Fortnite Roblox: A Native Battle Royale

Fortnite Roblox

Fortnite is an awesome battle royale game in which you have to win against 99 other players and claim the victory royale. This game has become very popular in the past 3-4 years. Many different game publishers started making battle royale modes for their games. This unique concept attracted all the gamers, and thus Fortnite became one of the top games.

But what if I say you can play Fortnite in Roblox? Yes, Fortnite in our own Roblox!

Fortnite Roblox is a copy of the popular game Fortnite in Roblox. This game has the same concept as that of the original game i.e survival. Over more than 6.2 million visits, this game has attracted many regular players from Roblox. But in Fortnite Roblox, only 30 players can play at a time.

fortnite roblox

Roblox is a platform where players create and play games. This freedom to make any games allow the budding developers to create a good game in Roblox. There is a group called Luuj Games in Roblox which had made this possible. This group has successfully published a Fortnite Roblox.

What exactly is Fortnite Roblox?

Fortnite Roblox is a game made in Roblox Studios by Luuj Games. This game has the same gameplay as that of the original Fortnite. Liked by over 5000 players, this game is pretty famous.

Fortnite is a battle royale game that becomes very famous in 2017-2018. This game witnessed immense growth and support from the players. Since then, there are many remakes of this game, especially in Roblox, because Roblox offers space for the users who create games. There are currently two games in Roblox that are similar to Fortnite –

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite battle royale

Fortnite Battle Royale came was created in September 2019 and has only been updated once. Probably the creator didn’t expect it would get this many views. Currently, it supports 30 players and can create private servers.

Island Royale

island royale roblox

Island Royale game was created in August 2018 and had been updating ever since. With excellent support from its developers, this game has over 350 million visits and is increasing rapidly. Favored by 1.3M users, this game can support up to 125 players at a time! This original Fortnite game only supports 100 players in a match, but this game supports 125. Isn’t it awesome?

There is an option to create private servers and play with your friends. Game badges also make this game more interesting.

How to play Fortnite Roblox?

Playing Fortnite in Roblox is very easy. It’s as easy as pressing Enter. If you already have Roblox installed, you have to press the play button on Fortnite’s catalog page.

Installing Fortnite in Roblox

These are the steps to get Fortnite in Roblox –

  1. Install Roblox. Detailed steps can be found here for every platform.
  2. Now open Roblox in your browser.
  3. Now search Fortnite in the games section.
  4. For Fortnite Battle royale – press here. For Island Royale – press here.
  5. Now press the Play button. Roblox will start the installation of Fornite.
  6. After installing the game, it will start automatically.

Playing Fortnite Roblox or Island Royale in Mobile

One of the great features Roblox offers is that you can play its games over mobile phones. This insane feature brings many friends together and plays accordingly. You can definitely play Battle Royale games in the mobile Roblox app.

fortnite roblox in mobile

First, you need to get the Roblox app from the play store. Then go to the catalog page of Fortnite as above-mentioned and press the Play button. Then the game will automatically be added to Roblox, and it’ll start as soon as it completes its setup.

Controls in Fortnite Roblox

The controls in Fortnite Roblox are the same as that of the original game.

WMove Forward
AStrafe on Left Side
SMove Backwards
DStrafe on Right side
LMBShoot with any equipped weapon
EUse any item
FBuild a ramp
GEdit a ramp
1Equip weapon from 1st slot
2Equip weapon from 2nd slot
3Equip weapon from 3rd slot
4Equip weapon from 4th slot
5Equip weapon from 5th slot

These are the controls that can be useful while playing Fortnite in Roblox.

How to invite players and play with them

The good thing about this game is you can play this game with your friends easily. You have to invite them, and you’re almost good to go. You can host a separate private server in-game. This server can be accessible to anyone in the server tab. This feature will allow you to have a match up with your friends.

Currently, there are not many players playing Fortnite Roblox. So if you want to play this game, make sure you have many friends with whom you can play this game.

Most of the players are playing Island Royale in Roblox. This game is similar to that of Fortnite and is been loved by the community.

How to build in Fortnite Roblox?

Building in Fortnite Roblox is the same as that of normal Fortnite. You can build a ramp, straight wall, or horizontal base in this game. Also, there is an option to edit your builds which is pretty good considering this is a copy of the original game.

build roblox fortnite

You can build using your build bind. The default build binds are generally F and B.

Weapons in Fortnite Roblox

There are many different weapons in Roblox. These include shotguns, SMGs, snipers, pickaxes, and rifles. Each of these guns has its further usage and adaptability.

Shotguns are generally used in the closed range. You can kill almost anyone in close range with two shots of shotguns.

SMGs are also influential in close range due to its high firing rate.

Snipers are useful for long-range battles. All snipers come with a scope that can be activated using RMB.

Rifles are the most optimum guns in Battle Royale games. They deal with decent damage in the long-range and can be useful in the close range too.

Codes in Fortnite Roblox

Just like any other game in Roblox, this game also has an option to redeem freebies using promo codes. These codes will give you skins or some outfits in the game. The list of some codes in Island Battle Royale or Fortnite Roblox –

  • c0de
  • newCODE

Expired Codes –

  • Y33HAW
  • 2020WOO
  • CMDS
  • OGOG
  • urmom
  • OBAH
  • MOO
  • EASTER19
  • 2HUNDO
  • waterMELON

Other Roblox Games

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Final Words

Roblox is a great platform to enjoy all types of games in one place. A perfect lightweight solution for all the gamers. Fortnite is pretty famous for its battle royale mode. Same way in Roblox, Island Royale is also very famous. The only difference between them is the SDKs used to build them. I hope you enjoyed the Island Royale as much as you fancy Fortnite Battle Royale.

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