Dragon Quest Builder 2 Orichalcum Farming

Dragon Quest Builder 2 Orichalcum

Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line, popularly known as Dragon Quest II, is one the most fascinating role-playing story mode video games. In 1987, the game was efficiently designed by Chunsoft and published by Square Enix for Nintendo Entertainment Series. The game is available on several platforms such as – Android, iOS, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation, and many more.

The games present a horde of different items to elevate your gaming experience. Dragon Quest Builder 2 orichalcum is one of the vital elements to progress in the game. So, let’s dig in to find Orichalcum and boost the gaming experience.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the first game in the Dragon Quest series to presents the player with a wide range of characters to choose from, each of which owns specific characteristics and powers.  

What is Dragon Quest Builder 2 Orichalcum?

Dragon Quest Builder 2 Orichalcum Finding

Orichalcum (also localized as Oricon) is one of the Dragon Quest Series’s prominent elements. It depicts a unique metal substance, which is rare and precious. The players can get their hands on this great item to employ alchemy and sword tempering to craft powerful weapons or armor.

Dragon Quest Builder 2 Orichalcum can be utilized to create the following recipes:

  • Rusty Old Sword + Slime Crown + Orichalcum = Liquid Metal Sword
  • Conquerer’s Axe + Uber War Hammer + Orichalcum = Megaton Hammer. 
  • Liquid Metal Armour + Slime Crown + Orichalcum = Metal King Armour
  • Recovery Ring + Orichalcum = Goddess Ring
  • Agility Ring + Agility Ring + Orichalcum = Meteorite Bracer 

In Dragon Quest Builders 2, all the recipes that include the use of Orichalcum do not require to be refined into ingots for utilization.

Dragon Quest Builder 2 Orichalcum Locations

Dragon Quest Builder 2 Orichalcum is one of the primary items to craft tons of mighty weapons and armor. When the players reach the story’s climax, they get a recipe that requires the Orichalcum ore. But the gamers are often puzzled to track the ideal location of Orichalcum. So, for the sake of convenience, we present the location of Orichalcum. 

Dragon Quest Builder 2 Orichalcum Ore

The players must be aware that this is one of the ideally hidden block types in all Dragon Quest Builders 2, so they could find it in a location that is normally avoided.

Scroll down to get your hands on the in-game material.

  • To begin the search, first, you must complete the story of Dragon Quest Builders 2. 
  • Once the players complete the tasks to reach the story’s climax, they need to save up to 3,000 Gratitude from the citizens on the Isle of Awakening. After collecting 3000 Gratitude, they can unlock the Defiled Isle.
  • Now, the players can travel to the large poison lakes.
  • Now they have to visit these lakes and utilize the Bottomless Pot to eliminate the poison. 
  • The players must continue this procedure until they get hold of an Dragon Quest Builder 2 Orichalcum vein, standing still on a tiny mold of soil.
  • Now, they must check it off in the in-game list before harvesting. Players can repeat this process on other lakes to obtain more Orichalcum.

It is always advised to begin the search from one end of the lakes and slowly headed to the other end. This will help the players track every inch of the ground to find Dragon Quest Builder 2 Orichalcum ores. Once they get the ores, they can hammer them to extract Orichalcum ores’ portions.

How to farm Dragon Quest Builder 2 Orichalcum?

Being one of the game’s essential items, Dragon Quest Builder 2 Orichalcum ores are very rare to find. Therefore, every time the players reach the Depilated Island and explore the poisonous lake to locate the ores, they get only 5 to 6 pieces of Orichalcum Ores. Toxic lakes are the only portals to the Ores in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Although some tasks obtain a bag full of Orichalcum, those are incredibly complicated.

Once the players grab the correct among Orichalcum ores from the poison lakes, they can turn back to the dock. They return to the Island of Awakening and head to the Challenged Island. When the players reach their destination, they will find the poisonous lakes. To farm the ores, they must repeat the process.

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Final Words

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is one of the Dragon Quest series innovations, which brings lots of the latest features. While exploring the in-game world and sightseeing the fields, towers, caves, seas, and dungeons, the player suddenly encounters fierce monsters, which shifts the game into battle mode. The players need to combat with monsters’ hordes to capture the throne of success within the game. Each win elevates their character’s experience level and loads their inventory with gold to purchase robust weapons and armor.

The game offers a broad range of spells and other in-game utilities to push the players into a world of action and adventure. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the first game in the series to present such a massive base of superheroes, sailing ships, and enemies. It allows the players to fully control the game, handle their characters, and land the ships at any suitable place. To sum it up, the game serves as a complete entertainment and thrill package to the players who love the game.

Now you have the complete details about Dragon Quest Builders 2 Orichalcum. So, why are you waiting here? Dive in to explore the possibilities of the game.

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