World Of Warcraft DPS Rankings [2022]

World of Warcraft DPS Rankings

Wow is a Real-Time-Strategy, MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game), and collective card game genres. Warcraft is based on the Warcraft universe created by Blizzard Entertainment. Warcraft has set in and around the world of Azeroth. Azeroth is a fantasy world where human beings living on the eastern side is in constant war with Orcish Hord, which arrived in Azeroth via a dark portal.

World Of Warcraft DPS Rankings is a metric to measure all characters’ current damaging capabilities in WoW. As WoW receives updates now and then, it’s essential to keep track of character changes and how the meta evolves around them. This post features the DPS rankings of the top 24 characters.

Wow Gameplay

Orcs came from a dark world called Draenor. They possess demonic power. It was started as a real-time strategy game, but in 2004, it entirely became MMORPG with a new title as World of Warcraft.

World Of Warcraft DPS Rankings

  1. Fire Mage
  2. Destruction Warlock
  3. Arms Warrior
  4. Shadow Priest
  5. Beast Mastery Hunters
  6. Affliction Warlock
  7. Demonology Warlock
  8. Frost Death Knights
  9. Fury Warriors
  10. Survival Hunter
  11. Frost Mage
  12. Marksmanship Hunter
  13. Assassination Rogue
  14. Feral Druid
  15. Elemental Shaman
  16. Havoc Demon Hunter
  17. Balance Druid
  18. Enhancement Shaman
  19. Arcane Mage
  20. Retribution Paladin
  21. Unholy Death Knight
  22. Outlaw Rogue
  23. Windwalk Monk
  24. Subtlety Rogue

Full DPS Ranks Explained

Wow Gameplay 2

Fire Mage

World Of Warcraft DPS Rankings Fire Mage

Fire Mage is on the top of the World of Warcraft DPS rankings. They received huge buffs to his base abilities, which brought him to the top. Fire Blast, Fireball, Flamestrike, and Pyroballs all got the big update in October, making them the best DPS in the game.

Destruction Warlock

World Of Warcraft DPS Rankings Destruction Warlock

In November, Destruction got some heavy nerfs to Infernal Brand and Combusting Engine. These nerf had a great impact on their damage-dealing capabilities. With a good set of abilities like Rain of Chaos and Wilfred’s Sigil of Superior Summoning, they still make one of the game’s best characters. As a reason for this, Destruction Warlock is in the second rank in World of Warcraft DPS rankings.

Arms Warrior

Arms Warrior received a big update on November 20, making him very strong. Arms Warriors are the same as Fury, but access to Conemn Covenant Ability grants an extra burst in the damage. Due to these buffs, Arms look much more promising.

Shadow Priest

Wow Shadow Priest

Shadow Priests are powerful and always remained in the top tier no matter the nerfs. In the November update, they received a large nerf, but they are still capable of destroying any enemy. They specialize in AoE and single-target power.

Beast Mastery Hunters

Wow Beast Mastery Hunters

On the November 20 update, BMs got a small nerf to the base damage. But despite the nerf, they are pretty strong and can deal a lot of damage per second. The abilities like Dance of Death and Primal Instincts make them the strongest of all.

Affliction Warlock

On December 4, Warlocks, in general, received an update on their damage potential. As Affliction deals damage over time, it makes it very hard to deal with 1v1s. Malefic Rapture being the main source of their damage, they can provide good support to all the players with their DoT. As a reason for this, Affliction Warlock is in the eighth rank in World of Warcraft DPS rankings.

Demonology Warlock

With the use of Soul Link, Demonology Warlock are very promising in dealing with constant damage. They are not as strong as the other two Warlocks, but they can deal massive AoE burst whenever required. This burst can create a good attack on a group of enemies. Not the best, but still, DW is a reliable DPS than other characters.

Frost Death Knights

Death Knights are the mid-tier DPS which can provide a good amount of damage but not as much as S Tier. By using Breath of Sindragosa they can deal with insane AoE damage. On December 4, they received a nerf, which brought them down to the mid-tier.

Fury Warriors

On the October update, Fury Warriors received some buffs, which allowed them to gain a little bit of popularity. But was soon realized that they don’t constitute any base damage. Fury Warriors specializes in melee attacks, which can be used to execute or attack stacked enemies.

Survival Hunter

Survival Hunters were recognized as the weak DPS every time. Quite as debatable it is, they can deal decent damage on certain types of enemies. Being a good melee DPS, you can find them in good spots in certain fights.

Frost Mage

Mages are always considered on top of the DPS lists. But certain nerfs bring them down to the mid-tier. But still, they are powerful and can deal with good targetted damage on opponents. Frost mages have one of the best Legendary in the game. Cold Front is one of the best utility from which they can derive massive powers. As a reason for this, Frost Mage is in the thirteenth rank in World of Warcraft DPS rankings.

Marksmanship Hunter

Marksmanship Hunter is great DPS characters in general. On November 20, they received a big update to their mobility and utility usages. By using Volley, Explosive Shot, and Wild Spirits, they are completely indestructive.

Assassination Rogue

Wow Assassination Rogue

Assassination Rogues have become quite weak in the November 20 update. The single-target DPS lacks very much, and only with the execute damage they can do much. Earlier, the single-target damage was the main source of Rogues’ damage, but the nerfs made them fall on the ground.

Feral Druid

Feral Druids have always been a weakness of the DPS characters. Even after the buffs, they cannot perform very well. Being a melee DPS, you cannot expect much out of Ferals. You can use Primal Wrath and Rip on the enemies to make them take a hit, but you cannot do anything after consuming them.

Elemental Shaman

On November 1, Elemental Shaman received both buffs and nerfed over Conduit and legendaries. Earlier, Elemental Sharams was considered as a total weak DPS. But these buffs made them a better version of themselves. As a reason for this, Elemental Shaman is in the eighteenth rank in World of Warcraft DPS rankings.

Havoc Demon Hunter

On December 4 update, Havoc was nerfed. As a reason for this, they’re in the bottom mid-tier of the rankings. With one Demon Hunter, your team will always perform better but picking an additional Demon Hunter will not make enough DPS withstand higher-level opponents. The 5% magic damage buff will make your team stronger.

Balance Druid

Balance Druids have received a big buff on December 4’s update. Convoke the Spirits is now improved for this character, and it made them really strong. Balance Druids can multi-dot and burst on the enemies dealing great DPS. By using Starfall, you can deal with good AoE damage.

Enhancement Shaman

Enhancement Shamans were always in B-C Tier characters. On December 4, they received a buff to their attacks. They are the best melee characters in the game. Single-target damage is the main line of damage for their burst. You can always see Enhancement Shaman jumping between B and C Tiers.

Arcane Mage

Arcane Mages were generally more powerful than many of the characters. But the nerfs in November update brought them down. With weaker Conduits, they cannot deal that passive damage that other mages can deal with. Earlier, players used to sync Arcane Power with other cooldowns. But the nerfs made it impossible from the past one month.

Retribution Paladin

Wow Retribution Paladin

Retribution Paladins received a big buff in the November update. Conduit builds are much stronger for Paladins now. With the combinations of Execution Sentence, Final Reckoning, and Final Verdict, you can deal excellent damage on the enemies.

Unholy Death Knight

Wow Unholy Death Knight

In the update of December, Unholy Death Knights received good buffs to their damages. The Bursting Sores combo creates a good chain of AoE for Death Knights. With the abilities like anti-magic zone, you can expect a rise in the rankings of Death Knights soon.

Outlaw Rogue

Outlaw Rogues were always in the bottom tier of the DPS rankings. Outlaw Rogue lacks the ability to deal with damage to a single target. This makes them very weak compared to other characters. Thanks to Blade Fury, they can sustain a little bit, but it’s not effective as well.

Windwalk Monk

Windwalk Monks received some buffs on November 20’s update. But these buffs didn’t fit into any builds of Monks. Monks are more of a troll pick, which you can enjoy playing. They lack some major damage-dealing capabilities and utilities.

Subtlety Rogue

Subtlety Rogues are the weakest characters in the game so far. With the melee loadout, they cannot deal much damage to multiple enemies. Their legendary Akaari’s Soul Fragment also requires the combination of other abilities to work. As a reason for this, Subtlety Rogue is in the last rank in World of Warcraft DPS rankings.

Final Words

As you all know, World Of Warcraft DPS Rankings changes every update. Every time nerfs, and buffs bring all the shuffling in the rankings. But still, by using these DPS rankings, you can get an idea of each character’s performance in the game.

Happy Gaming!

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