Genshin Impact vs BOTW – The Battle Of Two Best RPG Games

Genshin Impact vs BOTW

The love of cross-platform gaming provided by Genshin Impact has received an overwhelming response from the player worldwide because it can log in the same game progress to a PC, Android, iOS, and Windows. It is an open-world game that supports Anime characters, but there was already a similar game existing since March 3, 2017, named The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The two open-world adventurous games Genshin Impact vs BOTW, are conflicting with the players’ minds worldwide that which one to consider. The player who was already playing BOTW will find it tough to switch to Genshin Impact. But the new players are actively playing and interested in the Genshin Impact due to its availability on all major platforms and soothing graphics.

Genshin Impact vs BOTW – Which Is The Best?

Genshin Impact vs BOTW are both adventurous games but with supports different storylines. BOTW features a modern emperor theme, whereas Genshin Impact is based on a fantasy world theme. These two games are less similar than to be more different. The story of these games is different, but making progress in BOTW will be easy compared to Genshin Impact.

What is Breath of the Wild?

Breath of the Wild Gameplay

BOTW is an adventure-action game developed by Nintendo and was available from 3rd March, 2017. This game can only be played on the Nintendo Switch, and the full name of this game is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. BOTW is based on a modern emperor theme in which the player fights to conquer Hyrule’s map.

What is Geshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Gameplay

Genshin Impact is the online Adventure game developed by miHoYo; this game features various Anime characters to make the game attractive and fun while exploring nature.

Genshin Impact is also an open-world game where players need to explore the fields grasped under nature’s command, including mountains, plants, and sky. This game features performing combats on the enemies while performing various tasks on the field and safeguard the kingdoms situated in the middle of the fields. Apart from fighting enemies, there are multiple things to do that keep the player indulging in exploring what’s upcoming.

You can check the game requirements for Genshin Impact here.

What is common between them?

Though two different developers develop the Genshin Impact vs BOTW, we can still figure out many similarities between the two.

Similarities between Genshin Impact vs BOTW are as follows –

  1. An Open-world game where a player can freely move around the play area.
  2. Variety of characters to choose from the list.
  3. Customizable characters to best suit your fit.
  4. It can be played on Handheld devices.
  5. The game is saved instantly, which avoids the loss of game progress.

List of main differences between them

In the battle of Genshin Impact vs BOTW, both the games have several differences in their gameplay. There are few small differences between the two games-:

  1. Genshin Impact is available on all the devices, whereas the BOTW can only be played on the Nintendo Switch.
  2. Genshin Impact features Anime Characters, and BOTW features 2D ancient alike characters.
  3. GI supports switching graphics quality; BOTW does not support changing the graphic quality.
  4. The storyline of GI is long as compared to BOTW.
  5. BOTW lacks a variety of enemies, and Genshin Impact has many different types of enemies to fight.

Pros and Cons

Here are the few Pros and Cons of both the games, which will clarify the drawbacks and the good things you will face while experiencing the game.

Breath of the Wild

BOTW Gameplay 2

Pros of BOTW are as follows-:

  1. It is a True Open World game where you can do anything.
  2. The game mechanics are impactful, like – wind bombs, water, fire, chopping trees, and many other similar things.
  3. Dynamic Weather is lovely to provide a real adventure feeling.
  4. The Outfits and Weapon designs are crafted in detail. Moreover, there are several abilities in the game that help you in fighting.
  5. Loot never lets a player run out of in-game currencies.

Cons of BOTW are as follows-:

  1. It lacks fighting with a variety of enemies. 90% of the enemies we fight are the Bokoblins Moblins, and Lizalfos.
  2. The Inventory system lacks the dropping of unnecessary items.
  3. The more you play the game, the easier it gets.
  4. You can only play it on Nintendo Switch.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Gameplay 2

Pros of Genshin Impact are as follows:

  1. It can be accessed from any device-supports – Android, iOS, Windows, PS4, Xbox.
  2. Peaceful background music.
  3. Interactive map with various small tasks.
  4. It does not allow random players in the field without inviting.
  5. The map is based on Natural design with mountains, lakes, trees, and grass.

Cons of Genshin Impact are as follows:

  1. The game works badly on mobile. You may require high-end phones to play the game.
  2. Leveling up the characters and Adventure Rank is very hard.
  3. The long storyline may get you bored while playing the game for long.

Final Words

The two games are fantastic to play, but the storyline differs from each other. BOTW is easy to play, and Genshin Impact is tougher than BOTW. The battle of Genshin Impact vs BOTW is dependent upon your choice as both the games are delightful.

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5 months ago

botw is better

Pratik Kinage
5 months ago
Reply to  haken

Yes for many players BOTW feels better than Genshin. Personally, I like both the games.

1 month ago

Botw is superior, just say it

Pratik Kinage
1 month ago
Reply to  bruh

Yeah that might be it 😛