Bossin Gaming Chair Review: Best For The Price?

Bossin gaming chair comes with a marvelous latest design and looks for hardcore gamers. This chair is quite tall and bigger so that it can be used by big guys. Bossin chair provides all the essential features which gamers need in a chair.

The chair has an ergonomic design with a large size of pillow and lumbar support. This chair is an ideal choice for multiple purposes like gaming, office work, studying, etc. 3 gas lift cylinders of SGS-certification labeled are present in the chair to ease the height adjustment process.

Key Features

  • Latest gaming design chair with many features.
  • Large caster wheels having 360 degrees of rotation.
  • Footrest is retractable that is it can easily pull in or out.
  • 90-155 degrees of reclining seat feature for the backrest.



The dimension of this chair is 24 x 27.2 x 52.9 inches and it has the maximum weight capacity of this chair is about 300lbs.


This model comes with a black color variant along with a combination of grey, red, white, teal, and purple colors.


The chair is made of high-quality PU leather and the cushions are made of faux leather and paper for comfort. Rubber is used in its wheel casters for better movement.

User-Friendly Feature

The chair provides extreme comfort and it has large size armrests for big users. The wheel caster is also large in size and made of rubber for better durability.

Large size chair for all size users.Stiffer seat cushion.
Easy to assemble.The footrest is slightly unstable.
Soft headrest pillow and lumbar.

Bossin Gaming Chair – Is It Really Good?

Bossin gaming chair provides a value for money deal for the user. It provides an ergonomic seat design along with gaming looks. The most important advantage of this chair is that it comes with a soft padded large seat size and armrest.

Apart from this, the chair has an extendable footrest and a large size strong wheels caster which is made of premium quality rubber. The overall shape and adjustments protect the user from fatigue. Considering the price of the chair, this chair is the best compared to other chairs in the same price range.

The 360 degrees of swivel and Omni-directional wheels help for multi-functional use. All the practical mechanisms and adjustments are very easy to control. The company also provides outstanding after-sales service for a year.

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Is Bossin Gaming Chair Comfortable?

Bossin gaming chair works great in providing comfort and softness. It has large size support cushions and a retractable footrest for taking a backrest sleep. The overall seat is made of PU leather which is generally used in gaming chairs for making it good for long sitting hours without any stress and stiffness.

Bossin Gaming Chair Seat Comfort
Bossin Gaming Chair Comfortable Seat

Skin-friendly leather material is used along with wear-resistant properties. 3 gas lifts are also present which are SGS-certified to uplift the seat a support a person up to 400 lbs. Although the maximum limit is 400lbs for gas lift, the chair has only claimed to be supported for 300lbs.

How Durable Is Bossin Gaming Chair?

The chair has a strong metal frame for stability and good quality leather construction in the exterior which makes the chair last longer. The big and tall back can be extensible for support of the neck, shoulders, and head. The base is quite strong and the large size wheels casters are also made of quality leather for a better roll that protects the floor also.

The chair can be easily washable and its weight holding capacity is also good due to the durable and reliable 3 gas lift cylinders of SGS certification, so the user does not need to worry about the durability factor.

Is Bossin Gaming Chair Good For Posture?

Bossin chair has the latest gaming design with an ergonomic seat that maintains the perfect posture of the user without any uncomforted. This chair can teach any person what is the right and proper way to sit back without hurting your back, neck, and waist.

The wider and longer seat size and adjustable feature make it perfect for long hours sitting. The thickly padded cushions are there to improve the comfort level of the chair which the gamers used for intense gaming for a long time.

Final Verdict

Bossin chair provides plenty of latest features with many adjustments. Its racing style design and premium looks attract gamers towards it. Many users find a lack in the breathability of the leather and footrest. But the chair is large and provides next-level comfort with its headrest and lumbar support.

Sometimes its price is increased too much but at its actual price range, it is a value for money deal and good to buy. The after-sale service is good enough that is the user can take any help from the company if any problem happens with the product.

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Bossin Gaming Chair vs Respawn 110 Racing style gaming chair

Both Bossin and Respawn provide the latest racing-style gaming chairs with a variety of features. In a budget segment of less than 200 US dollars both provide excellent specifications. But the armrest of the Respawn chair is not so customizable and adjustable as compared to the Bossin chair’s armrests. The Bossin gaming chair is quite comfortable for sitting as compared to the Respawn 110 gaming chair due to its upholstery with premium PU leather and more adjustable features.

Can armrests be removed without sacrificing any chair functionality?

Most of the gaming chairs come with adjustable armrests so they can easily be removable if needed. Also, the removal of the armrest does not affect the other functions of the chair. But it is always suggestible that anyone should not have to remove that armrest as they provide support to the elbows and also lower the load while sitting in the chair. Rather, users can buy a chair without any armrest which is also available in the market.

Is the Bossin gaming chair easy to assemble?

The assembling process of the Bossin gaming chair is very easy and less time-consuming. The package of this chair contains an instructions guide where every process to fit the chair is mentioned clearly. The screws and small parts also come with a good pack labeled so that users can easily fit them in the required place. The assembling process takes less than 30 mins if the user follows all the instructions carefully. Once the chair is assembled, the user can easily adjust the chair as per requirements.

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