Top 20 Ghost of Tsushima Tips To Become Best Samurai

Ghost of Tsushima Tips

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-packed game that was released in 2020 by Sony Entertainment. The game features tons of quests, abilities, stances, and bosses. With such action packed in one game, the players started grinding the game and also speedrunning it.

Ghost of Tsushima Tips will help you to understand the most important skills in the game. Moreover, you can get additional information on the stances, abilities, loots, and other in-game items. Dos and Don’t are the important factor in the game to level up faster in the game.

Why do we need Ghost of Tsushima Tips?

While the player is enjoying the game, they are suggested to follow and develop with useful tricks. These tricks will help the players to enjoy the game and make the gameplay a bit easier. In this game, the player should use the Ghost of Tsushima tips to free up the island occupies by the Mongol hordes in the gameplay.

20 Ghost of Tsushima Tips

Here are the best 20 tips shared by the experts –

Hold Block while learning Parry Timings

Ghost of Tsushima Blocks

Parrying is done at the entire game point. It will allow the player to deflect with the incoming swords also strikes to open up an enemies’ defenses. If the player has perfect timing, it will shock the opponents or kill the opponent player with a single kill. If the player slows down the timings while getting down, they shall do a little practice, though, and it may take up a very long time for the player to learn. There are unique rhythms for new or some unique enemies. This Ghost of Tsushima Tip will definitely help you to understand the timings of blocks.

Complete the first couple of Story Missions Straight Away

In the gameplay, it is very tempting for a player to rush off into Tsushima’s big open-world quickly as the player gets into the game. A couple of vital things a player must do in the game are locked behind the first two missions and completed after completing them successfully. It is Namely a bow and the player’s enemy-detecting listening sense. This Ghost of Tsushima Tip is essential to understand the importance of starting missions.

The player will lack to get a ranged attack option in the game, or we can say the ability to locate the enemies out of sight, which makes taking on any camps or tricky bases. So, the player must strictly clear the first two missions before trying any hero stuff in the game.

Take out the Archers in the Fight First

In this game, the essential battles are involved based on balancing multiple threats from all angles. The Archers will apply extra tricky things, such as firing the arrows from the periphery or providing the player with a type of additional factor that has to be worried about as the player will deal with parries, the stances, and the positioning. This Ghost of Tsushima Tip will help you to win fights which you can lose because of annoying archers.

The player can dodge with the arrows only if they listen out for the shouts and further unlock the ability to block arrows, but it can be made life easier by killing all the bowmen first. And if a player can reach them. Some of the bigger fights will get the player dealing with six or seven enemies very quickly, and sometimes maybe more easily. It is effortless for the player to miss the arrow warnings in every chaos. Prioritizing archers will level the playing field a little in favor of the player while playing the game.

Use Combat Stances to your Advantage

The usage of stances is a primary part of combat in Tsushima. Thus, a player should get into the habit of using as well as switching between them quickly. The main benefit is using each stance’s heavy attack to break down the enemy guard swordsmen, the shield-men, spearmen, and brutes. Every Ghost of Tsushima Tip revolves around the usage of abilities correctly at the perfect time.

Using the right option, one can see the player in the gameplay and destroy an opponent’s block quickly in two or three blows. And if using the wrong one will make the player hacking away for little gain. The player will also get a bit slow as they switch, and one can use it to clasp the stock of fight and decide the next move.

Make use of Kunai Throwing Knives to regain Control Links

While moving further and enjoying the gameplay, the player will unlock Kunai’s early game steps. These little throwable spikes are handy in a fight. If a player has equipped them, they can throw at the nearest enemy by tapping R1. It will surely not kill the enemy unless they have low health. This Ghost of Tsushima Tip allows you to gain the control links in the game. Otherwise, they will always have to stagger anyone as they hit and break their guard. This thing makes for a player instrumental in a crowd control option, as they can wipe out some space and open up with the enemies to an easy kill.

Check bodies for Ammo and Supplies

As we progress towards the Tsushima gameplay, the player will receive a wealth of consumables and ammo types, which will add on the – arrows, throwing knives, bombs, and many others. All the defeated enemies will offer the player something that they can collect, and thus the player should remember to look for dead bodies after the end of the fight. This Ghost of Tsushima Tip applies to every other game which has a looting mechanism.

The player can easily keep stock of weapons and buy most of their requirements on various bases and camps. But it is not helpful in the middle of an enemy outpost or a multistep mission. It is straightforward to forget to look around when the player follows an ally or the story mission. So, one should avoid rushing off without a quick look around. Otherwise, they will soon find themselves running low on vitally useful options.

Take Stealth Kills to charge the Ghost Meter

Ghost of Tsushima Stealth Kills

In the game’s initial phases, the player is a noble samurai who faces the opponents head-on, and it is where the standoffs come in. They will let the player challenge enemies one-on-one. The quickest sword will surely win battles. They amazingly look cool when they pull them off, but remember to blow all pretense of stealth by announcing to everyone in earshot. Many Ghost of Tsushima Tips revolves around filling this Ghost Meter.

Further, the player will see a Ghost meter that can charge up and unleash one-hit kills that shall terrorize the enemy into submission. It will be charged by stacking kills without damage, though, but it is almost impossible in open combat. Once the player can use stealth kills and charge this power-up, then they unleash it for its effect.

Try to avoid Hammering Dodge

In the game, there is a convenient dodge button for the player in Ghost of Tsushima. It will help sidestep an attack by a single press and roll out of danger by the double-tap. The game is straightforward for the player to get carried away and can hammer it in the middle of a heated battle, but sometimes rolling can also leave the plays far away later to hit back.

It may be useful in large crowded fights to escape mobs or focus on a particular enemy. But generally, a player has to try and stick to dodging as that will leave the player in the sword range and ready to strike back. This Ghost of Tsushima Tip will help you understand the power of Hammering Dodge.

Practice the Sound for Un-Blockable Attacks

In the game, most attacks can be parries or just can be blocked, and there are some times that a player cannot deflect. It is indicated with a red color glow appearing as the time when they start. And when it happens, there is only one solution, and it is dodging or rolling. Sounds are an important part of the Ghost of Tsushima Tips.

It is worth noting that the noise that vanishes with the red indicator starts playing a split second before the appearance. So, if a player learns and reacts to that instead of the visual prompt, they will indeed receive an actual warning.

Look at the Towns and Hubs for Unlocking New Missions

In this game, there are a variety of Tales. These side missions help the player unlock resources, XP, outfits, and many more beneficial resources for them in the gameplay. They will also find some as they start exploring, and a lot of kore things are discovered in towns and hubs.

But these things will indeed not always appear unless a player will get close to it. Occasionally, it can be hidden in buildings or, because of the game’s nonlinear nature, might unlock in an area you haven’t returned. So, don’t forget to drop in and say hi to anyone with something to say. This Ghost of Tsushima Tip will not only help you to gain new missions, but you can also explore new areas.

Change or Swap the Armor whenever Required

In the gameplay, there are many different types and styles of armors in Tsushima, which has various benefits in the categories such as boosting health, damage, stealth, archery, and many more. If the player wishes to swap the armor, they can pause the game between and at any time required because each armor provides the option with specific benefits. This Ghost of Tsushima Tip focuses on managing your Armor in the game.

Sell Unrequired Resources for getting more Supplies

Supplies play a role in money in Tsushima. These small pieces of stuff are what a player trades with merchants for getting a weapon and with armor upgrades, so it is suggested to the player always try to grab them anytime they find them. The player can discover supplies all over the world from bases and also into the villages to bodies. This Ghost of Tsushima Tip will save you a lot of time gathering resources and also keep your inventory clean.

The player shall also usually find more in the primary missions of the gameplay. But even if a player does not miss a thing, they will have difficulty having enough for more and with few newer upgrades at a point in time. So, the player has to sell the resources which they don’t require in the gameplay.

Search for the Ishikawa, the archer’s missions for receiving Flaming Arrows

The player will get plenty of side missions linked to characters that do not go beyond XP and resources. When a player receives Ishikawa the archer during the Tim, it is worth getting to at least the fifth mission as they will unlock flaming arrows. Flaming arrows will help you to understand why Ghost of Tsushima Tip revolves around utilities.

These arrows help to set enemies alight, obviously, but secondly, they will also ignite the white-topped pampas grass in the game world. It means that one is a well-targeted shot and has an opportunity to devastate multiple enemies and can leave little resistance for close and personal attack.

Don’t Upgrade Everything

Ghost of Tsushima Weapons Upgrades

Ghost of Tsushima has a ton has a lot of upgradeable weapons and armor too. But the players, look for f supplies, and looking for the ingredients is very difficult. Purchasing resources from the sources in the game is a difficult job. It’s very important Ghost of Tsushima Tip to learn what are you upgrading.

It is probably said that it is good to focus on just three or four armor sets, at least at the game’s start. It will help the player develop the game style; upgrading is necessary Traveler’s Clothes and one melee armor set. But keep in Mind further a player will get many more things, and they should carry them according to the requirement not to have everything unnecessarily.

Parry Whenever Possible

In the game, the enemies can down Jin easily in just three or four hits. Thus, the player has to avoid damage as much as possible. In the game, the player will carry out two options, such as partying and dodging. Both of these skills are upgradeable. However, if possible, parrying is the solution.

The reason is that parrying refills the Resolve and can even restore health and frighten off close enemies depending on one’s upgrades. If an enemy’s attack glows blue, its meaning is that it is ripping for parrying and if it is orange in color. Otherwise, the player has the solution to dodge.

Make use of Exploration Powers

Ghost of Tsushima has various powers in the game, such as parrying, dodging, stances, and Ghost abilities, and upgrading the Ghost of Tsushima. In this situation, a player may wonder why to spend hard-earned upgrade points on five unassuming powers displayed on the first page skills.

These are famously known as exploration powers, and they can lead the players towards the hot springs, fox dens, Shinto shrines, and many more. When the players use them, it can be a bit unwieldy. Each one will suggest the right direction for an upgrade. These mainly come in handy if a player builds up their skills or equipment before a hard story mission.

Explore in the Traveler’s Attire

In the game, a player will find various Traveller’s attire. However, the first set that it will find out is one of the best. And if we compare it to armor sets that reduce the damage or grants special abilities. In the initial phase, a player must try to increase the map’s amount to explore by 10% and vibrate the controller in proximity with optional collectibles.

However, a player can upgrade this outfit to reveal up to 30% more of the map, and it is a huge deal, as they should explore manually and find optional content. It’s very important Ghost of Tsushima Tip to look after every item you can.

Liberate the towns to Reveal the Map

The game is designed with a big map and short of riding around aimlessly. It is tough enough for the player to figure out where the next optional objective is located. But luckily, there’s one way to reveal big swaths of the map: liberating occupied towns and forts. The player exploring Tsushima will discover camps, crossroads, and cities under Mongol control.

By defeating the Mongols, one can help Japanese townspeople resettle with their territory. And after liberating a town, it will break out with a massive chunk of the map surrounding it and almost showing a player with two or three optional objectives which are never seen before. This Ghost of Tsushima Tip explains why you should look for explore maps.

Switch Up with the Stance

Jin starts the game carrying only one sword fighting stance. He will eventually unlock four different ones: Stone, Water, Wind, and Moon. First, the Stone counters swordsmen, second the Water counters enemies with shields, third the Wind counters spearmen, and finally the fourth Moon will counter “brutes.”

A player can switch stances almost in seconds, and time will slow down they do so. The player will be able to exchange their perspective in seconds, and it is suggested to do so as often as possible. Managing the stances is one of the great Ghost of Tsushima Tip.

Ghost Weapons make Brutal Battles Easier

Ghost of Tsushima Ghost Weapons

even the best combatant will get them outmatched. The player should Remember that they can utilize their Ghost tools in battle, and they can change the tide dramatically. Carrying bombs and firecrackers to a swordfight may seem dishonorable, but if a plant wants the purity of a samurai swordfight, they can seek out the optional Duels in Act II.

Rescue Bystanders along the Road

Ghost of Tsushima is entirely different from other open-world games in one significant aspect. There are no towers available in this game that reveal all the optional objectives in a particular area. If a player wishes to find the dozens of hidden side activities, they need to explore the map by themselves. There is a help section available in the game, though, if a player is willing to stop and fight along with the gameplay.

As we explore Tsushima’s roads, they will often meet the Mongol warbands that have seized the Japanese villagers. The player has to rescue the villagers, and they will guide the player about an occupied camp or hidden, hot spring located nearby. They will also mark it up on the map. Mongol warbands are also filled with valuable supplies, so it’s worth it for a player to stop and investigate. Rescuing Bystanders in good Ghost of Tsushima Tip to receive special items in the game.

What is the easiest way to win Ghost of Tsushima?

We suggest the players master the combat to win this game easily. It is necessary to learn this skill and defeat all the types of enemies, including brutes, sword fights, and lance fighters. Thus, with this skill, the player has a chance to win Ghost of Tsushima a but easily.

Is it hard to win Ghost of Tsushima?

The Ghost of Tsushima, or shortly Ghost of Tsushima, provides a combat system, and it is further improvised with haptic feedback from the Dual-Shock controllers. In this game, there is a wide variety of combat options available in Ghost of Tsushima. And thus, it makes the combat rules a bit harder for all the players.


All the Ghost of Tsushima Tips are tested by the experts and are worth knowing. With better abilities usage and improved game knowledge, you can definitely play the game with ease.

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