Witcher 3 White Gull | Recipe, Ingredients, and Effects

Witcher 3 White Gull

The Witcher 3 White Gull or the White Seagull consumes an alcoholic beverage or is used as a potion base famously utilized by The Witcher. But it is much gentler than its competitor Black Seagull. And it is mainly used as a light remedy for pleasant dreams. It is mixed and diluted using water for not being very much vital in the game. 

The effect of duration is only enduring if the potion is ingested as a hallucinogenic liquid refreshment. It does not affect any brew made using the base. The toxicity from White Gull is in the medium range, and it is only consumed as a hallucinogenic drink. And when it is utilized as a base, the toxicity is irrelevant. Only the final results of toxicity of the brewed potion get counted in the game.

What are the Ingredients for Witcher 3 White Gull?

After successfully getting the recipe of the Witcher 3, which is very difficult in the next step, you should start gathering the ingredients as per the requirements in the recipe. For brewing the White Gull, you require the following:

  • The Mandrake Cordial
  • The Empty bottle
  • The Arenaria
  • The Redanian Herbal
  • The Cherry Cordial

In the game, you can purchase an empty bottle and Arenaria virtually at any alchemist. Thus, these two ingredients you can get without any difficulty. The same task should be performed for the Redanian Herbal. You can purchase this item also from any innkeeper.

Now it is time to purchase the remaining two alcohols for brewing the potion, The Mandrake Cordial and the Cherry Cordial. Remember, every innkeeper will not have them, so let us see where you can find these two drinks. Most commonly, a merchant contains 2 to 5 pieces of one alcohol, but there is not an issue with purchasing from him more than one time in a row. You have to return from the Buying Window towards the General Conversation Window and again ask them to show the merchandise available in the shop. The potions you are interested in will refill. 

At the Inn, at the Crossroads (M2), you can purchase both types of alcohol.

At Crow’s Perch (M3), you will get two merchants. The first merchant is on the outskirts, and the second merchant is in the castle. Both these merchants sell The Mandrake Cordial and The Cherry Cordial.

What is the Recipe for Witcher 3 White Gull?

Searching the recipe for White Gull is very random in the game. You cannot find or buy the receipts at one specific location. But you will get multiple hints on the world of the internet and about its following areas. But there is no guarantee if you are lucky the hits are correct and matching in the game world.

Witcher 3 White Gull Location

Below is the list in which you can find the recipe but remember none are simple and easy to get. The list is as follows:

  • Empty bottle
  • Redanian herbal
  • Cherry cordial
  • Mandrake cordial
  • Arenaria

There is a possibility that a receipt can occur randomly at an alchemist shop. So, it is essential to keep an eye on the merchandise of the shop. There is also some possibility to get the recipe of Witcher 3 White Gull at the beginning of the White Orchard. So, keep trying to purchase all the receipts at each alchemist shop. It will help you increase your chances of getting the White Gull while appearing at your following visiting location.

You can find the recipe in a random treasure chest.

You can also get Witcher 3 White Gull as a reward for completing the quest. In Witcher 3, you will find quests, and by completing these quests, you will be rewarded with a random recipe in the game. And there is a possibility that the recipe can be of White Gull.

Below is the list of the merchants at which there are possibilities to get the White Gull most often, and they are as follows:

  • Keira Metz – You will find the North from Midcopse considering the same name known as (M4).
  • The Tomira hut is located at the East of the Sawmill marker in the White Orchard (M1).
  • The Alchemist to whom you sell trophies can also find him at North from Oxenfurt Gate marker located in the Free City of Novigrad (M6).
  • The Grimmest can also be found in the druid camp in the North from Gedynith marker in Kaer Trolde (M13). Remember for it firstly it is required complete Practicum in Advanced Alchemy quest.

Witcher 3 White Gull is listed under alcohol, Not Potions

White Gull in Shop
White Gull in Shop

In the game, there is no effect on any potion brewed and utilized as a base. 

Can you Drink Witcher 3 White Gull? 

Yes, you can drink Witcher 3 White Gull because it is an alcoholic beverage and or it can be utilized as a base in the game. The effect of duration is only enduring if the potion is ingested as a hallucinogenic liquid refreshment. It does not affect any brew made using the base.

Where can I Buy Witcher 3 White Gull Formula?

Buy Witcher 3 White Gull Formula
Buy Witcher 3 White Gull Formula

You can buy the Witcher 3 White Gull formula from the below list, and they are as follows:

  • Keira Metz
  • Tomira Hut
  • Alchemist to whom you sell trophies
  • Grimmest

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