All About Nine Pillars of Peace Genshin Impact You Need To Know

Nine Pillars of Peace Genshin Impact

Creating our own successful moments is something extraordinary that everyone would cherish for a lifetime. It is similar when it comes to the field of entertainment. Action role-playing games like Genshin Impact grab the attention and love of the users at present. They are limitlessly adored by the kids, who naturally expect the total vibes to be filled with colors and adventures. Yes, we had arrived at the era where unimaginable things would happen.

Nine Pillars of Peace Genshin Impact is a world quest that is started in Cuijue Slope, Liyue. You are instructed to collect nine Stone Remembrance to fight a dungeon, and there is an opportunity to win many rewards. Moreover, you will receive an achievement of Scourge of the Battlefield.

What Are The Nine Pillars Of Peace Genshin Impact?

It is considered as the world quest that is started in Liyue Harbor. The nine pillars of peace Genshin Impact are as follows,

  • Greed
  • Nostalgia
  • Vision
  • Jealousy
  • Anger
  • Lust
  • Self-aggrandizement
  • Competition
  • Turmoil

These nine pillars of peace Genshin Impact are mighty, and it helps heal the world that prevents the player from getting hurt. The fire that is present in these nine pillars will never fade away. Through this, the player tries to bring peace to the world and end the evil powers.

In the world of Genshin Impact, there are unknown and mystical activities and puzzles to be sorted out everywhere. The glowing nine pillars can be found out with a door, and a tombstone will be seen in the center. The player should interact with the tombstone if he wishes to unlock the quest.

Genshin Impact surprises you every day with a new discovery. The nine pillars of peace in Genshin Impact are neon orange in color. Interacting with the tablet will give you ideas on how to complete the quest.

If you open the nine pillars of peace Genshin Impact, you can get the treasures found within. Of Course, it demands some time to finish this quest.

Try hard to break the mystery and be ready for your quest!

Where Is Nine Pillars Of Peace Quest Located?

Nine Pillars of Peace Location
Nine Pillars of Peace Location

If the player wishes to complete this quest, first, they must be aware of where it is from or when it is located. As informed earlier, a player can find the nine pillars of peace Genshin Impact in Cuijue Slope located in Liyue. It is in this location where a player can find out the highest peak.

Then, the players must dig to obtain the hidden quest. The description of Genshin Impact says that in the highest peak of Cuijue Slope, a player can find out the route to the buried treasure.

Step By Step Guide To Complete Nine Pillars Of Peace

Nine Pillars of Peace Genshin Impact Guide
Nine Pillars of Peace Genshin Impact Guide

Soon after reaching the Cuijue Slope, the players will find a Stone Tablet over the barren plains in Genshin Impact. The players doubt whether these nine pillars would hold any mystery within them. To solve the puzzle of those nine pillars of peace Genshin Impact, a player should follow these steps.

  1. To activate the quest, first, the players should interact with the Stone Tablet located in the center of the slope in Liyue.
  2. Let’s start to collect all the Stones of Remembrance.
  3. You can collect the stones by offering them to the statues of The Seven in Liyue. A player needs 9 ords to unlock the pillar, so 130 Geoculous in total.
  4. The next step is to increase the Geo Statues Level to 10. And for that, the player should collect all the Geoculus.
  5. You will see the nine pillars of peace Genshin Impact, climb on each pillar, and insert the stones you collected. The collected stones will be topaz-colored orbs.
  6. Be cautious because you will fall each time whenever you insert a stone in the Stone Pillar.
  7. Never fail to be aware of your enemies. Sometimes some enemies can hide under the pillar to attack you and waits for your fall.
  8. After completing all these steps, enter the ruined door.
  9. Here is where the players should express their fighting skills because here they will get into a battle with Ruin Guard followed by Geovishap Hatchlings and the Ruin Hunter.
  10. After successfully defeating all the enemies, the players go in search of chests. They have to loot a luxurious chest, a precious chest, and a Royal Flora. Royal Flora is a luxurious 5-Star Artifact.

What Rewards Do You Get From Nine Pillars Of Peace?

Nine Pillars of Peace Genshin Impact Rewards
Nine Pillars of Peace Genshin Impact Rewards

A player who reaches to next level should get rewards, right?

When a player finishes the nine pillars of peace Genshin Impact, they are rewarded, which could help them in a great way. They get 450 AR EXP (Adventure EXP) used to raise the player’s rank. This is added in this game to see about Adventure’s Experience. Nine pillars don’t stop you with that; it gives 180,000 Mora.

Mora is the main currency unit that is used in this game. With these Mora, a player can get various items and upgrades. It got its name after the Geo Archon, Morax. Only through this a player can get or make different types of weapons.

Getting the nine pillars will reward you with 1 Noblesse Oblige. It can only be obtained from Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern. It is considered the Royal Flora, which has a majestic look.

The next delicious reward that you get is the Adeptus Temptation. You’ll get five in total. It is a food item that the player can use to cook. It does not affect other players. The recipe needed to make this delicious food is 4 Ham, 3 Crab, 3 Shrimp Meat, and 3 Matsutake.

How Do You Open The Nine Pillars In Genshin Impact?

Reaching the end of nine pillars of peace Genshin Impact alone doesn’t matter; it becomes necessary to unlock every pillar. To open nine pillars, you should collect nine Stone of Remembrance.

After getting the stones, be ready to climb up the pillar and place it. Inserting one stone on each pillar is a must. Only then the nine pillars will be opened. After completing the ninth one, the ruined doors will be opened, and you can enter.

Who Should I Give The Dull Ring In Genshin Impact?

Selling the Dull Ring is unavoidable but to whom should it be sold matters a lot. You have 2 potential buyers to whom you can sell. One is, to Linlang and the other is, to Bolai.

A player can get 200,000 Mora by selling the Dull Ring to Linglang. She can be found at her shop named Xigu Antiques. You can even meet her at night from 22.30-5.59.

Selling the Dull Ring to Bolai gives 180,000 Mora and 5X Adeptus Temptations. He can be found at the Wanyou Boutique. But you need to collect Ham, Crab, Shrimp Meat, and Matsutake before you can cook Adeptus Temptations. Statistics say that many players would plan to sell the Dull ring to Bolai.

Both the exchanges are equally rewarding. You can opt for either of them depending on you need Mora or Adeptus Temptations.


Following are the FAQs for Nine Pillars of Peace –

Should I Sell The Dull Ring?

After unlocking the nine pillars of peace Genshin Impact, you will enter through the ruin door. Inside that room, you will find 1 Luxurious Chest, 1 Precious Chest, and 1 Royal Flora. You will have a dull ring with you. Make sure that you sell it. The players will get it along with the chests. Only if you sell it you will be able to complete the nine pillars of peace Genshin Impact.

Can You Do Nine Pillars Of Peace In Co-op Mode?

Yes! You can do nine pillars of peace while exploring the ruin thingy in Co-op. However, you shouldn’t leave your Co-op buddies to come late. If they died and if spawn returns to the statue of seven, the fight will restart from the beginning.

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