3 Proven Ways To Improve Respiration Minecraft

respiration minecraft

To begin with, we all know survival is much important in Minecraft. Every Minecraft player has doubts regarding his respiration time limits, buffs, that would improve his chances of survival underwater. Especially when the default underwater breathing time is absurdly small. This article will answer all your questions regarding the respiration Minecraft system.

Respiration Minecraft is an enhancement attached to the helmet for extending underwater breathing time limits. This is very useful if you love to explore the underwater world of Minecraft. You also have more chances to check out what’s below the sea, investigating the water depths of your Minecraft world.

You may even encounter creatures capable of dropping a trident, a rare weapon you can enchant and use to your heart’s content. However, staying underwater is a bit of a challenge.

underwater respiration minecraft
Underwater in Minecraft

The longer you stay underwater, the longer is the opportunities to farm mysterious items. This is where respiration Minecraft comes into play! You can increase the breathing time by enchantment and furthermore by other respiration techniques like crafting breathing potion, etc.

What is Respiration Minecraft?

Respiration Minecraft enchantment is a way to increase your breathing time underwater. It has three enchantment levels, each level providing +15 seconds of underwater breathing time. Apart from this, it also provides a chance not to take drowning damage by 50%, 67%, and 75% for levels I, II, and III, respectively.

What things are needed for enchantments to improve respiration Minecraft?

1. Levels

To enchant, you must be at least level 1. Getting to higher levels gives you the best chance of obtaining high-end enchantments. Hence, make sure your level is high enough to fulfill your dream enchantment. Once, you have enough levels, you can try your best to increase the chances of successful enchantments.

Levels respiration minecraft

2. Bottle o’ Enchanting (Optional)

The Bottle o’ Enchanting is a throwable item that drops 3-11 experience points per bottle when it hits the ground. Use those drops to level up faster.

3. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is used in the enchanting process. It is the only item required along with other items on which you want to put enchantment. Hence, this is a must item to do an enchantment.

Lapis Lazuli

4. Bookshelf

Placing bookshelves around the enchantment table provides better chances of getting higher-level enchantments. For example, if you surround it with two bookshelves then the maximum level you can get is 11 (Bottom slot). But if you surround it with 15 bookshelves then, the maximum level you can get becomes 30 (Bottom slot).

Bookshelf respiration minecraft

Steps to do enchantment to improve Respiration Minecraft (Helmet) –

1. Open crafting menu –

Firstly, you need to craft an enchantment table to proceed further.

Crafting table

2. Add items to crafting menu –

Secondly, in the crafting menu shown below, add items to make an enchantment table. As a rule, you need 4 obsidian, 2 diamonds, and 1 book to craft it. Hence, it’s very important to follow the item’s order as shown below.

Crafting enchantment respiration minecraft

After placing items into proper order, the enchanting table should appear on the right side of the crafting menu. So then, your enchanting table is ready and you are halfway through.

3. Now drag enchanting table

Now drag the enchanting table onto your inventory.

Using crafting menu

4. Now place enchanting table

Place the enchanting table on ground so that you can start with the enchantment process.

Placing enchanting table

5. Open enchanting table menu

Now open the enchanting menu using LMB and put the helmet and Lapis Lazuli in a given slot. Accordingly, you will get all the enchantments on the right side.

Using enchanting table respiration minecraft

That’s it, using these steps you can apply respiration Minecraft enchantments to helmets.

What is the maximum level of respiration Minecraft?

The maximum level of respiration you can reach without commands is III. In this level III respiration Minecraft, you are granted the following buffs –

Increased Respiration Time –

In level III respiration, the underwater breathing time is increased by +45 seconds. By default, you can breathe up to 15 seconds without taking damage. So, this buff provides you with a total of 60 seconds of underwater breathing time without taking damage.

Increased chance to not take damage –

By default, the player has 10 health bars that mean 20 health points. Having this level III respiration Minecraft, blesses you with a 75% chance to not take damage. Hence, your effective health will be around 80 points! (Can vary on circumstances)

Improved vision –

Earlier, Level III respiration Minecraft is used to grants a brighter vision. This was also a reason why it was a very useful enchantment. Now devs have patched this and removed the increased vision buff on this enchantment.

Are there any more ways to increase respiration time in Minecraft?

With the use of breathing potions, you can stay inside water for more than 3 minutes. You can also make an extended breathing potion that lasts for 8 minutes. This is much useful when exploring underwater wrecks or hidden caves for rare materials.

What are the required ingredients for breathing potions?

1. Brewing Stand

A brewing stand is used to brew potions. In the meantime, it can be made easily using 1 blaze rod + 3 cobblestone blocks shown below.

Brewing stand

2. Nether Wart

The Nether Wart can be found growing near stairwells in small soul sand gardens. Above all, it can be mined instantly with any tool. 

Nether Wart

3. Pufferfish

Pufferfish are mobs found in the ocean. You can easily catch them using a fishing rod. Remember not to eat them, they give poison as well as hunger. Only use them to craft.


4. Water Bottle

A water bottle is one of the most used items to store liquids or potions. First, you need to make Glass Bottle for it. To make Glass Bottle use glass on three sides of the crafting menu. Then, you can easily make a water bottle by holding a glass bottle and filling it with some water.

Water bottle

5. Redstone Dust

Redstone is a pretty common item to obtain in Minecraft. Furthermore, to convert the Potion of Water Breathing to the extended potion.

Redstone dust

6. Blaze powder

From a blaze rod, blaze powder can be obtained easily. Lastly, place the blaze rod as shown below to craft Blaze Powder.

Blaze powder

How to make breathing potions?

1. Open Brewing Stand menu

Open the brewing stand menu as shown below

Brewing stand to craft breathing potions

2. Use blaze powder

Now, place the blaze powder on the top left side of the menu. In the meantime, you can observe the bar getting filled.

3. Place the bottles

Next, place the water bottles in any of the bottom three slots.

Using brewing stand

4. Put Nether Wart

Place the Nether Wart from your inventory to the top of the brewing stand. Now you can observe the bubbles will start filling on the left side, indicating that it’s working. Soon, after Nether Wart gets disappeared, you’ll get an Awkward Potion.

Using brewing stand respiration minecraft

5. Add Pufferfish

Now add Pufferfish to the top of the brewing stand and wait for it to disappear. Soon, after disappearing you should get Potion of Water Breathing (3.00 minutes).

6. Add Redstone Dust

Three minutes potion is good, but you can make it up to eight minutes using Redstone Dust. Place the Potion of Water Breathing (3.00) at bottom of the brewing stand and add Redstone Dust on top of it. Wait for it to disappear. When it’s disappeared, your Potion (3.00) will get upgraded to 8.00. This is a very useful technique for respiration Minecraft.

Crafting breathing potion respiration minecraft

How to use breathing potions to increase respiration in Minecraft?

When underwater just press on potions to consume it. You’ll be able to breathe for 8 minutes. This is extremely important in underwater explorations. All of the Minecraft streamers and other speedrunners have this potion to conquer the sea in Minecraft.

More ways to breathe underwater?

Of course, there are more than enough tricks for respiration Minecraft. One more way to do it is, build underwater scaffolding. You can create underwater builds to create a breathing room underwater. The best way to build an underwater house is to be Glowstone, not only does it helps by creating a light but also it’s airtight.

What you do once you have these respiration enhancements?

The world of Minecraft is limitless in every sense. You can definitely explore some thrilling places once you’ve acquired the grasp on respiration. Some of the must-visit places are –

1. Ocean Monument

Ocean monuments are very large structures found in the deep sea. Its made up of Prismarine blocks, and it can be big as three times of temples found on land. Above all, there is a treasure room hidden inside the monument. Hence, it’s surrounded by Guardians.

Ocean monument

2. Build an underwater secret base

Everyone wants to have a secret base where you can do all of your strategic stuff. Finally, with respiration Minecraft enhancement and potion of water breathing, you can build a water base very easily.

Under water house in minecraft

Minecraft Respiration 3 vs Aqua Affinity

The main difference in both the enchantment is that Respiration increases the breathing time in the water, whereas, Aqua Affinity increases the mining speed in the water. Each of them has a different purpose and can be required on different spots. The power level of Respiration is 3 whereas for Auqa Affinity it’s 1.

The weight of both Respiration enchantment and Aqua enchantment is 2 and helps you in different ways. Moreover, Respiration decreases the drowning damage whereas Aqua Affinity doesn’t. So if you are planning to have an underwater journey, then Respiration 3 is a must-enchantment.

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To summarize, Minecraft is a very skillful game that requires intense farming and knowledge of different stuff. It’s very fascinating to explore new things in Minecraft, especially chanting and crafting things. There are endless possibilities to mix different things and craft a mysterious item. Together with the respiration in Minecraft and using potions we can easily explore the whole new world. Let us know what do you think in the comments.

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