Far Cry 6 Fly Ball Mission Walkthrough

Far Cry 6 Fly Ball Mission

The Far Cry 6 Fly Ball Mission Walkthrough of ours will guide you through the ups and downs of this Main Story Quest (Operation). The Fly Ball Mission Walkthrough will require you to find the baseball pitching machine and a military fighter plane for Philly.

Read on to find out all you need to know in our Fly Ball Mission Walkthrough!

Fly Ball Objective & Location

Fly Ball Location

Fly Ball Mission will require players to find the baseball pitching machine and a military fighter plane for Philly. On top of all that you would also have to deliver the plane to Philly in Far Cry 6.

The quest will be given to you by Philly Barzaga. But before you embark on the Fly Ball Mission you will have to complete Operation “Diesel Daisy.” The Fly Ball Mission is located in the region of Lozanía, Madrugada.

Far Cry 6 Fly Ball Mission Walkthrough

Fly Ball Mission Walkthrough 1

The Far Cry 6 Fly Ball Mission starts with our very first objective. To find the baseball pitching machine players would have to take a look at Philly’s unusual shopping list. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still better than your Christmas wishlist.

Fly Ball Mission Walkthrough 2

And a lot better than your window shopping but it includes a baseball pitching machine. You can find a baseball pitching machine in a small stadium located outside of Verdera. You will find truckloads of enemies here, so tread carefully.

Fly Ball Mission Walkthrough 3

These enemies are very dangerous which will become apparent to you once you spot them executing innocent civilians.

Fly Ball Mission Walkthrough 4

Now serve it back to them scalding and quick by taking all of them down. Castillo’s forces are a powerful, bloody bunch so make sure you use your skills and weapon properly.

After you are done taking them down free the hostages left alive and head directly to the stands to get the Storage Key. The Storage Shed will be located in the southwest corner of the field.

Fly Ball Mission Walkthrough 5

Find it, grab the baseball pitching machine and head out to your next target.

Have you ever noticed the writing on some packing boxes? Delicate, handle with care ones? They were talking about the global economy and the plane in our mission.

Philly will send you a picture along with two possible locations. Begin with the airfield from the north, by air if possible. The perks of traveling by air would be that your enemies would mostly be facing away.

Now you will find only five enemies in this particular section. Three of them will be on the ground to the right and you will find the rest two snipers in the tower present on your left.

Fly Ball Mission Walkthrough 6

Board the plane on the runway after you’ve taken all of them down. If you have never flown a plane before, you can try opening the control scheme to take a look. Now head to the settings to invert the X or Y-axis in case you’re used to it.

Fly Ball Mission Walkthrough 7

If both your flying and landing are abysmal you can try flying the plane at full speed into the hangar itself. You will be rewarded with a 150 XP and a charm.

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