Borderlands 3 Crew Challenges List and Walkthrough

Crew Challenges Borderlands 3

Borderland 3 gives the thrill advantages of numerous exciting crew challenges with different abilities and covey multiple individual rewards in each segment for the players. There are different sets of maps available for understanding the game’s path filled with several location-based challenges.

Hundreds of hidden Borderlands 3 Crew Challenges, which will be visible level by level. After completing every challenge, the filled rewards section with unique eridiums, experience, coins, or cash distributes to the players (there are all crew challenges with their respected abilities situated in the particular area of the map).

List of Challenges

  • Hijack Targets
  • Crimson Radio
  • Legendary Hunts
  • Dead Claptrap
  • Typhon Logs & Dead Drops

Targets of Opportunities

The game is all about satisfying the phase of defeat and win, so players have to face individual opponents in every Borderlands 3 Crew Challenge. The crew’s enemies are far much more potent than any other regular attacker, so Zer0 should mark these enemies precisely to sabotage his abilities to gain victory.

Zer0 is responsible for completing all tasks given in the challenge, so you have to discover a location on the map for individual targets. Once it does, then these locations are going to be visible throughout Borderlands 3.

The reward presented by Zer0 to the player covey through the mail after defeating all targets of opportunities won’s the legendary assault rifle: Lyuda.

Hijack Targets

The Borderlands 3 Crew Challenge of the targets is to collect all the essential pieces of equipment and rare parts that will be using during a ride. Players can scan those parts and collectively store them at the nearest catch-a-ride station that helps unlock various unique parts.

The primary motto of hijack targets is that they are exceptional vehicles worldwide and their own sets of unique, essential features. They have different groups of paints and skin available for their vehicles, so they have to unlock these paints and existing skin gathered after scanning target at Ellie’s Catch-a-ride station.

The job of the Hijack target is to examine to complete the challenge.

Crimson Radio


Moxxi, the tracker, helps to sabotage all control radio panels to stop the attack of COV by tracking the close view of propaganda station that helps to destroy the influence of enemies.

The deduction of their control panels eliminates the COV-broadcast tower. The property of crimson radio is that their location is predefined unmarked. Once you enter on the part of the map, you get visible all their icons marked on the world or minimap, so it helps you discover the location correctly.

The reward will be conveyed by mail to the player’s social tap by Moxxi after you target a defined number of the broadcasted tower. The prize will distribute with the help of progress sheets maintained throughout this Borderlands 3 Crew Challenge that how many crimson radio players will defeat.

The reward report is hanged on the left side of the Moxxi’s bar. after a defined set of crimson radio sabotages, you get your reward for this challenge.

Legendary Hunts

The tracker here is influence by Sir Hammerlock, which is going to defeat the exotic beast who is very powerful comes across from the galaxy. They have unique enemies that exist in the world of Borderlands 3.

The attire of these beasts is similar to other challenging enemies, but their abilities and powers are differently separate from the existing enemies. The location is initially unmarked on the map plane and allows players to discover and make them permanently marked.

The reward presented by tracker Sir Hammerlock is the legendary Jacobs assault rifle: Bekah. After defeating each legendary huts Borderlands 3 Crew Challenge once in a game, the players gain this reward, which will convey by mail on their social bars.

Dead Claptrap


The map contains at least one dead CL4P-TP unit. The locations are unmarked on the map, so players have to figure out the path before visiting the exact area.

After collecting all dead claptrap, the player receives the mail from the baby maker with veronica about the assurity of getting the legendary weapon. The player can track the progress record from the claptrap’s room located on the sanctuary.

Typhon Logs and Dead Drops

The old-aged journey allowed players to field with the first vault hunter and discover all three Typhon journals area that helps you unlock the following field in the game. After collecting all three Typhons, log players get the unique chest called Typhon dead drops, including loots.

Some echo logs are easily visible on the map, and some are pretty hidden to find. Players get notified by tannis after that, and you allow to pursue the location from the map. The completion of challenges is going to be done by Typhons logs for better results and rewards.

These were the few details of Borderlands 3 Crew Challenges which will let you know about them in brief. Try to complete all the challenges faster and make the challenges easy by investing in your character’s skills.

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