Borderlands 3 Iron Bear Guide

Borderlands 3 Iron Bear

While playing Borderlands 3, you will come to know one of the shortest playable characters known as Moserah Hayussinian Yan-Lun al-Amir Andreyevna or popularly known as Moze. This female character is applicable for Gunner Class.

Talking about Moze, initially, she was a soldier who was servicing in the Vladof army’s Ursa Corps.

It is a mechanized infantry division that uses the bipedal and a 15 ton “Iron Bear” mechanism. Further, she developed herself and became a battle-hardened veteran and was available in many challenging and dangerous battles performing across the six galaxies.

Background Story

An interesting fact is that she was in the rank of Gunner First Class. Discussing her terms of enlistment contract, she was committed to complete a list of missions for Vladof before exiting. The wish to collect her mech, Iron Bear, with her. Moze’s superior in this game was Kazak. He played the role of manipulating her and making her stay longer by frequently extending the quota and playing on her guilt.

Iron Bear Fight

He claims and threatens her that if she is not available, it will affect the lives of new recruiters who are entirely dependent on her experience, and this adds an extra charge of energy and anger to her. One day Moze finally decided to quit after completing one last mission to Darzaran Bay, and as a result, the rest of her squad got passed away, which lead to Vladof assuming her death.

With the heavy heart and pain of losing her team, she only believes her mech, whose inside there are dotted photos and memories of her past life. After getting out on her own, the rising expenditure of maintaining Iron Bar also pushed Moze to Travel at Pandora and hunt for treasure as a Vault Hunter with the help of Crimson Raiders.


Moze’s Action Skill will summon the Iron Bear as her mech. When it comes to her health pool and while talking about her armor, Iron Bear is very much capable enough to sprint and jump. It can also perform a double jump, which permits it to hover and collect momentum, which is continuous to make use of double jumping and authorizes for speed movement. This speed movement is faster than the regular sprint.

When you press the melee button, it will lead the Iron Bear to perform a powerful stomp. It will result in damaging the enemies which are available around the mech. But remember, Iron Bear Moze cannot perform crouch, slide, grab ledges, slam, and it uses emotes or revive the fellow teammates.

Iron Bear has a fuel bar that will drain out slowly when you activate the mech, and by using its primary weapons, fuel will get depleted entirely. There are multiple actions possible, which include melee stomp and remember it will not consume the energy. The weapon fire rate will also affect fuel consumption. So make a note if the fuel bar or the health bar gets finished or depleted, the action skill will end precisely at that moment.

The regular cooldown time of Iron Bear is 110 seconds. If you hold the crouch button, it will remove the Moze from the Iron Bear and refund the amount of cooldown proportional to how much fuel is remaining in the action skill.

Skill Trees

Iron Bear Build

All Moze’s action skill depends on weapons, and it can be equipped on Iron Beat with different combinations. Moze consists of seven action skills and is divided between four skill trees. Every tree consists of one active skill, which is initially available, and you can unlock the second one. But remember there is an exception for the Bear Mother Tree, which consists of only one action skill Iron Cub.

Shield of Retribution

Initial – Railgun

The Railgun will fire at high speed, and it will deal with shock damage after a short duration of the charging period.

Unlockable – Bear Fist

Bear Fist is one of the close-range pneumatic driven dist. It means that it can deal with heavy damage.

Bottomless Mags

Initial – Minigun

The Minigun consists of rapid-fire rounds, and it is capable of comfortable firing.

Unlockable – Salamander

It is a flamethrower that can deal with explosive damage.

Demolition Woman

Initial – V-35 Grenade Launcher

The V-35 is known as a semi-automatic grenade launcher. It has the projectile to bounce and explode after some slight delay or contact a target.

Unlockable – Vanquisher Rocket Pod

It is a rocket launcher that is capable of rapid-fire to unguided explosive rockets. It will automatically reload when it is not being fired.

Bear Mother

Iron Cub

Iron Cub is considered as a more minor and autonomous version of Iron Bear. Iron Cub will provide two weapons and is equipped in the remaining Action Skill Slot.

Borderlands 3 Iron Bear Build

Below we have mentioned a super quick and easy build that will help you to make Iron Bear powerful. But remember, your luck plays a crucial role in most of the activities to get Iron Bear. They are as follows:

  • The first possible method is to use Cryo Minigun Iron Bear for mobs, followed by the Corrosive Railgun for few Bosses.
  • Secondly, all the weapon set available with you must have radiation of 50/150.
  • It would be best if you walked down to the green tree to collect all Iron Bear Damage Buffs as much as you can.
  • Also, get down a bit deeper, and you will find an orange tree that will offer you some additional shields.
  • You must Bear with the Trooper mod for performing action skill damage.
  • Use grenade consisting 25 percent of action skill damage after throwing
  • Make use of Front-loaded shied, which has 75 percent of increased shield after quitting the Iron Bear.

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Final Words

Borderlands 3 is a fun-to-play game in multiple ways. From the initial phase of the story, you spent almost your whole day playing and enjoying the game. And, the statement is genuine.

In this game, you will find various guns, and multiple methods will distract you and try to break your flow while playing the game. You will also get to know different jokes and scenarios that will make you feel like hanging together with many people shouting at you.

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