Corsair Gaming Chairs Review: Expectations vs. Reality

Corsair Gaming Chairs

Corsair is a very known leading brand that manufactures premium quality gaming equipment for enthusiastic gamers, streamers, and PC users.

The main attraction of Corsair gaming chairs is the quality of textile material used in these chairs. The quality premium fabric provides each of the chairs a soft and comfortable feel for the users. Moreover, the company makes chairs of every size fit for different kinds of users.

Let’s have a look at an overview of all the chairs before moving into details –

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1. Corsair T3 Rush Gaming Chair

The T3 rush Corsair Gaming Chair gives the user the experience of a motorsport car seat. The design and looks of the chair are very amazing. A versatile material is Polyurethane is used in its exterior providing it great durability and comfort.

The chair provides 65mm of dual-wheel casters having strong and durable wheels that are easily movable on any kind of surface. This T3 rush gaming chair can fit in any environment like gaming studios, offices, or the study room.

Key Features:-

  • 4D armrests for the perfect position of your hand and elbows.
  • Pillow and Lumbar support made of micro fabric leather.
  • Seat tilt feature up to 10 degrees of lockable adjustments.
  • The wheels are made of nylon casters for more stability.



The dimension of these Corsair Gaming Chairs is 34.84 x 34.84 x 14.76 inches. The maximum weight holding capacity of the chair is 264.5 pounds.


The colors available for this model are very vibrant and nice. A total of 8 colors are available:- Gray/White, Gray/Charcoal, Charcoal, Black/Black, Black/Blue, Black/Red, Black/Yellow, and Black/White.


The material used in the chair is Polyurethane which has a large load-bearing capability. The headrest pillow and lumbar support is made up of soft

User-Friendly Features:-

The skeleton of the chair is made of alloy steel with exterior clothing of soft fabric textile. Due to the use of polyurethane, a lot of color combinations are available for this model.

Many advantages of Polyurethane material.The armrests are not so comfortable.
180 degrees of seat reclination.The base is made of plastic.

GS Review

Corsair T3 Rush Gaming Chair Review

Look and design-wise the chair is awesome. I also got various color options in this model due to the use of Polyurethane which can add up various color pigments to it. It is quite resistant to water and oil. The 4 gas lifts make the seat a height of 100mm along with a movement. I found the gray/white color is nice. It gives an official and master look. The rest of the colors are also great.

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2. Corsair TC60 Grey Gaming Chair

Corsair TC60 gaming chair is made to provide the user, the next level of sitting comfort. This chair is made of soft textile fabric is which very sleek and premium. Dual wheel casters are provided in the chair for smooth rolling and long durability.

This Corsair Gaming Chair doesn’t provide external lumbar support rather it comes with an inbuilt lumbar made of soft foam but it is not adjustable.

Key Features:-

  • The assembling process is easy, just fit it and use it.
  • Soft fabric textile is used which is washable and very comfortable.
  • 4 gas lifts providing you with a height range of 100mm.
  • 105 degrees of seat reclining for sitting back and relaxing.



The chair’s dimension is 38.78 x 27.36 x 14.76 inches. And it can hold a maximum weight of 124kg.


Grey, Black, and White color option are available for this TC60 chair model.


The Corsair Gaming Chair’s body is made up of premium quality soft fabric which is scratch-free. The inbuilt lumbar is also made of soft foam for extra comfort.

User-Friendly Features:-

The armrests are very adjustable which keeps the user’s hands in idea position while sitting. The seat is quite soft and can be used for long hours of sitting.

Dual wheel casters for easy rolling.The headrest pillow is not there.
Easy to assemble.Not an ergonomic design chair.

GS Review

I bought this chair for my gaming purpose but I now prefer it as my study chair. The design and looks of the chair may not fascinate a hardcore gamer but still, it is best for office purposes. The chair is made of soft fabric which feels spongy and comfortable. Especially the wheels are sliding in every kind of floor very easily.

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3. Corsair TC60 Black Gaming Chair

The Corsair TC60 provides a simple and aesthetic look without many designs and animations. The soft micro fabric is used in this chair in place of faux leather. It is easily washable and water-resistant. The 60mm dual-wheel casters are durable and rolls easily on different surfaces.

Key Features:-

  • Soft exterior textile fabric for more softness.
  • 105 degrees of reclining seat for back rest.
  • Inbuilt lumbar support made of faux leather.
  • 3 gas lifts for the uplift of seat for desired position.



38.78 x 27.36 x 14.76 inches is the dimension of this particular model with a weight capacity of 124 kg.


This model is available in three different colors:- Black, Grey, and White.


The chair’s full body is made of alloy steel for a strong build. The inbuilt lumbar support is made up of foam leather which provides long hours of sitting comfort.

User-Friendly Features:-

The armrest is highly adjustable that is movable in various directions per user convenience. The seat can also be reclined up to 105 degrees for taking a rest.

Soft fabric provides better comfort.No headrest support.
Foam lumbar support for the backrest.Not value for money.

GS Review

The design of this Corsair Gaming Chair is very simple. I find it very comfortable for regular use but there are many other products which provide the same or more features in the same range. There is nothing like the ergonomic style and no pillow support for the headrest. But the lumbar support is inside the seat which is not adjustable.

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4. Corsair WW T1 Gaming Chair

The Corsair WW T1 is a racing series gaming chair that comes with a matte black finish. Boxed stitching is done in the middle portion of the chair making it look like a motorsport car seat.

The adjustments with the seat height and the armrest can be done as usual. The wheel is also durable and provides the user with heavy balance and moving function across the gaming desks.

Key Features:-

  • Tilt mechanism having a seat tilt of 10 degrees.
  • 4D armrest having movement in all desired directions.
  • 90 to 180 degrees of seat reclining for back rest.
  • Adjustable support pillows that is for headrest and lumbar support.



20.5 x 22 x 37.4 inches is the dimension of this chair having a weight capacity of 120 kg.


All the Corsair Gaming Chairs of this model come in black color with a little bit addition of either black, red, blue, white, or yellow colors in it.


The seat is made up of molded vinyl with a textured pattern of a diamond-shaped seat. The wheel casters are made up of hard plastic which is durable and floor-friendly.

User-Friendly Features:-

Great design with black finish and upholstery PVC material is used to make it long-lasting. Also, Corsair claims 2 years of manufacturer warranty on this product.

Diamond-shaped textured on the seatQuite difficult to assemble.
Heavy-Duty wheels are used.
Provides value for money.

GS Review

The Corsair Gaming Chair’s quality and design are good. It is an average size chair so not recommended for taller and heavier persons. The headrest supports are comfortable and the chair is adjustable from all aspects. I found it a little bit hard at the corners of the seat while resting in it. But overall it is good for long sitting hours and comes in a budget range.

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Corsair T1 vs DXRacer?

Both Corsair and DXRacer provide the user with a variety of features with the chairs. While Corsair T1 gives an aesthetic look with a versatile material Polyurethane used in it. On the other hand, DXRacer gives an ergonomic gaming design look with the quality of PU leather used in it. But the DXRacer comes with a higher price range as compared to the Corsair T1 chair.

Noble chairs vs Corsair chairs?

There is not a major difference in features of both these chairs but the Corsair chairs provide adjustable headrest support while the Noble chairs don’t. Moreover, Noble chairs come with a high price range while the Corsair chairs come with a budget range too.

Corsair T3 rush vs Secretlab Omega?

Corsair T3 rush provides a larger seat size and weight capacity than Secretlab Omega. While Omega is quite better in designs as well as inbuilt material. Omega uses materials like fabric, PU leather, and NAPA leather while T3 rush uses only fabric as its built material.

Are Corsair gaming chairs good?

Corsair provides a simple and aesthetic look to their chairs. The skeleton of these chairs is made of strong steel alloys. The material used in these chairs is soft cloth fabric for more durability. The wheels casters are made of sturdy nylon for better rolling in floors.

What is the leather used in corsair gaming chairs?

Mostly, Corsair chairs used premium quality PU leather and PVC leather in their seat, as well as the soft cloth textile micro fabrics, which are also used for resisting the chair from water, oil, and other environmental elements.

What makes Corsair better than other chair brands?

Corsair generally makes affordable products with quality material that provides real comfort. The Corsair gaming chairs are made of steel alloys which makes them very strong and durable as compared to the others. Also, Corsair gives 4D adjustable armrests and textures in its seat.

Final Verdict: Which is best among the following?

Corsair gaming chairs are very much popular in the market providing lots of features. The T3 Rush gaming chair should be our first choice among the above because of its simple aesthetic design and well-built quality. It uses premium quality fabric and the adjustability is also good. This chair is also a perfect choice for an official working space.


Can we get individual parts of the Corsair gaming chair?

Besides the products, Corsair also manufactured the individual parts of these gaming chairs such as armrests, wheels, gas lift with cover, etc.

How much is the average weight of a Corsair gaming chair?

The average weight of a Corsair gaming chair is around 50lbs.

Are wheels provided in these chairs?

Yes, Corsair does a great job of providing quality wheels with its chairs. Corsair chairs contain premium quality dual caster wheels which are highly durable and smooth for gliding on any surface.

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