Counter Blox Codes For Free Knife [March 2024]

Counter Blox Codes

Roblox is a game development platform where users can release their games. Within this platform, all the games are created and managed by the players themselves. With thousands of games falling in each category, some games are delightful. All the Roblox games are free to play, and all players can enjoy playing them with their friends.

Counter Blox Codes are the developers’ codes on their Twitter account to redeem free items. With these codes, you can gain coins and cases, and other cool skins. All these codes provide a pathway for new players to enjoy the game. These codes help developers increase their social reach and help new players in the game. In this post, we’ve made a collection of all working and expired codes for Counter Blox.

What is Counter Blox?

Counter Blox is an FPS game created on Roblox to mimic steam’s Counter-Strike game. This game was released on September 28, 2015, by ROLVe Community and updated. The game focuses on becoming the best version of the FPS game in Roblox. Roblox contains simulator and tycoon games in the majority where players have to make money and build their own business tycoons, but the players who love FPS games launch Counter Blox to enjoy it.

Counter Blox has more than 700 Million visits from its release and is increasing at a constant rate. A maximum of 14 players can play together in a lobby. Also, you can create a private server to play with your friends. Counter Blox is added to their favorite list by 2.1 million players. You can definitely have a realistic FPS action in this game. Let’s jump on codes in this game –

Counter Blox Codes List

Counter Blox Codes List

ROLVe Community has a Twitter handle with more than 140k followers. All the game-related updates and codes are shared on their Twitter account. We looped through all the past posts and fetched the codes for Counter Blox. As some of the codes are quite old, they are expired. We’ve segregated the codes into two separate sections of active and expired codes –

Active Counter Blox Codes –

As of now, there is no active code for Counter Blox. As these codes expire on developers’ time, they stop working after some time. ROLVe Community has not released a code for Counter Blox for the last two months. I’ll update the post as soon as they release any new code.

If you want to purchase skins, then you can get Roblox Gift Card to get Robux. This Robux then can be used in Counter Blox to purchase new items.

Expired Counter Blox Codes –

Following is the list of all expired codes for Counter Blox –

  • FREECOIN1000: Use this code to redeem 1000 Coins.
  • FREECOIN05: Use this code to redeem 500 Coins.
  • holiday20: Use this code to redeem 150 Coins.
  • bloxy18: Use this code to redeem 150 Coins.
  • SP0oSky: Use this code to redeem Halloween Case.
  • GOODTIMES: Use this code to redeem a Knife.
  • HOT: Use this code to redeem 100 Coins.
  • ILOVECB: Use this code to redeem 25 Coins.
  • CBXMASUPD8DELAY: Redeem this code to get 2500 credits and Christmas case for a knife.

How to Redeem Counter Blox Codes?

To redeem Counter Blox codes, follow these steps –

  1. Launch Counter Blox game from your Roblox client.
  2. Press the Codes button on the right side of the window.
  3. Enter the code mentioned in the post.
  4. Press Enter to redeem the code.

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How to play Counter Blox?

The game starts with a lobby of Counter-Terrorist vs. Terrorist. You are spawned on either side of the map, depending on your team. If you are Counter-Terrorist, you have to eliminate all the Terrorists or defuse T plants’ bombs. For Terrorists, you have to either defeat all the CTs or plant the bomb and defend it. Exactly like Counter-Strike, this game too has tons of skins with cases that can be opened. These cases are meant to make more money for developers.

The gun mechanics are different for both teams. CTs have M4 instead of AK, and many other guns are different. Each weapon has a different price and comes with advantages and disadvantages. With the proper economic system, you have to balance your losses and wins in the game. Each gun has different skins and can be purchased from the shop. With Counter Blox Codes, you can redeem free skins for your weapons.

Final Words

Counter Blox is continuously updating with increasing features and skins. All the developers are trying hard to make it close to CSGO as much as they can. Moreover, you can always enjoy opening cases and try your luck to search for a knife!

Happy Gaming!