Is Pokemon Unite Free?

Is Pokemon Unite Free

Pokémon UNITE is a famous strategic build team battle game. And it is developed in a joint venture of The Pokémon Company and Tencent Game TiMi Studios. Basically, this game is a cross-platform game for the players using the Nintendo Switch platform and Mobile devices. Also, remember a critical point this game is free to start play.

Many players are still wondering that is pokemon unite free or paid? It’s a free game currently released on Nintendo Store. The game is entirely free to play. Moreover, the game features intense microtransactions in game where you can spend money to obtain more pokemon.

In this game, you will complete and fight against your enemies in a team of 5-Vs-5 battles. While performing these battels, you will cooperate and work with your fellow team members to catch some fantastic Wild Pokémon. It will help you level up, and they will evolve their own Pokémon and help you defeat the opponents. As Pokémon tries to earn more points than the challenging team within the allotted time frame.

In the Pokémon UNITE team, you see a new type of Pokémon battle-one. But remember, it will require heavy hard work and teamwork, and you have to think and develop multiple strategies. Though you don’t have to worry, it is simple, and yet it consists of some complexities awaiting you, which have to be unlocked while playing the game.

So, if we want to discuss in simple words, Pokémon UNITE was released on 21 July 2021 on the Nintendo Switch Platform. And according to the planning on other platforms, the release is scheduled for September 2021. The genre of this game is Strategic Team Battle, and you can play this game is available on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices

The Pokémon MOBA

The world of Pokémon UNITE is a new MOBA set available for you in the world of Pokémon. This fantastic game is being developed by the team of TiMi Studios. The same team previously had the responsibility to establish Arena of Valor, a Pokémon UNITE game. This team has taken the development responsibility of all renowned MOBA games, for example, League of Legends and SMITE. It has provided a new height to the game and is welcoming the newcomers. It simply means that the Pokémon fans or players or the new players who haven’t heard anything of MOBA can enroll themselves and join in the fun and start playing with the previous players in no time.

So sometimes you might be thinking how can you enroll yourself and enjoy. The Answer is that you will never find a Pokémon UNITE game available near your local store or even on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Best Buy, or Flipkart. And it is because you can only play Pokémon UNITE on the Nintendo Platform. You can find this game freely available on the e-shop of Nintendo and play it. And the main benefit is that you do not even have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

Freemium – Is Pokemon Unite Free?

Pokemon Unite on Nintendo Switch

Pokémon UNITE game is a freely available game available at Nintendo Switch. It means that you do not have to pay anything for paying this game. You have to just move towards the Nintendo e-shop and get this game.

Because of any reason if you are not familiar with free-to-play games, don’t worry. You can enjoy playing Pokémon UNITE when it is entirely available and can even freely unlock the free rewards for the total time you spend enjoying the game. Basically, the Pokémon UNITE game is wholly based on Micro-Transactions and also consists of battle pass.

This pass will provide you with tremendous rewards, which include ample cosmetics and currencies. After receiving these rewards, it will help you leveling up or developing your character in the game.

While sometimes, you might mock at the idea of paying some amount of money in a free game. But Pokémon Unite is a featured game with cross-progression. The cosmetics which you purchase in any one version will transfer you to the other version. But remember, it is only possible as long as they are linked with the same account. However, if you fare against spending the money, you can search for one of the best multiplayer games on the Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon UNITE Depends too much on the Pay to Win System

Although Pokémon UNITE is a free-to-play game that consists of a Micro Transactions feature. It is typically similar to many games, but unfortunately, it can quickly lose its appeal if monetization is not balanced. While in the Pokémon UNITE game, the purchases options available for you inside the game are not more shocking than other games. But, spending some amount of real money will surely provide you with some advantages in the game.  

Micro-Transactions on Pokemon Unite

And for instance, you can try and spend some amount on purchasing the Enhancers. It will help you in upgrading the already held materials and will also grant you with stat boosts. The boosts will be like increasing the damage, increase in attack, and increased defense. In the game, enhancers will also help you improvise each held item’s effectiveness, and it can swing the course of the match it is optimized. Sometimes, you can upgrade and enhance the help of the items in the game by earning currency. But if you are among the players willing to spend their real-life money, they can skip this challenging work process.

Some players have already reached level 30 of the game. They have got here successfully because they have to spend some 100 dollars (Real-life currency). We consider it completely unfair, and we view it along with some combinations. The renowned Twitter User named @Kobazco mentioned a statement in his tweet that “It makes ranked super hard to climb sometimes.” While this problem could have been faced in a variety of methods.

One of the possible and including methods is by reducing the required grin. It will help you assemble the Pokémon game currency when you are playing this game. But, Pokémon UNITE never highlights the pay-to-win method compared to other free-to-play games in the market. But there is a surprising twist on the game’s highlighting. The system will already feel the essentiality or its necessary factor in the gameplay.

At some moment, as a part of the survey, you will be asked by the Pokémon UNITE’s team that whether the game “Over Emphasizes” on spending the money is successful. And according to the survey, many players have replied to this question with a Yes Answer.

Final Words

Thus, in this article, we realized that mainly Pokémon Unite is described as a free-to-start game. Because the other MOBA titles and beyond are heavily monetized. While the Pokémon Unite Battle Pass will authorize you to collect some additional items while enjoying them, it is highly recommended to purchase. You can also buy The Premium in-game currency, which will be helpful for you in unlocking some new and unique playable Pokémon in the game. Or it will help you in held items along with customization options in the gameplay.

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