Free Draw Roblox Is A Creative Game To Express Your Skills

Free Draw Roblox

Roblox is a platform where players create games for players. This unique concept attracted players from all over the world, and players started making some games. Some of the games like Prison Escape, Breaking Point, Meep City, or Adopt Me are unique and popular in the Roblox. The freedom to make any game of our choice makes what Roblox is today. With nearly 100 million users every month, this platform deserves to be on top.

Free Draw Roblox is a game in Roblox where players draw paintings or drawings on a large plain canvas. In this game, a large floor is spawned in which you have to draw a painting with other players. Many players tend to enjoy this game because this game has no try hard things and equally enjoyable. If you are playing with your friends, then this game is totally entertaining.

What exactly is Free Draw Roblox?

Free Draw Roblox

Free Draw Roblox is just like any other game created by the user named Reselim in March 2018. This game has a huge canvas on which the players draw drawings of their choice. This game was reworked to Free Draw Roblox 2 in 2018. Because of this rework, this game became a whole lot smoother, and the canvas has added options. Visited by over 37 Million users, this game is growing at a fast pace.

Games like drawing in Roblox create a whole different experience to paint especially if you use MS Paint to draw stuff. Kids absolutely love this game. I remember I used to draw paintings in the trash Paint software, but now with Roblox, it’s possible to draw and enjoy.

How do I play Free Draw Roblox?

To play Free Draw you need to follow some steps –

  1. Open on your computer and log in with your username and password.
  2. After logging in, head over to Free Draw 2’s game page.
  3. This will open up a game page. Now you have to press the green Play button to start playing the game.
  4. After entering the game, join any server you like and start drawing.

Furthermore, you can invite your Friends using the Servers tab from Roblox and host a custom lobby. This will create a new fresh lobby for the Free Draw 2 game.

What is the ID of Free Draw Roblox?

In Roblox, every game has attached with a specific numeric ID. This ID helps to identify the original game or can be used to locate certain games. The ID of the Free Draw Roblox game is 1547610457. You can use this ID to open the game page directly. If you don’t know how to use ID then –

  1. Login to Roblox in your browser.
  2. Go to the URL where 1547610457 is the ID of your game.
  3. Now press Enter and you can get to the game page using the ID of the game.

Free Draw Roblox Controls

Currently, there are 3 options while drawing the picture in the game. These tools assist you to complete your drawing in Roblox. Let’s break down these options –


With the Draw tool, you can draw anything you want. On the left side, there is a color palette. From this palette, you can choose any desired color you want to use. On the right side, there is a customization option. You can adjust the thickness and opacity from this panel.


With the Join tool, you can join any two points and create a polygon of the required shape. This tool is not used by players because the draw tool dominates the drawing methods.


With Eraser, you can remove any unwanted sketch from the current layer. Eraser only works on the layer which you are working on.

Arts in Free Draw Roblox Paintings

Roblox has great painters when it comes to this game. Free Draw Roblox Anime are the famous paintings in this game. Many youtube videos are teaching how to draw anime in Free Draw.


Free Draw Roblox drawing



Anime Girl 1


Crabby’s Drawing

Free Draw Anime Girl

Anime Guy 1

free draw drawing 4

Rules To Be Followed While Playing Free Draw Roblox

In every Roblox game, you have to follow certain rules to ensure you don’t get banned. These rules are regulatory guidelines that ensure the game smoothness. Following are the rules in Free Draw –

  1. You have to ensure that your painting complies with Roblox Terms and Conditions.
  2. It would help if you did not draw near other players without permission. If done, it will be considered griefing.
  3. You should not draw unnecessarily on the canvas. Spamming on canvas is restricted. (Scribbling)
  4. Speak with other players in a good manner. Toxicity is not accepted.

Commands in Free Draw Roblox

Commands are a useful way to do certain tasks easily. These commands provide certain features to avoid unnecessary hurdles while drawing.

Hide Player

To hide any player from the server, your can use the following command –

/hide [username]

By using this command, you can hide a specific player from the server. This is useful if someone’s annoying you on the server.

Unhide Player

You can unhide a hidden player by following command –

/unhide [username]

Votekick any player

Every game has that toxic player that just ruins the work of others. In such scenarios, you can use the vote kick feature to kick the player out and enjoy the game further.

/votekick [username]

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Final Words

Free Draw Roblox is a simple game with incredible opportunities. You can improve your creativity by using this game. Also, you can teach other players if they are willing to learn from your drawing. Many popular YouTubers have created a tutorial on drawing in Free Draw Roblox. Ultimately, this game can be referred to as an educational as well as an enjoyable game.

Happy Drawing!

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