Where to Collect Crocodile Meat (Who’s a Good Boy) – Far Cry 6

Where to Collect Crocodile Meat

Imagine grabbing your plate at dinner and chewing whatever is on it. You’re too busy tapping on your phone to notice. But your sister quietly remarks at how perfect the crocodile meat tastes and it takes everything inside you to not barf on the table itself. Not the best end to the day right? Chorizo would beg to differ.

The Who’s A Good Boy Side Quest in Far Cry 6 includes tasks to collect crocodile meat and Chorizo’s favorite dish! Keep reading to find out all about it!

Where to Collect Crocodile Meat Mission Location

Where to Collect Crocodile Meat Location

This side quest will take players to a Montero Farm at Mogote Foothills located in Costa del Mar, Madrugada.

“Look at this perfect little sausage! I’ve got to find him a yummy treat, a meal fit for a puppy prince on his special day”

Mission Objective

Who's a Good Boy Objective

The mission requires players to first complete Operation “Meet the Monteros”. After you’ve completed that, the Who’s A Good Boy? side quest requires you to pet Chorizo and then read the note next to Chorizo’s dog house.

Players would have to then collect the crocodile meat and deliver it to Chorizo’s bowl!

Where to Collect Crocodile Meat Walkthrough

After you’ve completed the “Meet the Monteros” operation you can try befriending Chorizo the dachshund. Players will find A Dirty Recipe Card stuck on the wall next to Chorizo’s dog house after they have accepted the quest.

Equip yourself with a crossbow or bow before you set out on the mission. If you don’t have one, you can try looting or buying them from the traders. These weapons will help us in hunting later.

A crossbow or a bow would come in very handy for hunting animals. You will find many locations on the note but head out to the fishery found in the southern side of the camp near the Cortina Weather Station (an enemy outpost) roughly 700 meters away.

Once you have arrived at the location keep scouting it from afar in hope of a crocodile to tag. A bow, crossbow, or sniper rifle will be perfect when you want to hunt an animal like a crocodile.

After you have spotted the creature, target your bow or crossbow at its head. Targeting anywhere else on their body will spoil the meat and damaged animal meat is not good for anyone.

Be cautious and do not use any other heavier equipment or explosives because they will severely damage the meat.

Where to Collect Crocodile Meat Walkthrough 1

Take a headshot and obtain the Yaran Crocodile Meat after proper examination of the carcass. Now go back to the way you came to the Montero Farm and Chorizo.

Interact with the bowl present there to prepare his delicious dish and let him smack his lips with satisfaction. The completion of this side quest will unlock the Fetch Quest. You will be rewarded with 100 XP too!

Where to Collect Crocodile Meat Walkthrough 2

Every Far Cry 6 quest doubles the thrill and excitement of players. Far Cry 6 guarantees an adrenaline-thumping performance in both the quests and side quests.

Where to Collect Crocodile Meat Walkthrough 3

With so much adventure, excitement and buzz, the quests are bound to keep all players hooked!

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