Basic Roblox Lua Programming That Every Smart Coder Should Know

Basic Roblox Lua Programming

The gaming world is getting dense day-by-day, and in the same way, people are getting indulged in the creation of games. But to create games, one should have very deep knowledge about the logic and have to be specialized in a few programming languages which support the creation of games.

Basic Roblox Lua Programming enables the game developer to develop the games and showcase the code with other users, creating a team who works on a specific project. Roblox Lua provides a platform for users to test, play, and share their codes with Roblox Lua developers.

What is Basic Roblox Lua Programming?

Lua is a programming language designed for embedded use in applications. It is a cross-platform programming language because the interpreter is written in ANSI C, and it has a simple C API, which can be embedded in the applications.

Basic Roblox Lua Programming Preview

Lua programming language was originated in 1993; it is an extension to a software application that enables customization. Lua follows procedural programming with basic facilities, which excludes domain-specific or complicated features. This programming language focuses on the improvement of extensibility, portability, speed, and ease-of-use. This post features all the Basic Roblox Lua Programming requirements.

History of coding in Basic Roblox Lua Programming

Roblox is a game creation system and online game platform that enables to program various games and even play the games coded by other users. Roblox’s founder is Erik Cassel and David Baszucki, they completed Roblox in 2004 and officially released in 2006. The Basic Roblox Lua Programming revolves around the original Lua language most of the time.

Roblox enables the user to create and share the game codes with other players or users, which allows sharing and gaining knowledge in the creation of games. The genre code is scripted in Lua programming language.

Setup of Roblox Studio

Roblox Lua Programming Hello World
Roblox Lua Programming Hello World

Setting up Roblox Studio is easy.

  1. Roblox is available for both Mac & Windows, so use the studio for the respective operating system.
  2. Install Roblox Studio’s application.
  3. Double click and launch the Roblox Studio (windows) or click on the dock icon if you are using Mac.
  4. When you see a login screen, get into it by entering the credentials.
  5. Close the tutorial window.
  6. Close the toolbox window.

Minimum Requirements

  1. A PC with Window 7 or a Mac with OS version 10.10
  2. A minimum of 1 GB RAM.
  3. High-speed internet access.

Basic Roblox Lua Programming Objects

Objects are the sets of classes that you use in your code to ease the use of multiple things and their interactions. It’s essential in Basic Roblox Lua Programming to learn about objects.

Roblox Lua Programming Character Model
Roblox Lua Programming Character Model

Strings in Basic Roblox Lua Programming

A string can be defined as a sequence of characters that can also control the character input from the form feed.

It can be initialized in three ways-:

  1. Characters between [[and]]
  2. Characters between double quotes
  3. Characters between single quotes

Tables in Basic Roblox Lua Programming

Tables in Lua enables us to create data structures like dictionaries and arrays. Lua has the advantage of using associative arrays in which indexing can be done with strings and numbers, excluding the nil. You can create a table of unlimited size.

To represent a package, Lua uses a table. To access a format function, you need to access the method string.format.

Variables in Basic Roblox Lua Programming

A variable is used to provide a name to our programs’ storage area, which can be manipulated, and it is capable of holding different values, including tables and functions. A variable is composed of digits, letters, and the underscore character. A variable needs to begin with an underscore or a letter. Lua is case sensitive, so the lowercase and uppercase are treated differently.

Lua does not support variable data types, but the scope of variables is based on three types-:

Global variables– You can access these variables from any point of the code.

Local variables– These variables can be used within the scope of the declared function.

Table fields– The most extensive variable type that can store anything except nil.

Conditional Statements in Basic Roblox Lua Programming

Lua is powered with conditional statements, enabling a user to proceed with further statements if the condition results in true and skip the assigned statements if the condition results in false. There are three conditional statements supported by Lua-:

  1. if statement: if statement checks the boolean expression followed by other statements.
  2. if-else statement: this enables to execute the other block if the boolean expression results in false.
  3. nested if statements: this helps you to if and else if statement within another if and else if statements.
Roblox Lua Programming Objects
Roblox Lua Programming Objects


A program is divided into a various group of statements which performs their tasks individually. All the functions should be unique so that they can perform their specific tasks. There are also predefined functions like print(), which enables you to show the arguments on the screen.

There are various function parts supported in Lua-:

  1. Return: it will return multiple values by assigning the output to the return keyword; for multiple values, separate the values with the help of a comma.
  2. Function Body: it is a method body that executes a specific set of statements to obtain the defined output.
  3. Arguments: arguments enable you to invoke the output in a single line statement to execute actual parameters.
  4. Function Name: Naming a function with a parameter list defines the body of the method uniquely.
  5. Functional Scope: You can two keywords, global and local, depending upon your demand from where you need to access it.

Loops in Basic Roblox Lua Programming

To execute a block for a required number of times, you need to define the loops that repeatedly execute the block sequentially.

There are four loops supported by Lua:

  1. while loop: repeats the group of statements till the given condition in a while() block is trues. The test condition is always tested before entering the while() body.
  2. for loop: the sequence of statements is executed multiple times and performs the abbreviation suggested to the loop variable.
  3. repeat…until loop: the repetition of the loop is done till the condition in until statement is met.
  4. nested loops: placing one or more loops inside a loop is said to be a nested loop.

Creating a Script in Basic Roblox Lua Programming

Roblox Lua Programming Scripts
Roblox Lua Programming Scripts

There are three simple scripts to show the creation of scripts in Lua:

Single line script

print("Hello World")
prompt> lua hello.lua

Multi-line functional script

function fact (a)
if a == 0 then
return 1
return a*fact(a-1)

User Input Script

print("Input a number :")"*number")

Good tutorials list

There are a few scripting which you must try with Roblox Lua as this enables to progress with logic developing and coding-:

  1. Creating Parts Between Others.
  2. Check When Something Touches a Part.
  3. Cloning Parts.
  4. Using Color3 to Change Colors.
  5. Connecting to an Event Only Once.
  6. Get a Part’s Relative Position.
  7. Chat Commands for In-Game Events.
  8. Position a Part at its Origin.
  9. “Not a Valid Member” Error.
  10. Rotating Parts with Vector3 Values.
  11. Creating Random values using math.random() in Lua.

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Is Lua used by Roblox?

Roblox’s scripting language, which utilizes Lua’s programming languages, is termed as Roblox Lua.

Are the Lua and Roblox Lua the same?

Yes, it is almost the same. Lua is modified for Roblox to make it suitable for developing games.

Can other users access my code without permission?

No, it is not possible to see your coding unless you choose to share.

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