Sekiro vs Nioh: Which is the better game?

Nioh vs Sekiro

Today we will see something new that means we will see today about two renowned games named Sekiro vs Nioh, and we will also compare them. Both games are top up with action and adventures. According to the gamers, these two games have very tuff gameplay.

What is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice?

Sekiro gameplay

Let us first see our first game names Sekiro: A Shadows Die Twice. It is one of the best action-based games available in the market, developed by the company FromSoftware and published by Activision. It is a roleplay-based game that lacks character development and leveling up them in various levels as well as they have not provided the multiplayer ability in this game.

Still, it allows the player to modify the character and status to their skill sets with the limited customization capacity. The player, rather than attacking the enemy’s health points and Sekiro involves the player in the game using Katana attack to attack with their posture and balance instead; it will lead to an opening to kill the opponent in the single bow kill.

This game also features stealth elements, which allows the players to immediately eliminate the other enemies if their range while attacking gets undetected. Also, there is an addition for the player can use different tools to assist, combat, and also explore, which is similar to the grappling hook. And suppose the character dies in the gameplay. In that case, they can get revived there themselves, and if they have resurrection power, that gets restored by defeating the enemies rather than moving back to the previous checkpoints.

What is Nioh?

Nioh gameplay

Moving on to our second game of the blog and the name is “Nioh.” It is also an action-based role-playing game set from Japan during the years of 1600, along with the players with an Irish Samurai named William. The player role guides William during the gameplay missions in enclosed environments defeating human beings and supernatural beings known as Yokai. While navigating through various settings, the player will find multiple crates inside it; numerous collectibles hide inside.

The collectibles include some rare elements such as Amrita, the game’s experience points (ERP), gold in the game’s currency, some new weapons and armor, and bombs. The Shrines, which are scattering through the game, act as a checkpoint that allows the players to save progress, fill the player’s health, raise William’s experience level, and acquire skill points in the combat gets assign at the shrines in the gameplay.

What is common between Sekiro vs Nioh?

The game’s defense system in which the player can block and dodge is the most common factor of this gameplay. Both the games are available in Play Station 4 Pro and Xbox One. Both the games are Souls-like roleplay-based games, which generally focus on challenges and progression in the gameplay; both games are also based on the Sengoku Jidai period, which is 16 centuries in Japan.  It is a time of warring states, the secrets to find out and to overcome the bosses in the game.

Sekiro vs Nioh Main Differences

Sekiro vs Nioh

Let us now see the difference between Sekiro vs Nioh. As the challenge to compare both these games, it is similar to how apples and oranges. Sekiro is having a significant focus on the focus of posture meter and that which requires the fineness. In contrast, in the second game, Nioh gets fill more filled with action, and it has a wide variety of techniques and a robust skill tree.

Although more skills are available on Sekiro, there are more comprehensive styles and talent skills in Nioh. In Nioh, players use Soul Cores, Yokai Sifts, and Burst Counters, which improves the gameplay. The grappling hook is the feature available in the Sekiro and cannot get swapped out in it, but unfortunately, it is not available the Nioh. In both games, Sekiro has a better vocal protagonist than both games. The Sekiro has the best Samurai soul like game. In-depth and variety, Nioh is far away is better than Seiko.

Pros and Cons of Sekiro vs Nioh

Pros of Sekiro
  • In the first time, only Ashina Castle gets locked, and it is a good game design, and it feels fun to play the game.
  • It is fun, aggressive, and combat based on blocking, rather than dodging, making it a more realistic feature.
  • A different type of game from the other Souls, which makes fresh, but this might change further.
  • It has well-crafted areas in the game.
  • There is a variety of story outcomes that leads to different bosses.
  • Lack of customization makes mastering a player’s moveset very important.
  • The player is rewarded for fighting and discouraged when running away through skill points, prayer beads, and memories in the game.
Cons of Sekiro
  • Recycled bosses named genichiro, owl, Isshin, bull, primary generals, corrupted monk, and ape are available in the game, which is a negative part of this game.
  • In the second time when Ashina Castle gets locked off, it feels like it is very overplaying and not enjoyable.
  • Extreme lack of customization in the game, which discourages further replays.
  • Most prosthetic tools which are not at all useful in the game.
  • Music can be slightly better.
  • Stealth can feel a player clunky in the gameplay.
  • Tutorial pop-ups in the game cannot be disabled. But later updates could add this in the update.
Pros of Nioh
  • The game is unique and exciting.
Cons of Nioh
  • It is challenging for a player to play the game, at least in the beginning.

Sekiro Vs Nioh Difficulty

Although both the games are very much similar to each other, Sekiro is observed to be more difficult than Nioh. Sekiro requires patience to level up in the game whereas, in Nioh, you can easily master any weapon/skill and carry it forward in the game. The AI is expected to be harder in Sekiro than Nioh. As in Sekiro, you need to master the Defense rather than Offence (in Nioh), you are more prone to make mistakes.

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Final Words

So, readers, we have reached the end of this journey in which we saw the two fantastic games Sekiro and Nioh. Along with that, we saw the game’s various features and informed about the few cons of these two games. In the end, players enjoy the fun.

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