Warframe Tier List To Maximize Your Survival

Warframe Tier List

Warframe is a free-to-play third-person cooperative online game filled with a lot of action in an evolving sci-fi world. Warframe is one of the best and most advanced free-to-play online multiplayer game out there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to get the popularity it deserves.

Warframe Tier List helps you to understand the current meta of the game. With every patch, the developers try their best to balance the game and make it more interesting. In this post, we’ll go through the entire tier list along with some major Warframes you can use in certain scenarios.

Adding to all of that, there are numerous characters known as Warframes to choose from. These warframes are robotic space ninjas, each having its own unique set of skills and advantages. You can consider them as your avatars, like in a MOBA, to make it easier to familiarize yourself with other players. There are 39 available warframes (minus the more robust Prime variants) with more on the way.

Luckily for you, we have made a perfect Warframe tier list to help you sort the best Warframe from all out there.

Some of them are certainly better than others. While choosing the most effective Warframe for yourself, there are three main categories you need to keep in mind: damage per second (DPS), survivability, and crowd control (CC). Keeping this in mind, let’s start the hunt for top tier warframes that excel in at least one category:

What is Warframe?

Warframe is an online video game of shooting. Warframe is a multiplayer third-person (TPP) shooting game. It was developed and launched by Digital Extremes. Firstly it was released for windows personal computers in 2013, then for PlayStation 4, and then for Xbox one in 2014. Now it is also launched for PlayStation 5. The Warframe gained massive popularity in the gaming world, and it has approximately 50 million users worldwide because of its dynamic and attractive gameplay.

The gameplay of Warframe?

Warframe is a shooting game that includes elements of shooter, RPG, and stealth health. The characters of the players in this game are known as tenno. Players have to create their Tenno character, including the armor units, guns, and melee weapons. Through the ship’s console, players have to select any of the available missions to the game, and they have to complete that mission to win the game. The main storyline of this game is to complete the missions on each planet and moons in the solar system to move forward to other planets and locations. Other missions in the game rotate over time, and players have to complete that to get rewards and many other perks.

Warframe Tier List

Warframe Tier List

S-Tier in Warframe Tier List

They are the best Warframes in the games.

MesaBallistic Battery Shooting Gallery Shatter Sheild Pacemaker
OctaviaMallet Reasonator Metronome Amp
SarynSpores Molt Toxic Lash Miasma
TrinityWell of Life Energy Vampire Link Blessing
NovaNull Star Antimatter Drop wormhole Molecular Prime
WispReservoirs Wil-O-Wisp Breach Surge Sol Gate

A-Tier in Warframe Tier List

They are almost good in every game. They are not good as S-Trier but they are pretty solid and can dominate gameplay.

InarosDesiccation Devour Sandstrom Scarab Swarm
IvaraQuiver Navigator Prowl Artemis Bow
ChromaSpectral Scream Elemental Ward Vex Armor Effigy
KhoraWhipclaw Ensnare Venari Strangledome
GaraShattered Lash Splinter Strom Spectorage Mass Vitrify
VoltShock Speed Electric Shield Discharge
RhinoRhino Charge Iron Skin Roar Rhino Stomp
WukongCelestial Twin Cloud Walker Defy Primal Fury
EquinoxMetamorphosis Rest and Rage Pacify and Provoke Mend and Maim
NidusVirluance Larva Parasitic Link Ravenous
GaussMach Rush Kinetic Plating Thermal Sunder Redline
NezhaFire Walker Blazing Chakram Warding Halo Devine Spears

B-Tier in Warframe Tier List

These Warframes are less powerful than the A-Tier Warframes but they are very decent for the missions.

MirageHall of Mirrors Sleight of Hand Escape Prism
BaruukElade lull Desolate Hands Serene Strom
OberonSmite Hallowed Ground Renewal Reckoning
HarrowCondemn Penance Thurible Covenant
TitaniaSpellbind Tribute Latern Razorwing
LimboBanish Stasis Rift Surge Cataclysm
RevenantEnthrall Mesmer Skin Reave Dance Macabre
EmberFireball Immolation Fire Blast Inferno
ProteaGrenade Fan Blaze Artillery Dispensary Temporal Anchor

C-Tier in Warframe Tier List

These are the low powered warframes and need a lot of investment to excel.

NekrosSoul Punch Terrify Desecrate Shadows of Death
VaubanTesla Nervos Minelayer Photon Strike Bastille
MagPull Magnetize Polarize Crush
FrostFreeze Ice Wave Snow Globe Avalanche
HildrynBalefire Pillage Haven Aegis Strom
ExcaliburSlash Dash Radial Bind Radial Jevelin Exalted Blade
LokiDecoy Invisibility Switch Teleport Radial Disarm
ValkyrRip Line Warcry Paraysis Hysteria
AshShuriken Smoke Screen Teleport Blade Strom
GarudaDread Mirror Blood Altar Bloodletting Seeking Talons

D-Tier in Warframe Tier List

These Warframes are below average. They don’t give much value to the game.

BansheeSonic Boom Sonar Silence Sound Quake
AtlasLandslide Tectonics Pertify Rumblers

F-Tier in Warframe Tier List

These Warframes have the lowest power and ability. Try to avoid them in the game.

HydroidTempest Barrage Tidal Surge Undertow Tentacle Swarm
GrendelFeast Nourish Regurgitate Pulverize
ZephyrTailWind Airbrust Turbulence Tornado
NyxMind Control Psychic Bolt Chaos Absorb

Best Overall Frame For Every Mission


Warframe Octavia

Octavia is perhaps the most overpowered in the game and is considered the strongest (S Tier in Warframe Tier List). Who would expect one of the strongest Warframes in the whole game to be a music-based character, but here we are. Octavia has a unique ability to summon an orb that effectively spits damage back at enemies forced to shoot it. Their ultimate ability allows them to become stronger based on their noise, making up for some incredible damage output. Using this character is not an easy job, you’ll need tons of practice to master this warframe.

Best Frame For Spy Missions


Warframe Ivara

Ivara Is a top tier Frame having unlimited invisibility. Like Octavia, she is also a themed warframe who uses a bow and is ranger based. She can shoot an innate bow that would shoot multiple arrows called Artemis Bow, making her ultimate ability very powerful. This bow causes an insane amount of damage no matter the opponent’s level, making Ivara an excellent DPS warframe.

It’s a very tough job to farm Ivara to obtain this frame by speedrunning the spy missions. Spy missions become a piece of cake with this warframe. All these abilities make her capable of S Tier in Warframe Tier List.



Warframe Trinity

Players who have teamed up with Trinity will only know why she’s the best support anyone could have on their side. She is an infinite source of energy on the battlefield, making it very easy for her teammates to spam their best abilities, which would cause the most damage to the enemies. This ability of hers makes her an incredible support frame and ideal teammate for the battle.

Her abilities do not seem to be limited to this. Trinity also has an ability where she can link her health to an enemy, and by doing that, it would make them receive the damage that would have been inflicted on her. This is the primary reason why Trinity is put up in the tank warframe category, as she can survive the strongest attacks by enemies.


Warframe Rhino

It’s one of the first warframe that was introduced in the game. Rhino is a real beast of a Warframe and is one of the most resilient in-game. Rhino is an absolute tank and is still useful to date. The reason for listing it here is because it’s straightforward to obtain for beginners. 

Rhino’s skills are instrumental in their specialty, but his third skill, known as Iron Skin, makes him one of the toughest to kill warframes. Due to some limitations, Rhino lies in A Tier of Warframe Tier List.

As it was introduced initially, almost all the players in this game know about Rhino and Iron Skin.


Warframe Inaros

Think of having an Egyptian god as a warframe in the game. Inaros has the best in class armor called Scarab armor that can take any beating and still survive through that. He might be the only possible warframe in this list that is least reliant on his skills. However, he is not any less remarkable than any other warframe.

The thing that makes him unique from others is just how he takes all the attacks like they’re just insect bites.

It doesn’t end here. Its ultimate ability allows it to buff their defense, then wipe out armies of enemies and drain their health as it will give him a ton of armor. Due to this large health, he is placed in A Tier of Warframe Tier List.

His first skill, Dessication blinds and stuns all enemies nearby with sand, and if they die, it will restore a large percentage of Inaros health. The final verdict would be that Inaros is a simple character and quite immortal.

Best Damage Dealing Frames


Warframe Mesa

Mesa is a damage-dealing machine and is among the best warframes you can own. Peacemaker, her ultimate skill, kills any enemy who is unlucky enough to cross your crosshair no matter what their level is and makes you become an unkillable killing machine. Mesa’s ultimate is capable of killing anyone as it auto-targets every enemy in their line of sight and doles out massive damage to all of them.

They can also reflect a lot of damage, which offsets any weakness in their armor. The only thing is that you might run out of energy many times. All of this makes her easily the top warframe in terms of DPS. Incredible DPS makes her one of the S Tier frames in Warframe Tier List.


Warframe Banshee

Banshee is all about being loud. This warframe can cause significant damage to the opponents at any point in time but is not very good with defense, so you might need help from your teammates to survive and beat a high-level mission.

His abilities allow him to mark weak points and stun enemies, and unleash a giant AoE attack. Unfortunately, they’re also straightforward to kill. He has one more ability called “Sonar, ” which reveals all the enemies’ critical weak spots. It has a fantastic damage-dealing ability called Sound Quake.

How are the missions played?

The missions in the Warframe game can be played alone or with the other three players. Each task has given a specific ranking to understand the difficulty of that level or mission. These missions are played at random maps generated by the game composed of tiles. These missions have many various objectives, such as killing a specific number of enemies, Collecting data from a terminal without disturbing the alarm. It also has rescue missions, i.e., to rescue the prisoners from a place. In the missions, players can use their weapons, special abilities, and the number of style moves to complete the missions.

Update – Prime frames of every playable frame are extremely more powerful than the default ones. Make sure you upgrade your frames to prime.

Moreover, players can upgrade their equipment with them to improve their gameplay. In the Warframe, the players with more upgraded weapons can do more dame and have more abilities than other players. They can also update equipment with the mods available in the game, and the enemies drop these modes in the missions. The more powerful the mod is, the more it is hard to get. Players can upgrade their weapons and items with the weapon update section’s periodic updates to get more powerful weapons. Players gain experience and level up by upgrading and completing the mission. There are many more things available in the game, but this is the basic gameplay you need to understand before playing it.


Frames are critical in handling specific scenarios. Every tank has different functionality and works differently. By creating a good team composition, you can do more challenging missions. Warframe Tier List plays a vital role in deducing the best character for your play style. Happy Gaming!

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