Ruin Guard Genshin Impact | Location, Weakness and Farming

Ruin Guard Genshin Impact

If we find something that takes us to the universe of illusion that washes away our sorrows or loneliness, we crave to do that repeatedly. Who doesn’t like to be the superhero who saves the world? Who will hesitate to be the reason for the victory of the squad? People love to win the race, even knowing it is a game. In this technological world, people are so fond of action and role-playing games. Genshin Impact is one such game.

Ruin Guard Genshin Impact is one of the greatest enemies in the game Genshin Impact. It is considered the deadliest villain that has the capacity to cause severe damage to the player’s characters. Genshin Impact is a magical action role-playing game that was released in 2021. This is considered the recent trending game from the past 1 year.

In this, the players are capable of doing magical effects and character switching. Moreover, you can play in multiplayer mode. It allows 4 players to play together so you can choose your favorite team with your loved ones. More than critical reviews, it was praised for its plot.

Who Is Ruin Guard In Genshin Impact?

Ruin Guard In Genshin Impact

As it is referred to earlier, Ruin Guard Genshin Impact is the enemy that gives huge problems to the players. It has the ability to damage you and stop you from winning. It will have an opportunity to attack your health too.

Defeating or Destroying this heroic villain is impossible yet, with the right strategy at the right time, a player can avoid serious damage and make you move forward to defeat your enemy. Ruin Guard is seriously capable of giving a pack of serious damages if you are too close to it. Therefore, it is best to be away from it.

Where Is Ruin Guard Genshin Impact Found?

To increase their scores or move forward in the game, a player has to search for the Ruin Guard. Only then will they get a chance to defeat them. And for that purpose, you have to know exactly where Ruin Guard would be.

Four Ruin Guard can be found very easily in the teleport to the domain of Guyun that is located in the Guyun Stone Forest. And on the neighboring island, you can find out four more Ruin Guard.

We would take pictures from a long distance because handling four Ruin Guard simultaneously is quite hard. Eight more Ruin Guard can be found at M1 Tianheng, Dunyu Ruins, and Lingju Pass locations. They can easily find 3 more in Mondstadt. The location for 30 Ruin Guard is being sorted out in the map that Genshin Impact released. It can also be scattered across the Genshin Impact world.

How Does Ruin Guard Genshin Impact Look Like?

Ruin Guard, also known as “Field Tiller,” has a giant-like appearance. Two notable features that one should note down are its giant head and glowing orange eyes.

What Are The Attacks Of the Ruin Guard Genshin Impact?

Attacks Of Ruin Guard in Genshin Impact

Ruin Guard Genshin Impact has five stunning attacks that it presents for the person who attacks it. All these five bombing attacks create serious damage to who stays close to it. The five prominent attacks are,

  • STOMP: This means that a Ruin Guard with their one feet will tap the ground with huge effect. This will damage the nearby characters.
  • CLAP: Even if the character is still in close location Ruin Guard uses their hands and gives a powerful clap in front of them.
  • PUNCH & JUMP COMBO: Before performing, Ruin Guard Genshin Impact brings its 2 fists together. After that, they come forward to do spinning punches twice and then jump into the air and try to land on your location with minimum AoE.
  • SPINNING ATTACK: Their upper body is easily movable, and their spin it and extends their arms too. In the process of spinning, their walk towards the player. It merely lasts for 7 seconds and creates drastic damage to who gets caught in it.
  • BOMBARDMENT: A red crosshair will appear on the Ruin Guard’s target and after locating that, a swarm of homing missiles starts to get fired. One-shot will have 6 each. If everything is going to hit you be ready to lose 50% of your health. Else, it will create only average damage.

Yes! Accepting the missile’s speed is low, but once the target is locked, it can change its direction. If the red crosshair disappears, the player need not worry anymore about missiles, but Ruin Guard never fails to follow in a straight path. The player can confuse the missile by running in a Zig-Zag pattern.

What Are The Drops From Ruin Guard Genshin Impact?

Drops From Ruin Guard

Genshin Impact Ruin Guard Genshin Impact drops is of two types. One is the Materials and another is Artifacts.


Chaos Device

At present, none of the characters use this for Ascensions. Instead, this device is used to craft Chaos Circuit and other weapon Ascensions. Some of them are Alley Hunter, Frostbearer, Armos Bow, Lost Prayers to the Sacred Winds, etc.

Chaos Circuit

In order to make this product, 3 Chaos Device and 50 Mora‘s are needed. Same as Chaos Device, characters can’t use this. The weapons that can be made out of it are Armos Bow, Skyward Spine, Royal Bow, Wolf’s Gravestone, etc.

Chaos Core

Three Chaos Circuit and 125 Mora are needed to make a Chaos Core. It is not used in any recipes. Nearly 17 weapon ascensions can be made out of it.


Traveling Doctor

It is available at 1- Star, 2- Star, and 3-Star. In addition, it can be obtained from the valley of Chests, Investigation, Remembrance, and Geo Hypostasis, etc. In the Adventurer Handbook, the alternative name for this is Curative.


It is also knowns as Blood-Soaked available at 3- Star and 4-Star. It is obtained from Domain Reliquary, Oceanid, Primo Geovishap, and Chests.


It is an artifact set obtained from Anemo Hypostasis, Pyro Regisvine, Geo hypostasis, and Primo Geovishap. It is available at 3-Star and 4-Star.

The Exile

It is available at 3-Star and 4-Star and can be obtained from Elite Enemies, Ocenaid, Gyo Regisvines, Primo Geovishap, and Chests. In the adventurer Handbook, it is also known as Legacy.

What Is The Best Strategy To Defeat Ruin Guard?

Though Ruin Guard Genshin Impact is strong and equipped with bombs and attacking positions, it too will have weak points. It has 2 weak points- at their back, there is a small socket and their glowing eyes.

  • When a hit is given to any of this spot, the Ruin Guard will be unconscious and inactive for a short time.
  • If the Ruin Guard are glowing in white, they are harmless, and a player can attack easily.
  • With the help of Explosive Puppet, a player can taunt the Ruin Guard. This will help to loosen their energy.
  • To encounter Ruin Guard alone is quite hard, so the best strategy to follow is to attack in groups or pairs.
  • When Ruin Guard Genshin Impact performs double punches and jumps, you must dash it to avoid getting hit.
  • When the spinning attack attacks you, if the Ruin Guard isn’t protected, try to disable it or just hit and run until the attacking gets stopped.

Do Ruin Guard Respawn Genshin?

Yes! Genshin Impact Ruin Guard respawn, which makes it more powerful. After Ruin Guard Genshin Impact dies, it comes back to life in 20 Hours. Soon after you beat all of them, be ready to collect their drops quickly. And you have to wait for nearly 20 hours to go for the next attack whom you attacked earlier.

How Do You Paralyze A Ruin Guard?

To paralyze a Ruin Guard Genshin Impact fully, you must knew few steps to be followed.

  • STEP-1: First, you have to disable the cores twice in its feet using Bow attacks.
  • STEP-2: Then aim for the orange eye and attack it with charged arrows.

This will result from paralyzing both of its legs. Some of the other ways are to give 3 shots to a single limb that will immobilize him for a while. Be cautious enough to hit the head when the feet glow. You must attack both his legs and eyes.

How Do You Prevent Ruin Guard Genshin Impact Missiles?

Of course, Ruin Guard Genshin Impact has many techniques to attack the character, but you can escape his missiles by following some tricks.

  • Before the missile launches, be ready to hit the yellow crosshair for nearly 3 seconds.
  • If this is done 2 times, you can even disable the Ruin Guard.
  • If you are switching your character, the Ruin Guard target will be removed.
  • Using Geo-Traveller skill, hold E and point it down on you; the next second, you will be inside that rock.

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