Does Bakugo Have One for All In My Hero Academia?

Does Bakugo have One for All

The movie My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising left fans wondering, ‘Does Bakugo have One For All?’. The shocking twist left many scratching their heads about the features of the quirk One for All and more so about the dynamic between Izuku (Deku) and Bakugo. This article attempts to understand what led to the transfer of One for All to Bakugo and whether he continued to hold it later.

“I’ll Win… Because That’s What It Means To Be A Hero!”

Katsuki Bakugo, My hero Academia

My Hero Academia, a popular manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi, takes place in a world where possessing a superpower is commonplace. However, the protagonist Izuku Midoriya does not have one and yet is vying to become a superhero. He later gains One for All, a powerful quirk. So how does Bakugo have One for All?

What is One for All?

One for All is the most potent quirk that is transferable and has passed from generation to generation. It goes all the way from All Might to its ninth possessor, our very own Izuku Midoriya.

This quirk was first possessed by Yoichi Shigaraki, the younger brother of the infamous supervillain All For One, who despised his brother’s evil and wished for his quirk to be given to deserving heroes so that All For One may be defeated once and for all.

What episode does Bakugo get one for all?

Bakugo gets One for All temporarily from Izuku Midoriya in the animated movie, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, released in 2019.

Bakugo gets this quirk in the movie when class 1-A of U.A High School visits Nabu island, a peaceful and serene place, to perform a Hero work recommendation project. Later, villain Nine arrives intending to get the quirk of a kid called Katsuma. The beast is mighty with his extraordinary quirks, which defeat most of the class 1-A, the only beacon of hope for the island.

Deku uses Detroit Smash along with Bakugo, who wields his Howitzer Impact. Still, the two aren’t powerful enough to thwart Nine who uses his powerful Weather Manipulation Quirk.

Finally, seeing no other way, Izuku decides to transfer his One for All to Katsuki Bakugo.

How does Bakugo get One for All?

In the movie, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, a terrible fight between the protagonists with Nine breaks out; who is strong enough to have decimated most of class1-A.

In Heroes rising, class 1-A visits an island. While it is primarily ordinary, things turn for worse when Nine comes to the island for a quirk of a young boy named Katsuma. And following this, a battle ensues.

Due to the tremendous storms and lightning caused by Nine’s quirk, Nine is about to annihilate the island they are on with his massive power. Izuku and Bakugo, both by this time, are feeble compared to Nine and are unable to confront him. In this moment of urgency and desperation, Izuku decides to transfer his One for All to Bakugo to save the island.

Transfer of One for All
Transfer of One for All

When a slashed and injured Bakugo touches Izuku, who is smeared with his blood, the DNA transfer makes One for All quirk travel to Bakugo.

Why does Izuku give One for All to Bakugo?

 “You’re the best. That’s why I want to defeat you!”

-Izuku Midoriya

The dynamic between Deku (Izuku) and Bakugo has not been… smooth, to say the least. But that is not to say they don’t have some latent admiration for each other’s qualities.

When the cut-up Bakugo touches bleeding Deku, they both can yield the quirk together and can defeat Nine. In the moment of utmost urgency and desperation, when nine threatened to obliterate the entire island, Deku realized he wouldn’t be able to confront the Villain. Instead, he decides to give his power to Bakugo, who he believes can defeat Nine.

So, Does Bakugo have One for All? Yes, Temporarily for the part where Bakugo and Deku defeat Nine combined.

Shared One for All between Deku and Bakugo
Shared One for All between Deku and Bakugo

Afterward, Izuku laments in front of All Might for having to give up his quirk. All Might, however, believes Izuku proved himself to be a real hero, and he eventually gets his quirk back, rightfully.

“Young Midoriya, I don’t regret giving you One For All one bit. “

– All Might to lamenting Deku

Does Bakugo have One for All Along With Deku?

While battling with Nine, Deku and Bakugo dominate him temporarily with a blend of Detroit Smash and Explosion. Angered, Nine brings a fire tornado and lightning storm using Weather Manipulation Quirk to the maximum. Lastly, after Deku gives his quirk to Bakugo, they both use One For All together to generate Detroit Smash and defeat Nine.

So while they did both have One for Altogether, for the time being, Bakugo loses One For All and gets amnesia about the events that happened in the battle, and Deku gets his quirk back.

Does Bakugo have One for All Forever?

While he did gain the quirk from Deku during the battle with Nine, Bakugo does not end up being the possessor of One for All, nor does he end up becoming a Symbol of Peace.

Saying Goodbye to One for All
Saying Goodbye to One for All

After the fight with Nine, Deku regrets having to give the quirk away and considers himself guilty for that. However, All Might insists what he did was genuinely selfless and heroic. With this, the quirk returns to Deku.

On the other hand, Bakugo’s memory is wholly obliviated, and he does not even remember having possessed One for All.

So, Does Bakugo have One for All Forever? No. The quirk was only a temporary boost for Bakugo. It returns to Deku after the fight.

Why do the fans care if Does Bakugo have One for All or not?

One thing’s for sure. The transfer of One for All to Bakugo had fans buzzing with theories or mere disbelief (check Reddit and Twitter). No one saw it coming that among all of the characters, Bakugo would be the one receiving One For All. That is because his and Deku’s relationship had not been very cordial. Instead, there had been a constant tug of power war between them since childhood. Also, for a person as ambitious and eager to be the ‘best’ as Bakugo, it would be a treat to watch what he’d do if he gets the most potent quirk of all time-One For All.

The 2019 movie, with its intense plot and gripping storyline, had sent fans into a frenzy all through the internet. Nine’s powerful quirks had almost defeated them, but our protagonists won with the combined use of One for All. It all ends well as Katsuma does not have to surrender his quirk to the villains, and Deku, too, isn’t rendered quirkless as he thought he would. But does Bakugo have one for all forever?- Unfortunately, that would be a no for the time being.


Does Bakugo have One for All in season 5?

No, he does not have the quirk.

Does Bakugo have one for all after heroes rising?

No, Bakugo loses his One for All in heroes rising.

Will Bakugo get one for all again?

It is unlikely that Bakugo will get One for All again.

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