Use League of Legends Name Checker To Find Awesome Usernames

League Of Legends Name Checker

The League of Legends (also highlighted as LoL) is one of today’s most trending games. LoL game presents a multiplayer online battle arena interface to serve the gamers with an edge of gaming experience. The game was developed and managed by Riot Games and is launched on Windows and Mac OS. Since its release on October 27, 2009, the game presents a freemium model. The game pushed the export scene to heights of popularity.

League of Legends Name Checker is a tool that allows the new player to check if a particular username is available. This tool is beneficial in finding rare and unique usernames. Riot Games have a large player base, making it very common for another player to take your dream username. In such cases, the name checker makes a detailed list of all available usernames.

Curious about what is League of Legends Name Checker is and how to use it? We will make it clear.

Scroll down to get the complete information about League of Legends Name Checker –

What is League of Legends Name Checker?

League of Legends Gameplay

League of Legends presents a fascinating multiplayer battle arena gameplay, where the players can the characters possessing unique abilities.

The players are often confused trying various in-game names to stop find the ideal match, but it’s a hectic task that spoils their gaming experience. The League of Legends provides a feature for the player’s convenience to grab the perfect in-game name in the form of an LoL name checker.

LoL name checker presents a database full of the in-game name and a list of upcoming names analyzing the previous searches. LoL name checker presents the best mechanism to grab the perfect League of Legends summoner names.

How to Use League of Legends Name Checker?

League of Legends Name Checker Interface
Name Checker Website

The players can access the name checker websites like to verify whether their desired summoner name is available or not.

The step by step process to use a Name checker are as follows –

  • Open any of the name checker websites such as
  • Now, look for the search bar to find the ideal summoner name.
  • Enter your desired summoner name in this blank search bar and presses the search button.
  • The name checker will verify whether the name you entered matches with existing profile names or not. If it can’t find a result, it checks the match history.
  • Now, the website will analyze and calculate when the Summoner name will be available.

Why do players use a League of Legends Name checker?

Using League of Legends Name Checker
Using League of Legends Name Checker

The League of Legends Name Checker is a carefully designed mechanism that allows players to grab the ideal summoner name they desire. The League of Legends presents a feature for the players to grab the outstanding in-game name through of LoL name checker.

League of Legends name checker offers a database check of in-game characters and a list of upcoming names analyzing the previous searches, which presents the availability reports of Summoner names.

In the growing popularity of the League of Legends, with a rapid increase in the players enjoying the game. The gamers often struggle to get hold of the perfect in-game summoner name for themselves and thus have to undergo a long process of checking each name, whether valid or not. Here, the LoL name checkers dives in as the savior of their time and energy.

As it presents an interface where they can type their desired name and check its availability, the name checker performs specific procedures to deliver the results portraying the summoner names’ availability.

List of League of Legends Name ideas

Here we present you some League of Legends name ideas ––

  • Automatically Locked On
  • Brilliant Maneuvers Brigade
  • The Demacia Terrors
  • Battle of Abilities
  • Serving Harrowing’s Will
  • Under A.I. Control
  • Towards the Enemy Nexus
  • ISwearSheWasLvL18
  • Potential to Damage
  • The Enemy Dominators
  • Ornn, Sylas, & Ivern
  • Skillful Outplay Squad
  • The Flash Forces
  • Miley Dryus
  • Fizz Khalifa
  • All According to Plan
  • Inherent Damage Output
  • Classic Fiddlesticks Crew
  • Busta Ryze
  • 1 800 AFK FARM
  • The Ultimate Crowstorms
  • Bruce Vayne
  • Carry Potter
  • Crowd Control Catalysts
  • Fog of War Forces
  • Skillful Outplay Squad
  • The Flash Forces
  • Ornn, Sylas, & Ivern
  • Need for an Ambush
  • Classic Fiddlesticks Crew
  • The Enemy Dominators

How to change the League of Legends Name?

Riot Games Login
Riot Games Login

The players often wonder about changing their League of Legends username.

No worries. We are here to highlight the steps to change your LoL username –

  • Head over to the Riot games website and login into your League of Legends account.
  • Now, visit the in-game store and look for the Account option.
  • You must now buy the Summoner Name Change Service, worth 1,300 RP or 13,900 Blue Essence, to change your nickname.

But the players must be aware of some of the conditions before changing their in-game names –

  • The name you select can’t contain the word “Riot” in it.
  • It should not comprise personal data.
  • It should be smaller than 16 characters but should be longer than three characters.
  • You can’t name an account using a professional Esports player’s name.


Here are some of the FAQs regarding Name Checker –

How do you check if a name is taken in League of Legends?

You need to check your name on name checker service providers like

Is my Summoner name taken?

Summoner name availability can be checked by entering your name in Name Checker websites.

How long can a league name be?

The maximum length of the league name is restricted to 16 characters. Also, avoid using Riot in the username.

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Final Words

The League of Legends presents a new world of possibilities for gamers. It is one of the crucial games of the world Esports scene. The game has established itself as a source of entertainment and thrill and as a part of the gamer’s life.

Now, you have the complete details of using the name checker and changing your in-game name. So, dive in to experience the thrill of League of Legends.

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