon the Elder using Valheim Ancient Seeds?

summon the Elder using Valheim Ancient Seeds

If you want to summon the Elder, you will need to follow some steps, and that step is to head over to the second boss’s. You will get spawn location for the Valheim, and ancient Seed will be attached along in their goods.

Players will also need to head to the Black Forest and kill these Greydwarfs. It is not challenging for you. You can quickly kill him. Summon the Ender by burning 3 Ancient Seeds at the sacrificial altar in the Black Forest.

For a counterattack, use a melee attack to deal with forty damage. But the Shamans are a little bit difficult to face. They have a power of ranged, poisonous. Breath attack and melee attack can also heal them and other Greydwarfs when they get injured. So players have to enhance their ability and use both weapons, melee weapons such as a sword or knife and a bow and arrows. With these fantastic weapons, you will kill these creatures.


Following are the FAQs regarding Valheim Ancient Seeds –

What is the ancient seed in Valheim?

Ancient Seed is an item in Valheim that can be used to summon The Elder. They can be obtained by fighting with dwarf brutes and Greydwarf Shamans.

Can you plant ancient seeds in Valheim?

No, you cannot plant and grow anything with ancient seeds in Valheim.

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