Ghost of Tsushima Masks With Locations

Ghost of Tsushima Masks

This article is based on the famous game known as Ghost of Tsushima. In the following article, we will provide information about the masks available in the game. These masks’ hidden locations and the benefits that a player will be rewarded after collecting these masks.

Ghost of Tsushima Masks is the part of cosmetic items which allows the players to hide his face. With different masks located throughout the game, it’s quite difficult to find all of them.

The samurai theme inspires the Ghost of Tsushima, and Sucker Punch develops it. The game allows the player with a fantastic experience of Samurai. The Ghost of Tsushima has also provided a vast amount of cosmetics to customize the protagonist Jin in the gameplay.

What is Ghost of Tsushima Masks?

In Ghost of Tsushima (GoT), the mask is a piece of armor that Jin Sakai acquires for protecting him and his face. The central concept of wearing a mask is that it will hide or protect his identity and create fear among the enemies. There are various masks that a player can acquire in this game which will all provide them with defensive properties and also with multiple perks.

Ghost of Tsushima Skeletal Vengeance Mask

It is also a part of cosmetic equipment that will give a makeover to Jin’s appearance when a mask has been worn. The player can find the Ghost of Tsushima Masks in the settlements purchased from Merchants or obtained to the player as a reward, or a player can craft the mask with some Resources.

List of all Ghost of Tsushima Masks and their Locations

List of Ghost of Tsushima Masks

In the next section of this article, we will look towards the list of all the masks and their location that a player can find in the game.

  • Ghost Mask – It is the first mask on the list, and the player has to complete the main quest from the Darkness in Toyotama.
  • Glowering Warrior – The player has an opportunity to collect this ha from the gift altar at Izuhara.
  • Sakai Half Mask – This Ghost of Tsushima Mask is available for the player by Upgrading the Sakai armor.
  • Sakai Mask – The player can also collect this mask by upgrading the Sakai armor in the gameplay.
  • Adachi Half Mask – The player’s game will successfully finish Masako’s last side quest; they can acquire this hat.
  • Guardian’s Scowl – This is hatA gift from the altar, which is in Kamiagata.
  • Skeletal Vengeance – The player can find this mask towards the northeastern Kamiagata, located in the stone cutters’ village southwest of Izumi Village. It is the largest building, on the table having an orange cloth and with two wooden figurines.
  • Avenging Lord – This is the Gift from altar reward in Izuhara.
  • Purity of War – The player has to Complete with the Undying Flame mythic tale to get this mask.
  • Wolf of Tsushima  To receive this cap, the player must complete with all the 49 fox dens.
  • Nasu Baba’s Wrath – The following cap is Reward from gift altar.
  • Sacred Mountain Messenger – The player has finished all 16 bamboo strikes.
  • Gosaku’s Visage – The player has to Upgrade Gosaku’s armor for collecting this mask.
  • Shattered Mask of Tomoe – To collect this mask, a player must complete Ishikawa’s final tale. This Ghost of Tsushima Mask is extremely good-looking and has unique effects.
  • Conqueror’s Mask – The player should complete the side quest of Fit for The Khan.
  • Snows of Kamiagata – This Ghost of Tsushima Mask is a Reward from the gift altar for the player.
  • Brutal Bandit – It is collected by a player from the gift altar.
  • Haunted Dreams – The player can obtain this cap from the altar gift.
  • Samurai Clan Mask – The player should upgrade the character to Samurai’s armor for getting this mask.
  • Kijin’s Blood – It is also received as a Gift altar reward.
  • Seiryuu’s Glare – This mask is Found by the player in northwestern Kamiagata, inside a factory building located at Sago Mill. It is on a rope next to the lamp hanging with support from a wooden beam.

Now we will proceed towards another branch, and that is the Advantages that a player will be rewarded after the collection of masks.

Advantages of Having Ghost of Tsushima Masks

Ghost of Tsushima Mask Advantages

In Ghost of Tsushima (GOT) and this game, the masks play a vital role for the players. It helps the player to keep their face protected from the enemies. It also strikes the fear among all the enemies in the game. Thus, this is the significant advantage that a player receives after collecting masks in the gameplay.

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Final Words

Finally, we have come to the end of today’s article. In this journey, we saw about the GOT and covered all the masks’ locations and the advantages of the masks in the gameplay. So, Players Happy Gaming.

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