New Pending Sales Roblox Updated Guide and FAQs

pending sales roblox update

Roblox is a huge platform when it comes to publishing and managing games. Whenever a platform becomes too big, it often becomes a den of scammers. With the monetary system of Robux in Roblox, scammers tend to scam other good players on the server and then sell their accounts to earn real money. This problem is not only in Roblox, but also in any other gaming platforms like Steam, Epic Games, and Garena. Most importantly, not falling into such traps is essential to ensure you don’t lose any Robux.

Pending Sales Roblox is an adjustment added by the Game Relations Team to keep the Roblox safe and secure. In September 2018, the team released a patch in the platform, stating that every transaction in Roblox will settle in three-day periods. This will help to avoid scams and keep your Robux safe. Earlier, the trading system or buy/sell system used to work instantly. This created a huge flaw in the system where some fraud players used to sell user-generated items for insanely high prices.

To avoid such scams Pending Sales Roblox was introduced. This restricted fraud users from selling the user-generated items instantly.

What is Pending Sales Roblox?

Pending Sales Roblox

Earlier in Roblox, many players used to create user-generated items and used to sell it in Library. But as Roblox grew bigger, the scammers soon exploited this system, and they started scamming the players with fake items. Roblox started receiving many complaints from the users regarding the same. To counter this, Roblox added a Pending Sales Roblox cooldown of 3 days while selling the item in Library. What it means is, if you sell any item on Library, it gets completed after 3 days (72 hours). Robux is credited only after 3 days are complete.

This regulated the scams but made the life of genuine sellers worse. Now, the sellers have to wait for 72 hours before receiving this money. Even more, from 27 October 2020, this cooldown will be increased from 3 days to 7 days. Posted on Roblox dev forum, the Relations Teams disclosed these incoming changes to Pending Sales Roblox.

Moreover, Roblox RAP Checker also allows you to check the recent prices of items in the Library. If the price of the item becomes lower than it should be, you can cancel your pending sale to avoid losses.

Adjustments to Pending Sales Roblox on October 27

On 23 October 2020, Roblox’s Developer Relations posted a thread regarding upcoming Pending Sales Roblox changes. This thread disclosed that from 27 October 2020, the three-day cooldown will be increased to a seven-day cooldown. Many players have frustrated with this decision of Roblox since players were already tired from the three-day cooldown. Despite taking a 30% commission from sellers’ sales, Roblox made these harsh changes to the seller. To avoid any further suspicious activity in Roblox and protect the Robux of other players, they started these new adjustments.

Roblox pending sales update seven days

As Steam introduced a trading cooldown in the market, it ruined all the trading and buying and selling stuff on steam. The same goes for Roblox. Now the confirmed sales will reduce due to this update. Seven days are too long of a time to wait for your item to receive.

How does Pending Sales Roblox work?

Pending Sales affects both the sellers and buyers in different ways. The seven-day cooldown is made to ensure that everything remains safe and secure.


You can sell shirts, pants, Game Passes, Developer Products, or User-generated items in Roblox. All of these items are imposed on a Pending Sales of seven days. Now, the seller has to wait for seven days before earning any Robux. In these seven days, you can cancel your transaction or wait for it to get completed. After 168 hours, it will get automatically finished, and you will receive your Robux.


In Roblox, you can buy almost everything with Robux. Robux is a currency used in Roblox to make transactions. After buying any item, you can have to wait for seven days before actually receiving it. During this period, you can cancel your transaction or wait to get it complete. This feature allows you to avoid buying any suspicious items.

Affected Items From Pending Sales Roblox Update

This update applies to almost every item in Roblox. Following are the list of items affected by this update –

Shirts and Pants

Shirts and Pant are the items created by the users from Roblox Studios. These items are listed as free or paid on the catalog page. With being paid, if you complete selling your item, you need to wait for at least three days before receiving your Robux.

Game Passes

game passes Roblox

Many game developers have introduced a system of game passes in their games. These passes include some special pers and abilities in games. These passes can give you a super strength to other special items. In breaking point game, the game passes give you a neon glowing skin and knife to use in-game.

Developer Products

Developer products are items that players can buy more than once. Many developers make a developer product as their currency system. This currency system is then used to open up some cases and buy some abilities.

User-Generated Items

Roblox Library

User-generated items are unique in Roblox because there is no limit to the price of the item. It’s like the auction of painting where the seller can put up a ridiculous prices for some items. These items also impose Pending Sales Roblox regulations to ensure that there is no buyer loss.


Is there any way to bypass Pending Sales In Roblox?

No, there is no way to skip the Pending Sales while selling items on Roblox. You have to wait compulsorily before receiving your Robux in your account.

Why do Relation Teams have added Pending Sales?

Developers have added pending sale to protect your Robux and to avoid buying any fraudulent item in Roblox. Roblox is very strict about banning and reducing the number of scams operating in Roblox. They have introduced this system.

What is the new Pending Sales Roblox time in 2020?

The new cooldown time can be between three days to seven days, depending on the seller’s trust factor. Big sellers will not have issues as they can be authorized easily. But this will affect the new sellers because they will have to wait a maximum time of seven days before the transaction can settle.

Final Words

Roblox is a huge game with millions of active players playing at a time. This insane number brings in insane money into the system. To protect the players’ money in Roblox, they are forced to introduce some harsh systems like Pending Sales. This system puts a delay in buying and selling items that both buyer and seller can then review any time to cancel the transaction. Slowly, Roblox is also moving towards Steam’s actions, and we might receive another harsh update anytime soon in the next year.

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