Final Fantasy Explorers Classes Guide

Final Fantasy Explorers Classes

Final Fantasy Explorers is a renowned RPG-based action multiplayer game that you can enjoy with your friends. It is developed for Nintendo 3DS. The game team announced the game on 30 July, and finally, this game got launched for the players got restricted, and it got landed in North America and Europe in January 2016. On 26 January 2016, this game was launched for players of North America. Simultaneously, on 29 January 2016 Final Fantasy Explorers game launched for the players of Europe.

Final Fantasy Explorers Classes are different playstyles and character styles that you can use in the game. Each class has different Abilities and ways to unlock them. In this post, we’ll go through all the classes from the game.

Final Fantasy Explorers Game

Final Fantasy Explorers have launched several series, but undoubtedly it contains various elements of the same mainline games. And job class system is being one of them. Through the game, you will be able to access different 21 job classes, which are extremely difficult to unlock compared to others.

One of the successful and best decisions made by the Final Fantasy Explorers development team is the entirely interchangeable job classes. It can be changed with no reset statistics after changing between them. Thus, this factor makes it challenging to try different classes in many RPG-based games. So, you will be surely interested in trying and collecting them all at some point in the game.

The 21 Job Classes in the game consist of various methods to get unlocked. You can begin with the Freelancer Job, and later the majority of them will get opened by successfully completing the main quests in the game. You will see some other searches also, and they are more unique than it.

Final Fantasy Explorers Classes

Final Fantasy Explorers Monk

Below we have mentioned the table of each job class in the game, along with their abilities. The sequence starts with those unlocked in the main quests and joining directly after that.

Classes Unlocked InAbility
KnightYou have to complete the Tutorial Quests and get Knight.Along with a special attack, knights consist of several defensive capabilities.  
ThiefYou have to Complete an Aptitude Exam named Thief & Time Mage Quest for getting the Thief in the game.    Thief consists of extraordinary ability, and that can steal from enemies, which authorizes you to snatch numerous items.
Dark KnightIn the game, defeat 500 Monsters and contact Dark KnightDark Knight uses a more robust blade in the game, and it will cause a massive amount of damage. Thus, it makes Dark Knight a perfect and heavy-hitting attacker in the game.
Ranger Ranger will be available for you after completing the Tutorial Quests.  Ranger is very famous for performing their special long-distance physical attacks. They have a mountain of abilities that impose the status of disease on their opponents.
Bard Bard can be achieved by just completing Aptitude Exam: Ninja, Bard Quest.  Bard magnifies the companion’s abilities from the rear ranks by tuning into some unique and unforgettable songs. They make use of their instruments as weapons to attack.
Samurai You can get Samurai in the game by Forging 150 pieces of different equipment (15% of the total)  Samurai is said to be an all-range attacker, and in the game, Samurai Wield Katana consists of a fantastic high damage rate of result in the game.
Ninja You have to complete Aptitude Exam Ninja and Bard Quest to get Ninja.  In this game, Ninjas uses their massive number of upgraded combat skills, followed by high speed and high avoidance, to amazing the enemy.
Paladin Paladin, can be gained by Forging 100 pieces of different equipment (10% of total)  In the game, you may notice Paladins move slowly, but they are excellent in developing an unpassable barrier. They will design it with their physical followed by the magical attack and heavy amount of defensive damage.
Monk Successfully Complete the Tutorial Quests to get Monk in the game.Monks consist of having a low defense rate. They submerge their enemies with aggressive physical blasts.
DragoonYou can get the dragoon by completing the Aptitude Exam of Dragoon and Sage.Dragon is one of the greatest assets in the game and jumps, leaping high in the air before jumping down on enemies with fantastic speed.
SageYou have to Complete the Aptitude Exam of Dragoon and Sage in the game.  Sage is considered to have the fantastic and highest rate of magical attack.  It also has healing power, and they can use their focusing capability to develop their own skills.
MachinistYou can earn the 150,000 CP Achievement and get Machinist in the game.  Machinists use guns to perform log-range attacks, imposing the status effects on the enemy and enhancing their own combat attacks.
Red MageFor getting Red Mage, you have to Learn Curaga, Firaga, and GravigaIn the game, Red Mages are very skilled in Magic and swordsmanship. They make use of their unique Chainspell ability to build powerful combinations of spells.
AlchemistComplete Aptitude Exam of Geomancer, Alchemist Quest, and get the Alchemist.  Alchemists are very expertise when there is a topic of utilizing the attacks and mixing the attacks with alchemy. It will react to a variety of multiple situations.  
Beast Master For getting Beastmaster, you have to create 20 Monsters  Beast Master has a slow attack speed, and in the game, Beast Masters make use of their influential ace to perform a powerful punch.  
Freelancer Freelancer gets Unlocked at the beginning.  In the game, remember Freelancers are not specifically gifted in one location or field. But they consist of great freedom in abilities along with gears which they can equip in the game.  
GeomancerFor getting Geomancer, you have first to Complete the Aptitude Exam, which consists of Geomancer, Alchemist Quest.Geomancer has a unique ability, and it is known as The Rune Strike. But there is one negative point that it takes time to get charged. After getting set, it raised the magic power along with every hit.  
Time MageYou have to Complete the Aptitude Exam named Thief & Time Mage Quest.  Time Mages assists their comrades with an excess of time and manipulation spells like Haste and Slow and offensive Magic like Gravity and Meteor.  
White MageYou have to complete the Tutorial Quests for gaining White Mage.  In the game, White Mages specialize in healing and support to assist their colleagues in difficult situations.  
Black MageYou can get Black Mage by Completing the Tutorial Quests.  Black Mages are expertise in offensive Magic, creating many damages on their enemies from a distance.  
Blue MageYou have to Defeat 750 Monsters in the game to get Blue Mage.In the game, you will see Blue Mage’s exceptional ability to learn and master techniques used by the enemy in the game. It authorizes them to successfully fulfill various roles.  

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