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Where To Buy Lockpicks In Oblivion

ES4: Oblivion is the most detailed and dynamic game world ever created. With a powerful mix of free-form gameplay and unmatched graphics, you can unravel the main questline at your own pace or explore the vast world and find your own challenge.

Where To Buy Lockpicks In Oblivion? There are three primary ways to obtain a lockpick, the Fences, the Merchants, and the Shady Sam. In this post, we’ll look at all these three ways in detail.

In this article, I will show you where and how to buy and even obtain lockpicks in Oblivion.

What Are Lockpicks In Oblivion?

Lockpicks are small tools through which you can unlock doors and chests. In Oblivion you have to play a mini-game in which you line up the pins to unlock the door and complete the mini-game.

There are many doors and chests which can be unlocked and opened with the use of lockpicks. You have to increase a player’s’ Security‘ skill to be able to unlock more doors and larger or more rare chests.

Where To Buy Lockpicks In Oblivion?

There are three locations where you can buy lockpicks. They are:-

  • Fences in Thiefs guild.
  • Merchants in Dark Brotherhood.
  • Shady Sam outside Imperial City.

These are probably the only three locations you can purchase lockpicks throughout the ‘Elder Scrolls IV’ game.

You can also obtain lockpicks from raiding ‘goblin‘ and ‘bandits‘ mines. There are also small chances of obtaining the lockpick from random loots when the player is not in dungeon or camps. These are mostly for those people who want to only use their ‘Security‘ skill.

Where To Buy Lockpicks In Oblivion Imperial City?

Lockpicks In The Imperial City
Lockpicks In The Imperial City

Shady Sam may be found near the Imperial city’s north wall. He offers lockpicks and poisons in quantities of 30. To find him head towards the imperial city stables and then keep walking towards the north along the city walls.

Purchasing Lockpick
Purchasing Lockpick

You should be able to spot him right along the walls in a coat. He sells the lockpicks for 6 gold per piece.

Where To Buy Lockpicks In Oblivion Bruma?

If you are a member of the Thief’s Guild, you may purchase lockpicks from Ongar, who’s your fence at the start and dwells in the southwest area of Bruma. You may buy lockpicks from even more fences as you advance in the Thief’s Guild. Ongar has a supply of 100 lockpicks for sale. It takes him around two days to refill his stockpile.

How To Use Lockpicks?

Lockpicks In ‘Oblivion‘ are easy to use, they just require you to have good ‘Security‘ skills and good game sense.

Once you find a chest or a door that you want to unlock, you need to intact with it, you will see a ‘five-pin tumbler‘ which you need to bypass without damaging or breaking your lockpick.

Using Lockpick
Using Lockpick

To make this more challenging, they have a time limit on the unlocking phase in which you have to unlock the chest or door within that time period. The more accessible chest will give you 25 seconds to complete the unlocking, while Master chests give you only 12 seconds time.

You don’t have to worry so much as while playing, you will naturally get past these, and the longer and more chest you unlock, the easier it becomes to unlock them.

Security Skill

Once you’ve understood ‘Where To Buy Lockpicks In Oblivion’, you can work on your Security Skills to increase the chances of lockpicking.

The security skill allows and helps you to unlock cheats. The greater your skill, the easier and more quickly you’ll be able to unlock them. The side effect is that the lower your level, the more difficult it gets to unlock higher-level chests.

  • Novice level: No tumblers remain in place.
  • Apprentice: One tumbler remains in place.
  • Journeyman: Two tumblers remain in place.
  • Expert: Three tumblers remain in place.
  • Master: Tumblers always remain in place.

Through this, you can understand how the lockpicks work. Tumblers become more stable the higher your level. So, ensure you increase your level to avoid missing out on chests and the fantastic treasure they hold.

Auto-Picking Locks

The game has a nice feature that allows a person to auto-pick a lock. You can lockpick a chest with just a click of a button, but these are limitations, mainly your ‘Security‘ skill.

Auto Attempt Lockpick
Auto Attempt Lockpick

If your level is low, the chances of a lockpick breaking are very high. However, the chances of the lock opening in the first try are also possible.

There are two ways to open chests:-

  • Have multiple lockpicks in your inventory
  • Obtain the ‘Skeleton‘ lockpick

Having multiple lockpicks with you is a very good way to avoid losing out on opening the chests.

The ‘Skeleton‘ lockpick is almost like a hack, as it even opens master chests with ease, and it even increases your ‘Security‘ skill by 50 points. To obtain this lockpick, you must first clear the quest given at the “Shrine of Nocturnal“. The ‘Skeleton‘ lockpick does not break, giving it a very high reason to obtain and have with you.

Alternative Way To Open Locks

As mentioned above, you need to have the ‘Skeleton’ lockpick to be able to unlock chests and doors continuously.

The other best way is to use Magic. Another way to unlock chests and doors is through magic and spells. As magic regenerates over a period of time, you can use magical spells to unlock doors and chests.

Low-level cheats and door unlocking spells can be bought at vendors, but for high-level chests, spells are very difficult to come across or even impossible. You can, though, create such spells at the Arcane University.

FAQs on Where To Buy Lockpicks In Oblivion

How do I make lockpicks in Oblivion?

Using the console command and tying the code “player. additem 0000000a X”. X is the amount of Lockpicks you need.

How to get Infinite Lockpicks In Oblivion?

One way is to get the Skeleton Key as it never breaks. The other way is to use console commands.

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