Dark Souls 3 Siegward of Catarina Guide

Dark Souls 3 Siegward

Dark Souls 3 Siegward of Catarina is an NPC that interact with you in different ways. You will notice him wearing a set of Catarina and swings Zweihander along with the Pierce Shield. In the game, the NPC can get defeated and assist in the boss fight and Yhorm, the Giant. It will provide the following gestures such as:

  • Toast 
  • Sleep
  • Rejoice

You will be rewarded with Titanite slab if you release him from irithyll dungeons, and it will provide you with Siegbrau German for Victorybrew.

Dark Souls 3 Siegward Location

It would be best if you first looked for Dark Souls 3 Siegward of Catarina, located at the Undead Settlement. You can find this location on the map of the game. You will get located next to past from the Eygom of Carim, and he will be coming forward with the lift. After having a word with him and getting tired of his wordings, he will move towards a ledge near the ride’s top. You can rotate yourself by seeing the right time and have a word with him again.

Dark Souls 3 Siegward Location

Guide and help him to fight against the Fire Demons to receive few gestures and one Siegbrau. An important point to note if you do not have a word with him, you will first notice him at the elevator, and he will vanish. However, you will move towards the Fire Demon. His dialogue will appear on the screen, and he will join you to fight against Demon. If because for any reason, you die in the game, he will revive you again. But if he dies in the game, he will not get revived. 

Find Cathedral of Deep

Dark Souls 3 Find Cathedral of Deep

In the next step, you will find him outside the cleansing chape bonfire of Cathedral of the Deep. Have a look at the page available on the map. You will not be able to have a word with him until you have completed the following steps mentioned below:

  • You have to open a big double blue-colored door located across the Rosaria’s Bedchamber Bonfire moving towards the graveyard. Remember, you can access these doors by using a golden-colored lever located at the front of Rosaria’s Bedchamber bonfire, or the second option is by using an elevator located towards the left side of the boss fog gate. 
  • Go through the particular area and talk to him.
  • Collect his armor available from Unbreakable Patches and head back to Dark Souls 3 Siegward in the well, and if you have a Catarina Set from the NG, you can use it as well.

Go to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

When you rescue him from the well, you can find him again. Have a look at the map for the place named Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. A small sewer directly connected towards the lake near the Distant Manor Bonfire near the fireplace. He will develop some Estus Soup and toasts again. You will receive some gestures if you get missed from the first encounter, Toast, and Sleep.

  • Note he will appear here if you have entered Irithyll Dungeon, and instead of his questline, it continues towards the other location. However, if you do not meet him there, he will not join you and be with you at the Yhorm fight.
  • And if you do not have a word with Dark Souls 3 Siegward in the well, which is located outside the Cleansing Chapel, you are still allowed to meet with him even after you move to Irithyll Dungeon. You have to move towards him and have a word also, give him the armor, and in the later stage, immediately you will find him by the fireplace.

Release Dark Souls 3 Siegward

Dark Souls 3 Release Siegward

Moving on towards Irithyll Dungeon, you will see that Siegward will get locked up inside the cell. And your role is to not have a word with him and release him from the cell. But if you wish to do, you have to make your pit filled with rats and a sleeping giant available standing inside the hole. There is a dungeon cell window where you can search for Dark Souls 3 Siegward locked up. Your role is to free him and make sure you are careful of the rats while having a word with him as they revive many times.

Profaned Capital Bonfire Area

For getting the Dark Souls 3 Siegward’s cell door, head towards the Profaned Capital bonfire area. Look for a ladder and take it down and bypass the ruins. One Headless Gargoyle will appear precisely towards the right side before the narrow corridors series. Walk through the corridors, but be careful that you should not fall between the holes marked up on the floor. You will appear and find the Church, which is located in the swamp

The Centipedes of sewer will surround the Church, and the sticky water will cause a Toxic Buildup. Pick the ladder, move towards the right side of the Church, and head towards the Church’s roof. You will see a hostile NPC on the top of the shelter who will drop Logan’s Scroll.

From the stairs, move towards the staircase. Here you will see an open window in the wall, and you have to jump from that particular wall. You must jump from the roof and enter, and it will move towards the cell. Using the previous Old Cell Key will release him and nets you along with the Titanite Slab, and you will also find a Covetous Gold Serpent Ring in that cell.

If you conquer the Giant named Yhorm or you have skipped one of the encounters from the questline. If you wish to get an armor set and a non-permanent drop, it will also get lost upon refreshing. Instead of an additional or equal Storm Ruler only when Dark Souls 3 Siegward of Catarina will die from your side. But be sure to collect Titanite Slab through the first conversation.

Note: Siegward is unwell until you open the door located towards the Cathedral and Do not open Rosarias beforehand.

Defeat Yhorm

When you release him from the cell after entering the fog wall, which leads to Yhorm the Giant, a cutscene will appear Dark Souls 3 Siegward is walking with you towards the boss arena. But he will not join you in the fight against the Yhorm if you skipped and face Siegward, but still, you can receive the Titanite Slab at the end. And the only requirement is to save him from the well.

And if the Yhorm is defeated before freezing the Dark Souls 3 Siegward from the cell and returning to the Boss arena of Yhorn will have another Storm Ruler appearing on the floor, and the armor set gets lost in the following case.

Allowing Cheats

Have a word with Dark Souls 3 Siegward and one final time after Yhorn is slain and after having the conversation after Yhorn, which further leads him to make a toast and have a nap. Suppose you move towards the bonfire without taking a rest and then continue to proceed towards the throne. He will fall behind and die. He will drop down the gears for you to collect. The code will help you to enable cheats in the game.

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