Genshin Impact Amber – Everything You Need To Know About The Best Knight

Genshin Impact Amber

“A perky, straightforward girl, who is also the only Outrider of the Knights of Favonius. Her amazing mastery of the glider has made her a three-time winner of the Gliding Championship in Mondstadt. As a rising star within the Knights of Favonius, Amber is always ready for any challenging tasks.”

-Description from the official game site.

Genshin Impact Amber: Appearance

Genshin Impact Amber Appearance
Amber Appearance

Genshin Impact Amber’s first noticeable feature is her bright, flashing smile. She dresses up in a red and burnt brown jumper that goes along well with her fair skin and curvy build. Amber has dark-chocolate colored hair, and they flow freely, almost like a metaphor to her free-spirit.

Amber has several accessories that she wears: on her waist, you can see her wearing a leather belt with two small bags at each corner. Amber’s hands are seen to be covered with crimson gloves that go well with her jumper-like outfit. She has brown goggles that sometimes rest on her head. Genshin Impact Amber wears a cute, red bow on her head.

Genshin Impact Amber: Personality

Genshin Impact Amber is the first Outrider of the Knights of Favonius. When we can see Outriders becoming antiquated, Amber continues to carry out her duties and various responsibilities, continuing the age-old legacy. She is very warm and welcoming, and a newcomer doesn’t need more than a couple of days to feel comfortable with her.

Be it the “Good Hunter’s Signboard,” “the banks of Cider Lake,” or the treetops at “Windrise,” traces of Amber’s presence are found to be everywhere. Once she spots anyone worth her suspicion, an elaborate interrogation is sure to be followed.

Amber is passionate about her work and believes in fulfilling her duty as a knight. She is seen to have a strong will and compassionate nature. This gives evidence of Genshin Impact Amber’s dutiful and alert personality. She is a true asset to the team with a vigilant eye, aware mind, and a warm heart!

Character Bio

Genshin Impact Amber is a female knight with the Bow” as her weapon. Her “vision” or element” is the “Fire” (Pyro). Her constellation is the “Lepus,” which means “Rabbit” in Latin. Amber is known to originate from “Mondstadt,” and her birthday is on the 10th of August. The circle that she belongs to is called the “Knights of Favonius” and is entitled “Outrider”.

Genshin Impact Amber Playing
Amber Playing

There are three voice actors for the Genshin Impact Amber character. Iwami Manaka records the Japanese voice-over, the Chinese voice-over is done by Nuinai Jun, and there is also an English voice-over recorded, but the artist is yet unannounced.

Genshin Impact Amber: Character Stories

Character Story: 1

The most massive loss Amber had to face in her early childhood was the death of her grandpa. Her grandpa was very dear to her, and his loss made Amber go through a great deal of trauma. Since her grandfather was her master and mentor, she had no one now to guide her and teach her the way of the world.

When the clan’s senior knights discovered the death of Amber’s grandpa, they made it a point to be there for her. They took special care of her and nurtured her as their own. They taught her battle skills and other ways of life.

Amber Appearance

However, Amber being her ambitious self, thought that being taken care of meant she was not enough for herself. In a vicious engagement with their enemies, the senior knights saw Amber fighting with every ounce of courage inside her, amazing everyone with the skills she had.

Since then, Genshin Impact Amber made it her life motto to become the best Outrider there has ever been. No matter how increasingly she has progressed, she keeps herself modest and carries on with her duties. Her belief that she will never disappoint her grandpa is what drives her strongly.

Character Story: 2

With all the difficult days her childhood had shown her, Amber was prepared to face everything that came in her way. Genshin Impact Amber carries with her the teachings of grandpa as she proudly spreads her Wind Glider’s wings and keeps an eye over the City of Freedom. Once caught suspicious by her, you cannot escape an interrogation. The best Outrider is famous throughout the Mondstadt region. It is always delightful for the people to see this “Crimson Knight” and feel safe to be guarded by her.

Amber’s self-reliance is remarkably firm, which is one of the main reasons for the people of Mondstadt to sleep peacefully.

Genshin Impact Amber: Attack Info

Genshin Impact Amber Playing 2

Normal Attack

Genshin Impact Amber can shoot up to 5 consecutive bows.

Charged Attack

Amber can manage an accurate shot with increased damage: a fully flamed arrow will cause Pyro damage.

Plunging Attack

Genshin Impact Amber can shoot an arrow mid-air before landing that causes AoE damage after impact.

Explosive Puppet (Elemental Skill)

Summons a Baron Bunny which engages with the enemies. After expiring, the bunny explodes dealing AoE Pyro Damage to enemies. Also, it generates 4 elemental particles after hitting 1 enemy.

Fiery Rain (Elemental Burst)

Starts a rain of arrows which causes massive AoE Pyro damage. This ability calls rain on a huge circle.

Every Arrow Finds Its Target

This ability increases the damage of Elemental Burst by 10% and enlarges the AoE circle by 30%.

Precise Shot

Aimed shots deal 15% increased damage after using this ability. This effect lasts for 10 seconds.

Gliding Champion

Decreases the stamina consumption by 20%. This status applies to all of the party members.

Genshin Impact Amber: Constellations

Constellation is a set of buffs that you can get by leveling up your character. These constellations are meant to provide a bonus on your attacks and defense.

One Arrow to Rule Them AllFires an additional extra arrow after using an aimed arrow. This additional arrow deals 20% of the normal arrow’s damage. Moreover, the second arrow is aimed at 10 degrees vertically of the actual aim.
Bunny TriggeredAfter unlocking this constellation, you can manually trigger an explosion in a bunny. After firing the bunny’s foot, it detonates an explosion which deals 200% additional damage.
It Burns!The level of Fiery Rain is increased by 3. You can maximize the level up to 15 only.
It’s Not Just Any Doll…The cooldown of Explosive Puppet is reduced by 20%. Moreover, it adds additional charge on the ability.
It’s Baron Bunny!Explosive Puppet’s level is increased by 3. You can maximize the level up to 15 only.
WildfireUsing Fiery Rain increases the movement speed and attack damage b 15% for 10 seconds. This effect applies to all of the party members.

Genshin Impact Amber Builds

Builds are essential to make Amber perfect in the game. Certain builds are very much helpful against specific kinds of enemies. These builds can reduce the hard work to defeat the enemies.

Pyro Support Build

The build focuses on using Elemental Skills and Burst’s abilities to support the teammates. With the ability to crowd control, Amber can be used as a support for a team. Following is the set of weapons and artifacts in this build –

Weapons (Skyward Harp OR The Stringless) – Skywards Harp focuses on increasing the critical damage by 20/25/30/35/40%. All of these critical hits have a 60/70/80/90/100% chance of inducing an AoE attack. Whereas, The Stringless increases hte damage of Elemental Skill and Burst by 24/30/36/42/48%. Both of these weapons are viable options to create a Support build.

Artifacts (Noblesse Oblige OR Crimson Witch of Flames + Gladiator’s Finale) – These two options increase the elemental abilities damage and allow you to aid your teammates. Noblesse Oblige increases the Elemental Burst damage by 20% including your teammates for 12 seconds. Whereas, Crimson With of Flames increases the Pyro damage by 15%. Using it with Gladiator’s Finale increases your base damage by 18%. Both these artifacts help you to increase the amount of damage you deal.

Aimed Shot Build

This build focuses on using the constellation ability to fire an extra arrow. Although, this build is a little hard to play because you have to aim towards the enemy.

Weapons (Sharpshooter’s Oath OR Messenger) – Sharpshooter’s Oath increases the damage inflicted on weak spots by 24/30/36/42/48%. Whereas, Messenger deals 100/125/150/175/200% increased damage on the enemies as a critical attack. This effect only applies to weak spots and lasts for 10 seconds.

Artifact Sets (Wanderer’s Troupe) – Increases the Elemental Mastery by 80 points. In level 4, it increases the damage of the charged attack by 35%.

Final Words

To sum up, Amber is a compelling character in Genshin Impact. If you can use her properly, you can do some insane supports for your team. Moreover, Pyro, combined with the Hydro, can create a good elemental combination of Vaporize. Amber will surely amaze you with her great power.

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