Isabelle Animal Crossing Complete Character Guide

Isabelle Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is one of the famous social stimulation online video game series that the gaming community loves. It is developed and managed by Nintendo. The series introduces a bunch of characters living in a village peacefully.

Isabelle Animal Crossing is one of those characters that the players can find in the village of Animal Crossing, involved in various activities like swimming, fish catching, running, reading in books, etc. If you develop a good relationship with these characters, they will help you surpass the game’s difficulty levels.

Isabelle Animal Crossing – Bio

Isabelle Animal Crossing Bio

Animal Crossing portrays different animal characters living in a village. Isabelle is one such dog character first introduced in the New Leaf Series of Animal Crossing game. She is popularly known as Shizue. The young cute dog, Isabelle, plays the role of a secretary or assistant of the new Mayor of the Town. She is highlighted as the older twin of Digby in the game. Soon after this character was introduced, Isabelle received love from and gamers and was one of the most prominent Animal Crossing characters.

  • Name – Isabelle
  • Gender – Female
  • Species – Dog
  • Birthday – 20th December
  • Horoscope – Sagittarius
  • Catchphrase – Unknown
  • Goal/Dream Job – To become a Pastry Chef.
  • Coffee – Mocha, Three spoolfuls of sugar, Lots of milk
  • Favorite Song – K.K. Marathon

Isabelle Animal Crossing – Appearance

Isabelle Animal Crossing Appearance

Isabelle Animal Crossing is introduced as a nearsighted yellow-colored dog, identical to a Shih Tzu. Here her defines her identity, looking like a bell, portraying “is a bell.” She is a packet of joy and happiness, with rosy cheeks and white spots around her tail and mouth.

In Happy Home Designer, when her home is under renovation, she wears casual dresses. The players can find her wearing a pink or white blouse, light blue colored jeans, with black glasses.

Isabelle Animal Crossing Appearance

In New Horizon, the developers have provided Isabelle with a pinch of fashion and style. She is well dressed in a rosy-colored Hawaiian-style shirt complimented with white-colored leaf patterns, a white skirt, and brown slip-on shoes. Her look is enhanced with her jingling bell hairline. In the winters’ intense cold, she grabs her brown sweater, beautifully designed with two white flowers and a black skirt.

In New Leaf, her character is sketched with a checkered green jacket with a short white blouse with a navy colored skirt and a pretty red tie. During the days of winter, she grabs a cardigan and a dark skirt. Here look is intensified with a bell hair tie jingling all time.

Isabelle Animal Crossing – Personality

Isabelle Animal Crossing Personality

Isabelle is a well-disciplined dog with all of the traits of politeness, hardworking nature, friendly attitude. She is anxious to build a friendly relationship with the players and assist them in accomplishing various tasks. She is out on a mission to make the town a better place to live in. So, she tries to achieve her goals with the players’ help by means of Public Work Projects throughout the town. She is an influential character in Animal Crossing. They know every minute details of the village and can manipulate the villagers to prohibit undesirable behaviors, which disturb a healthy environment in the village. 

Isabelle Animal Crossing – House 

Isabelle Animal Crossing plays the role of the player’s secretary and assists them in fulfilling mayoral responsibilities. Therefore, she spends most of her time in the town hall, and she is one of the essential characters waiting at the plaza during an event. Being an employee at Town Hall, Isabelle provides Public Facility Projects to the players. She works with the player to avail them of the required items, and she can also scan her amiibo card to get a house for her.

Isabelle Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp avails a space full of fun and action to the in-game characters. The pocket camp avails an open free-to-play animal stimulation game within the Animal Crossing game introduced by Nintendo, available on IOS and Android devices. It was first introduced in Australia in October 2017 and was then launched around the globe. 

In Pocket Camp, Isabelle plays the role of assistant manager of the players, advising him to bring the most out of the pocket camp. She also opens the book of various goals within the Market place with suggestions to accomplish them for the players. The players can summon Isabelle to their pocket camp by crafting special Isabelle’s slideshow items.

Isabelle Animal Crossing – Amiibo Card

Isabelle Animal Crossing Amiibo Card

Amiibo Cards reflects the cards used for collector trading, which offers amiibo functions, coming right from Nintendo’s buckets.

Nintendo introduced five different Series of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards in 2020. It offered the cards worldwide, showing the main 4 cards with 100 characters each, comprising 83 casual villagers and 17 unique characters. These cards can be implemented to add bonuses to your bag. These amiibo cards are easily compatible with all the four versions of Animal Crossing released to date.

Isabelle posses 4 amiibo card.

  • Card No.- 001
  • Type– Dog
  • Star Sign– Sagittarius
  • Birthday– 20th December
  • Request– I’ll leave it up to you!
  • Roll Value– 1
  • Hard Sign– Scissors

Isabelle Animal Crossing – Gifts

The friendly nature of Isabelle attracts the player to develop a relationship. And when you are a friend to would wish to gift Isabelle some items. Due to her shy nature, she may not accept your gift, but you can present her with the most desirable items.

Other Characters

Agent S

Final Words

Animal Crossing is one of the exciting games that drive the audience crazy. With the blend of various characters, it took the socio-stimulator genre games to the next level.

So why are you waiting? Now you have every minute of information about Isabelle. So, dive into the game to meet her and explore the town of Animal Crossing. 

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