How to Open the Locked Door of Fort Quito in Far Cry 6

How to Open the Locked Door of Fort Quito in Far Cry 6

How to open the Locked Door in Fort Quito you ask? Fret not, we have all the answers you need. This locked door contains the Yaran Contraband Chest that will provide you with a strong early-game weapon called The Autocrat.

To open the locked door in Fort Quito you will have to swim and climb a bit. Opening the locked door won’t take much work or your time.

But the Autocrat will only be yours if you overcome all the hurdles on your way. Read on to find out how to open the locked door in Fort Quito in Far Cry 6!

How to Open the Locked Door in Fort Quito

For starters you would have to find your way through the underground tunnel located on the North side of the fort.

Fort Quito Walkthrough 1

Then you would have to swim through a dark dingy cave that will lead you to the basement area of the fort.

Now you will need to climb up the ladder and walk towards the storage area. You will spot a door.

Once you have found the door you will see that there are no keys around to help unlock it and there no padlocks to be shot either.

Fort Quito Walkthrough 2

Although you will be able to find a Fort Quito key during the Du or Die mission, it will not work on this door. The key found in Du or Die can be used on a different door with depleted Uranium required to complete the mission.

Fort Quito Walkthrough 3

Now to gain access through the door you would have to move to the right side of the storage area.

Fort Quito Walkthrough 4

On the right side you will spot a wooden panel that you can either shoot or blow up into pieces. If you want to give it a shot with your machete, go ahead.

Fort Quito Walkthrough 5

Enter the wooden panel by destroying the wooden panel. After you are done destroying the wooden panel you will be able to enter the storage area and get yourself a the Unique WeaponAutocrat.

Fort Quito is a part of the Du or Die mission. The Du or Die mission will require you to get depleted Uranium to build a Supremo. Players will be able to obtain the Autocrat after completing the main objective.

The Autocrat

The Autocrat is a great improvement over the base PMM pistol. It is a rank 2 pistol with 500 Rate of Fire and 8 Magazine. The Armor Piercing Rounds mod of Autocrat is described as “round that holds straight lines.” It helps penetrate helmets and body armor.

The Trigger Discipline mod will help you provide better-aimed weapon damage while the Gut Wrencher mod, like the name suggests will help with an improved body shot damage. The only drawback of the Autocrat is that you will not be able to change its mod loadout (like all other Unique Weapons).

The Autocrat has a lot of damage and range is good for wreaking havoc in the lives of your enemies. When used wisely the Autocrat will help you triumph over your enemies.

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