Oofer Gang Roblox ID Codes [2022]

Oofer Gang Roblox ID Codes

Roblox is a big platform whose motto lies in that “The Imagination Platform” can be used by any developer to create smooth games. With thousands of games, Roblox provides all players an opportunity to enjoy every game genre in one place. Also, there are certain features like text chat, private servers, avatar customization, Boombox interaction, and many other things.

Oofer Gang Roblox ID Codes are the audio codes of the popular song by AyeYahZee. This song has more than 17 million views on youtube, and all the players playing the game loves to listen to it. Among thousands of Roblox Music Videos on YouTube, this song has a special identity due to its Oof sound. OOF sound refers to the death sound in Roblox and is very famous in the community.

What is OOFer Gang Roblox ID?

Roblox players and music editors love to create songs by adding OOF music to them. This OOF music is official Roblox’s death sound and is claimed to be owned by Tallarico. Due to these disputes, the OOF sound is expected to get removed in 2021, which is a big surprise for all the Roblox players. This iconic sound created a major impact on players playing the game. Similarly, OOFer Gang Roblox ID corresponds to ID Codes of audio files on Roblox Library.

OOFer Gang Roblox ID

In 2020, Tallarico filed an official complaint against Roblox for copyright infringement of the OOF music. This created a big noise in the community because the OOF sound lies at all players’ hearts. Keeping this in mind, Tallarico has given a period of 1 year for Roblox to decide what to do with it and eventually remove it.

OOFer Gang Roblox ID Codes –

There are only 10 versions of OOFer Gang available in the Library. I’ve added all of them according to their popularity.

Oofer Gang from Lil Pump

  • 1327560343
  • 1542690546
  • 1325149363
  • 1372603697

Oofer Gang is a fantastic song available in the world of the internet. The video is available, and the users can enjoy the song on YouTube. The song is by the famous artist AyeZahZee, and it is a Roblox Music video. The song is released on 11 February 2018, and the popularity of this video is increasing day by day. Slowly it will create a record on the internet.

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OOFer Gang

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OOFer Gang Roblox ID

How to use OOFer Gang Roblox ID Codes?

Using OOFer Gang ID Codes is similar to that of any other codes on Roblox. To start with, you have to purchase Boombox to play it. If you already have the Boombox, then you can skip it. Now open up your game and click on Boombox from your inventory. Now copy ID Code from above (1327560343) and paste it in the window. Press Play to start playing the song.

Final Words

Roblox has added thousands of features to the platform, but Boombox deserves a special mention due to its ability to play the song in your game. The sound source can be heard by you as well as players besides it. This creates a good, chill atmosphere in the game, and all the players love to use it. All these features ensure the engagement of players as well as increase the fun. OOFer Gang Roblox ID Codes can be used to play the song in it. All these ID Codes will be updated if any of them will stop working.

Happy Gaming!

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