Every Stunning Detail About Minecraft Magma Block

minecraft magma block

There are hundreds of different block types in Minecraft. As in real life, there are thousands of materials and each block has different uses. Similarly in Minecraft, each block has different functionality. Everyone in Minecraft is scared of Lava, and its surrounding blocks. Many streamers have lost their speed runs by falling into these Lava blocks.

Minecraft Magma Block is a block found in the Nether World and the Overworld. It generates at the bottom of ocean ravines and in underwater caverns. It also generates a part of ruined portals, bastion remnants, underwater ruins delta, and basalt delta. These locations are the only natural generation of magma blocks. Other than these locations, they appear in mineral veins as chunks.

What is Minecraft Magma Block?

minecraft magma block

Minecraft Magma Block is one of its lava variants. You must have experienced taking damage by just stepping on these blocks. These blocks give insane damage to make your adventure into a failed death. These blocks are useful as well as dangerous at the same time.

Minecraft Magma Block Uses

Despite fire damage, magma block can be used in many ways to your advantage. Players in Minecraft have used Magma Block in many mysterious ways to destroy their enemies.

1. Use Damage To Your Advantage

Magma blocks deal damage to every living organism standing on top of it. This even works underwater. This can be used strategically to protect your home base. Any mob/enemy standing on it will receive an insane amount of damage. Magma block deals 1 Point of damage every tick, That means, it does a whole of 20 damage every second (Minecraft’s servers tick rate is 20 ticks per second).

magma block burns

You can use these blocks to destroy mobs instantly but beware of self-damage by these blocks. If you have 10 Health Bars (default), it’ll take 0.5 seconds to die by standing in Magma Block.

2. Whirlpool’s Breath & Elevator

Minecraft Magma Blocks generate a giant whirlpool bubble column if the water is present above the magma blocks. This is generally seen from magma blocks in Underwater Ruins. You can use this whirlpool to restore your oxygen level. During underwater expeditions, these whirlpools are very much useful to survive.

minecraft magma block whirlpool

You can also use this whirlpool concept to create an interesting bubble elevator in Minecraft. Isn’t it awesome? There is a complete guide below on how to make an elevator using magma blocks.

3. Light

Minecraft Magma Blocks emit light of level 3. Although this level is deficient compared to other light-emitting blocks, it can still be used.

4. Anti-Spider

Magma Block prevents the spider from climbing on them. It’s good to make walls out of Magma Blocks if you have spiders.

Note – Cave Spiders are an exception to this. They can climb on magma blocks.

5. Unlimited Fire

If you’re able to lit magma block’s top with fire, you can have infinitely burning fire. This is an excellent way to create campfire sites that have an infinite fire.

How To Make A Magma Block In Minecraft

Apart from the natural occurrence of magma blocks, they can be crafted as well. To craft the magma block, you only need magma cream.

Ingredient To Craft Magma Block – Magma Cream

Magma cream is an item that is crafted using Blazing Powder and Slimeball. Blazing Powder is an easily obtainable item, whereas Slimeball is another commonly available item from Slimes.

Minecraft Magma Block Recipe –

magma block recipe

To craft magma block, place the four magma cream in the bottom left part of the crafting menu. This will craft a magma block on the right side of the crafting menu. Now drag the magma block into your inventory.

How To Make Magma Block Elevator?

magma block elevator
Elevator Credits – YoshiHack56

Minecraft Magma Block Elevator is one of the great things which the community discovered. Magma Block creates a whirlpool on placing water above it; we’ll build an elevator using this concept.

1. Make Skeleton

elevator base

Use Polished Andesite to build a skeleton, as shown above.

2. Using Oak Signs

oak signs

Using oak signs will stop the water from flowing out. Place two Andesite blocks in the front of one side and then place Oak Signs on them.

3. Increase the height of the elevator & add one block covering


Now, use Andesite to cover the elevator’s front side and extend the elevator’s height.

4. Make A Platform

elevator platform

Now make a platform on the top side.

5. Water Column

water column

Fill the inside of the elevator column with water.

6. Use Kelp

using kelp minecraft

Now fill the water column with kelp. This will be useful to create a water flow that will eventually develop bubbles inside water.

7. Soul Sand

soul sand minecraft

Now place Soul Sand at the bottom of the water column. Soul Sand will create an upwards flow of water bubbles. Now one part of the elevator is finished. Now we need to take another elevator, which will have bubbles flow downwards.

8. Magma Block Elevator

magma block elevator

Now create another set of the elevator by repeating all steps. Just place the Magma Block at the bottom of one elevator. Magma Block will make a downwards flow of bubbles, and we’ll be able to use the elevator. Please remember to press shift when coming down from magma elevator, or else you’ll take damage from Magma Block.

To summerize

Minecraft Magma Blocks are extremely useful in creating air shafts and many more things the same as a double-edged sword. But using the above methods and techniques, you can use magma blocks to your benefits. We made sure to cover the maximum as possible in this chapter of Magma Blocks. Which one of the uses of Magma Blocks like you the most?

minecraft magma block conclusion

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